Heads or Tales

I decided to adopt a new tactic for the main event this year and got married between Day 1 and Day 2. It didn’t help the poker much, in fact, I think it knocked several people out of the tournament. It was a good laugh anyway. Sometimes, the old ones are the best and Scof had everyone laughing with his story about the voices. The story goes that a reasonably sensible individual started hearing voices in his sleep, advising him to sell everything and move to Las Vegas. He ignored them for a month and finally decided that there must be a meaning to all of this and did what he was told. After a week or two in Vegas, the voices told him to buy into the main event at the WSOP. He wasn’t really a tournament player but that doesn’t seem to be a problem these days, so he bought in anyway. A couple of levels in, he got dealt the black aces, three guys were all-in before it got to him and he heard a voice in his ear saying “Call, call.” He did. The flop was 10h Jh Qh and he could just barely hear the voice saying : “Oh, fuck!’

Rory Liffey heard a few voices this year as well but these took the recession into the calculation. They told him to go to Vegas with 88 bucks and find somebody quick before he went skint. He did. He went home a winner so I suppose voices can be trusted at least half of the time.

The devilfish often has the last word and this year was no different. I went for dinner with Marty Smyth and the lovely Karen and Marty told me that while he was sitting beside the Fish in one of the Omaha events, an English player walked by. The Fish said that this guy had walked into a Butcher’s shop recently and asked for the pig’s head that was in the window. The butcher had to tell him that there wasn’t any pig’s head. He’d been looking at a mirror. That’s the English for you.