Days 5-6 Roundup

I believe two records have been set in days 5 and 6 of the 2006 World Series of Poker, but let’s start with a few of those who fell to the wayside during that time.

Of the US names, Dmitri Nobles, who probably now qualifies as his previously huge stack combined with some histrionics, or at least over excitement, ensured he got his fare share of TV time and was on the featured table until his elimination on day 5, went out in 76th to take $65,973.

Annie Duke was taken out by Jeff Lisandro who has been working his way through the field accumulating chips each day and starts day 7 on $3,715,000 – Duke cashed $51,129 for 88th place. Paramjit Gill was up into the next payout level and took $65,973 for 78th. Moving up one more level Marcello Delgrosso was first to cash $90,713 for 72nd. The last female remaining this year, leaving Amarillo Slim‘s neck safe once more (and yes, I am aware I am referring to a misquote) was Californian Full Tilt Poker qualifier Sabyl Cohen.

Humberto Brenes, who has gotten some flack for ‘slowrolling’ an opponent when holding aces (he was in fact calling over the cameras and his opponent should have known what he was up against long before Brenes turned over his cards) was out in 36th, first to take over 1/4 million and receiving $329,865.

From the European field Thomas Wahlroos was into the top 100, $51,129 for 91st and Don Fagan was out in 77th for $65,973. Amateur Scott O’Reilly from Torquay managed 54th and $164,932 and Richard Gryko, the last Englishman, finished in 50th receiving the same as did Irishman Dave Murray who finished in 48th. That should have been the end for Irish interest, but starting Day 7 with $3,275,000 is John Magill, from North of the border. I have no doubt that if Tom and Mike from antesup have anything to do with it he’ll be sporting a shamrock when we return to play.

William Thorsson and the elusive Erik Friberg of Sweden are amongst the last 3 Europeans of the 27 who remain. Thorsson has $3,765,000 and Friberg is in second place with $7,735,000. Given the Scandinavians’ fearsome online reputation it would be no surprise to see one of them make the final table, nor would Italy’s Jeff Lisandro be undeserving of a place there – he has $3,715,000 sealed in his bag tonight.

So we come to our records, although not having attended every World Series myself I am making educated guesses here as I haven’t had time to go through the archives – if I’m wrong on either count please do let me know in the forum.

Day 6 lasted only 5 hours. Perhaps there has been a quicker final table when only 6 players made them up but that must be the shortest ‘normal’ day of play otherwise. Starting with 45 players the schedule for the rest of the tournament was announced, we would play to 27 today, then, in order to fit in with ESPN’s schedule, play would finish. Tomorrow we will play from 27 to 9, and that could be a much longer day (although the way things are going who knows!). Chip leader is still Jamie Gold with exactly 13 million, almost as big as 2nd and 3rd stacks combined. He has now led for 3 days running, an astonishing achievement and one that I am sure has never been matched before, it wasn’t that long ago when the tournament only lasted that long.

For a full list of cashes and remaining players’ chip counts, click here