PokerBROS Introduces Mixed Game: Up to 22 Games in One

From alternating Hold’em and Omaha to setting up a giant randomizer of a table that incorporates every community card poker variant on PokerBROS, Mixed Game has the ingredients for any poker recipe. 

Although the app allows play on up to four tables at once, not every player wants to multi-table – but almost everyone enjoys more than one kind of poker. Now the option for playing between two and 22 games on one table opens up more choice for all Unions. 

Catering for fans of Fixed Limit, Pot Limit and No Limit, Double Board (DB) and anything from two to six hole cards, Mixed Game provides ultimate flexibility in table set-up.  Once the games have been chosen, there are two more options: Format Choice and Format Change.  The Format Change slider sets how many hands of each selected game are played before the game changes.  This goes from 1, where the game changes every hand, to 20, allowing multiple orbits of a variant before moving on to the next game on the list.  The order of games is decided by picking one of four Format Choice options:

  • Random” does exactly what it says: randomly chooses the next game from the list of options ticked at set-up. 
  • Sequential” moves through chosen games starting at the top of the list and moving left to right and top to bottom. 
  • By Dealer” is the classic “dealer’s choice” option: the player on the button at the start of a game-change hand picks the next game.
  • By Winner” lets the player who won the last pot pick the next game. 

Although all four Format Choice options allow table creators to set 1-20 hands of each game before a change, the “By Winner” option, especially, benefits from a change every hand (being set to 1).  Almost nothing drives action as much as the power of choice of game!  On the other hand, with the full range of games selected and “Random” as Format Choice, players who just want the deal to surprise them can jump from No Limit Hold’em to 5-Card Double Board Omaha via Crazy Pineapple – with no two games the same.

More detail on Mixed Game (plus a short FAQ) can be found on the PokerBROS Blog.

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