Get Automatic Updates from the Mob Database

Phil Ivey profile print screen

You can now get automatic notifications when player profiles are changed in the Mob Database, and when results or new tournaments are added. Like every other service we offer, this is entirely free of course.

Subscribe to your own profile and any other players you wish to follow; if results or pictures are added we’ll send you a message to let you know. If you want to be alerted when a new festival is announced at your local cardroom, just go to the venue and subscribe to it. If you want to be told when a festival has the schedule updated or results have been added, just subscribe to that festival. Subcription links are available on every player, festival and venue profile.

We are currently sending out a maximum of one email per day, which will include all updates for your subscriptions, however many you have. We appreciate any feedback and suggestions on this new feature and hope it’s of use to you, you can contact us if you have any comments.

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