Beware – Phishing / Scam Emails

We are aware that some of our users have been targeted by "Phishing" emails.

These emails look like they have come from The Hendon Mob when in fact
they are from a third party server and nothing to do with us. They usually
ask members to click on a link to receive benefits such as rakeback or to
confirm certain personal details details.

What should I do if I receive a ‘phishing’ email?

If you receive such an email, then under no circumstances should you
respond and do not click on any links in these emails as they may be
viruses or trojans.

You should forward the email to [email protected] so that the
source can be traced. This means that we can work to ensure the rogue
websites are closed down quickly.

Please note, you won’t receive a response from this mailbox but be assured
the email will be actioned.