Just for One Day

For the first time in my life, I cried after getting knocked out of a poker tournament. It wasn’t for me, it was for Rob. Rob was the man who made poker what it is today. He was the inspiration behind Late Night Poker, The Poker Show and everything that was a million miles ahead of everything. He was also the only guy in the world who believed in me after I stopped believing myself. I miss him. Life goes on and if anybody would have loved to see Keith the Camel Hawkins still in when it got down to the business end of things, it would have been Rob. It’s a shame Keith didn’t make the final table because I was on the verge of negotiating a fourteen million deal with Mc Donald’s before the security people in the Bellagio thought it would be a good idea if I went to bed. That was very kind, especially as I was staying at the Gold Coast at the time. The security people in the Gold Coast also thought it might be a good idea. I wasn’t sure if I had tied the Camel into a long term contract, which isn’t really the point. Rob would have loved it and that would have been good enough for me.

Poker Trillion are running a freeroll tournament with the prize fund based on the number of players I beat in the main event. They are matching it with a donation to Simon Poker Day, the charity for the homeless run by the Irish poker players. As Poker News lost track of me after I got a table move when I had 600 left in chips when 600 wouldn’t have bought you a coffee, my finishing position was probably slightly exaggerated. Rob would have loved that.