Post Flop Strategy – The Turn Card

The turn card is usually the place where your AKs is beaten by Q3 off-suit. Remember that.

The turn is a great place to pump it or dump it. If you felt you had the best hand on the flop, bet it and got called, you might now have a choice.

Usually you should bet after the turn card appears but sometimes, if you hand was further improved and if that improvement also likely improved one of your opponents as well, you can check and raise (given the opportunity)

This is especially effective if you hold a hand like:

and the flop comes:

You bet. Player x & y call. The turn brings:

You can often check and raise here. Although the possibility exists that there may be an AK lurking around it might be unlikely as if that was the case you might have seen more action pre-flop.

Be careful though if you are re-raised in this spot (top two pair vs. a possible straight). Depending on the price to call you may decide just to call and see the river card and then call down if neither a 8, 9, K or A fall.

In the event of a Jack or a Queen falling on the river you must check. It’s at times like this when you have very strong hands that it’s sometimes better to allow your opponents to make a mistake and bet. You betting with a full house may well institute a call but then again may not.

Missed draws

On the flop we’ve got our nut flush draw. The turn card comes and goes and we’re still looking for that flush to appear. Is it worth still chasing?

With half your outs now gone you’re a 3/1 shot to now hit your flush. Simply put this means that if the amount you now have to put into the pot, in order to see the river card, is less than three times the amount you’re going to win if you hit your flush then you must call.

E.g There is 1500 in the pot. After the turn card arrives you check and an opponent bets 300. Should you call?

YES! You’re risking 300 to win maybe 2100 (1500+300+300) which is giving you odds of 6/1. A great proposition.

E.g There is 1500 in the pot. After the turn card arrives you check and an opponent bets 1500. Should you call?

NO! You’re risking 1500 to win 4500 (1500+1500+1500) giving you odds of 2/1. Not such a good bet!


Pump it – bet a large chunk of your chips into the pot to make it expensive for others to call then get lucky on you.

Dump it – throw away

Need To Know Block:

  1. Before calling large bets AFTER the turn card has been seen be sure that the pot odds warrant it as calling too many times in this position can lead to heavy losses.
  2. If you’re still playing when the turn card arrives then there must be a good reason as to why? Once the turn card appears and action follows reassess as to whether the reasons for playing still hold true and act accordingly.

Next week’s article is on Post Flop Strategy – The River Card