How Reducing Work Stress Can Improve Your Enjoyment at the Poker Tables!

With so much stress in our working lives, Dr Tricia Cardner shares 12 top tips on managing stress at work and at the poker tables.

Many of my one-on-one clients work incredibly stressful jobs (think doctors, lawyers, project managers, software engineers and the like). That stress often bleeds into their poker time. The irony is that many accomplished people take up poker as a fun hobby. Yet, it can have a way of adding even more stress to their lives. 

Because of this, I want to share some ideas about how you can manage stress at work and at the poker tables. 

Before we get into that, let’s talk briefly about what stress is:

Stress is a state of emotional strain or tension typically resulting of either adverse or very demanding circumstances. It makes sense that many jobs (and poker itself) have stress baked into them. 

Stress usually comes in one of four forms: 

  1. Pressure (to perform or conform)
  2. Conflict (should I do X, or should I do Y?)
  3. Frustration (when the pursuit of some goal is blocked or thwarted)
  4. Change (any alteration in your life that requires readjustment)

It’s essential to note that stress is mostly subjective. Some people thrive on pressure and love change, while others can’t stand too much change.