Super High Roller Bowl Causes a Stir

Seven of the worlds’ elite poker players had poker fans in a stir by taking a break from the WSOP (World Series of Poker) to head down to the Aria for the exclusive Super High Roller Bowl cash game.  Fans across the globe including fans in Germany of online casino deutschland were flooding the forums and blogs as each player was required to buy into the games for a minimum of $250,000 with blinds of $400/$800 and a $200 ante making this a mega game and one of the biggest games ever televised!

Players included, Phil Ivey, Doyle Brunson, Antonio Esfandiari, Jean-Robert Bellande, Johnny Chan, Bob Bright, and Jennifer Tilly with the line-up being joined a little later by the Australian Matt Kirk.

Below is a simple timeline of the highlights over the first four hours of play.

1.20 pm The scene is set and it’s a great set, even beautiful and definitely ‘up there’ with the WSOP and WPT tables.

1.30 pm TV production issues pushed back the starting time a little

1.45 pm The Aria provide a spectacular array of snacks for the players!

2.10 pm Jennifer Tilly is raring to begin with a ‘Good luck to everyone, especially me!’

2.11 pm Cards in the air

2.15 pm Phil Ivey makes first blood taking the first pot (a small one from Bob Bright)

2.40 pm Each time Johnny Chan makes a raise Antonio Esfandiari uses the catch phrase ‘Heeeere’s Johnny!’

2.45 pm Esfandiari calls himself a grumpy b@”$%@ as he is hungry so the organisers get him some food

2.55 pm Jennifer Tilly is proving to be the most talkative player at the table with Esfandiari coming a close second to her chatter.

3.00 pm When Jennifer Tilly brought up Jean-Robert Bellande’s second place finish at the WSOP he admitted that it was a soul-crushing defeat. He was reported as saying ‘You guys all have bracelets (the coveted gold WSOP winners’ bracelet) but it was tough to be that close and not win it.’  Tilly then joked back ‘I’m surprised you even remember that.’

3.10 pm Antonio Esfandiari and Jennifer Tilly share a huge $500k prize pot

3.16 pm sees the appearance of Matthew ‘Aussie Matt’ Kirk.  Sources report that he is one of the best cash game players out of Australia

3.30 pm Kirk takes the seat in between Johnny Chan and Jennifer Tilly (the eight seat) Tilly then proceeds to tell a tale about the time she was almost arrested in Australia because she had a pack of beef jerky on her person

3.45 pm It’s been noted that Phil Ivey has not been very talkative in this game

4.00 pm Esfandiari’s father drops by to wish him luck, which is a good thing for Esfandiari as he usually does well when pop is about

4.10 pm Bob Bright manages to stack Matt Kirk when Kirk makes a badly timed shove with Q-J, Bright snaps him off with pocket aces on a J(diamond) 7(heart) and 3(diamond) flop. There was no help on the turn or river and so Matt Kirk makes the decision to buy back in for $250k

5.00 pm Doyle Brunson Stacks Jennifer Tilly in a straight vs. straight with 8-7 against 3-2 on and action flop 6(clubs) 5(spades) and 4(clubs) the pot is now well over $500,000K and Jennifer Tilly immediately buys back in for $250k

Tilly is reported as lamenting her loss with 3-2 suited by saying ‘that used to be my favourite hand as it was easy to get away from’

5.45 pm Kirk and Ivey play out a mega pot which get them to a 9(clubs) 6(spades) 2(diamonds) 8(clubs) and 7(diamonds) board, with Kirk finally going all in and Ivey instantly calling with Q-T for the straight.  Kirk mucks and decides to leave after losing two straight buy-ins for a total of $500k

5.59 pm Esfandiari wins a mega pot of $400k when Ivey makes a big laydown on a T(spades) 8(hearts) 7(spades) and K(hearts) board

At 6.00pm there was a dinner break taken by all.

Brunson joins the media row for a little time and appears to be enjoying himself a lot, he also thinks that Aussie Matt is a bit of maniac!

Esfandiari is close to winning £1m after the first four hours of play (must have been his dads good luck wishes) with Ivey and Esfandiari also winning well