Super Satellites

On Full Tilt Poker you will get frequent opportunities to win seats at the biggest live event in the world and join The Mob at for example the World Series of Poker. How should you play these ‘super satellites’?

Super satellites are different from other multi table tournaments in one key respect. The prize structure at the top is 100% flat so the aim is to get into the money with whatever chips. In the early stages the play is identical to any other tournament but the closer you get to the money the less you are thinking about gathering chips and the more you are thinking about survival. The key thing is not to let yourself get vulnerable late on by going too far below an average chip stack so it is especially important to be aware what the average is as any point.

When you are very close to the money you may even pass Aces rather than go all in against a player who can damage you if have a comfortable stack. However if the blinds are big it is important not to get a false sense of security from the size of your stack and although you may not need to play many hands it is unusual to have so many chips that you can afford not to play at all. Shorts stacks can double up and people have a way of refusing to roll over for you so you have to do the work required to keep up your stack and take shots at the vulnerable players.