GPI Makes Formula Changes for 2014

The GPI announces adjustments to its points scoring criteria:

Changes in Store

The Global Poker Index has revealed its changes to their points scoring formula in time for the release of the January 15, 2014 rankings. The biggest change comes from the fact that ALL qualifying events will be eligible for GPI Points distribution. That means over 160,000 players will be ranked on the GPI with the release of the latest rankings. It also allows players currently ranked on the GPI to fill in their results in each time period.

Granted, those who collect points in smaller buy-in events will only receive minimal points but it will still allow ALL who qualify the opportunity to not only see their results featured on The Hendon Mob but will also allow that player to be a ranked poker player on the GPI, the Poker Ranking Authority.

It’s important to note that all changes are retro-active, in other words all changes will affect player results from the past three seasons therefore there may be a little more movement within the GPI rankings this week.

Full List of Changes

We’re very excited to introduce our changes to our GPI Formula to determine the GPI Rank of each individual player. We have spent countless hours making sure that ALL players benefit from our rankings, from the circuit grinder to the High Rollers. We have also made some modifications to our 2014 Global Poker Index Player of the Year Race, which, for the second year in a row, went down to the last few tournaments of 2013.

Here are the most recent changes to the GPI Formula:

All Events – All-In

Players cashing in all qualifying events reported to will be eligible to score GPI points, no matter the buy-in (excluding free-rolls). Win a $500 prelim at the Festa Al Lago at Bellagio, score points … finish seventh in a €100 buy-in event at a WPT National at Casino Barcelona, you’re scoring points!

Adding a Fifth Result to Preiod 3

The number of results previously recognized as counting towards your GPI Score was four for Period 3, that number moves to five in 2014. The average number of cashes for players within the GPI300 during that period is 5.

Players will continue to accumulate points with a maximum of five results for Periods 1 and 2 and will continue to collect points up to four results in Periods 4, 5 and 6.

Field Size Cap Reduced

In a continued effort to ensure that events with extremely large fields do not skew the overall GPI Score, the field size cap has been reduced from 2,800 in 2013 to 2,700 in 2014.

Buy-in Cap Reduced; Baseline Buy-in Factor Adjusted

In order to prevent extremely high buy-in events from largely affecting our rankings, we have reduced the buy-in cap from $25,000 USD in 2013 to $20,000 USD in 2014.

Similarly, we have adjusted the 2014 baseline buy-in factor to $1,000 USD from the $1,500 USD baseline model used in 2013.

2014 Global Poker Index Player of the Year Race

All of the above changes will also affect our 2014 GPI PoY Race. In addition, we have modified the format so that a player’s GPI Points accumulated for his/her best 13 scores during all of 2014 will be counted for the 2014 race. In past years, player results were split into two half-year time periods.

We hope you appreciate these changes and wish you nothing but the best on the live tournament circuit in 2014 and beyond!