GGPoker Bounty Hunter Series, GG Road to Paradise, & the World of PLO

We are entering the 42nd week of the poker year, and the fun never seems to stop with a deck of cards, are we right? We’re aiming to always bring you the latest news and trends in the poker world, and this week we have three different topics to discuss. What is worth knowing about maybe the best online poker series of the year, GGPoker’s Bounty Hunter Series? How can you participate in GGPoker’s “Road to Paradise” that will take you to WSOP Paradise in the Bahamas? Moreover, what do you need to know in order to turn a decent profit on the PLO tables? Join us as we guide you through some interesting segments in the online poker jungle!

Bounty Hunter Series at GGPoker

During the year, online poker players have been treated with a lot of exciting and intriguing online poker tournament series. However, the best one may be running right now over at GGPoker in the form of their Bounty Hunter Series. Between October 15th and November 16th, players will be treated to a tournament series that is filled to be brim solely with bounty tournaments. What really makes the Bounty Hunter Series stand out is its whopping $50,000,000 guaranteed prize pool, something many players surely are eager to get their part of.

$5,000,000 of this prize pool is dedicated to the Main Event. The tournament is played in the Mystery Bounty format which is one of the hottest trends on the poker scene currently. To spice things up, the top mystery bounty prize is $500,000! The first flight of the Main Event will be played October 19th and day 2 will be played November 6th. Of course, there are multiple start flights which all can be found in the GG Bounty Hunter Series tournament schedule.

The series has only been going on for a couple of days, and we can already see on the entry lists that this surely will be one, if not the, best online poker series of the entire year. Be sure to visit the GGPoker lobby if you haven’t already done so and become a bounty hunter yourself!

GGPoker’s Road to Paradise – Your Ticket to the Bahamas

With a year filled with live poker events all around the globe, the upcoming WSOP Paradise in the Bahamas will surely be one of the most exotic, luxurious and prestigious ones. GGPoker ambassador Daniel Negreanu mentioned said event when being faced with the question of what could be better than WSOP in Vegas. It is not hard to believe good ol’ DNegs: twelve days of poker in the Bahamas in December does not exactly scream “nightmare experience”.

Anyone who wants to qualify for the poker adventure of a lifetime can enter direct qualifiers running over at GGPoker under the campaign “Road to Paradise”. At least 1,000 winners will claim a package containing a $5,000 Buy-In for the Main Event, a 10-night stay at the Atlantis and free access to the daily lunch buffet. New players on the site can also claim their GGPoker Bonus: by depositing $20 or more, players can choose between free tickets and cash game dollars (C$) up to $100, or a 100% matched bonus on the deposit amount (up to $600).

The WSOP Paradise schedule is filled to the brim with exciting tournaments including the previously mentioned Main Event with a $15,000,000 guarantee, the $10,000 PLO Championship and the $100,000 Ultra High Roller (alongside 12 other WSOP Bracelet Events). Mark our words: WSOP Paradise will truly be a fitting crown to the 2023 live poker season!

PLO – Master the Fundamentals

Even though No Limit Texas Hold’em is still the most popular poker game, many players out there strongly mean, “More cards equals more fun”. That is the anthem of the Pot Limit Omaha fans and one must admit Omaha poker has its unique charm.

Many Texas Hold’em poker players have made the transition over to PLO poker, and in order to be well prepared, one needs to have decent knowledge regarding the starting hands. In Omaha, many poker hands will take unexpected turns (at least if you’re a former NLH player) and by having some hole card guidelines, PLO players will surely stay out of a lot of trouble.

For example, in PLO the best starting hand [Ah][As][Kh][Ks] only has a 6 % edge to win against the second-best starting hand [Ac][Ad][Jc][Td], numbers that are widely different compared to NLH. Another aspect that changes widely between the two games is the importance of good position. To be in position is crucial in NLH, but if you play Omaha poker, it is even more important, considering that it’s hard to know when you’re in the lead due to the opponent’s draws with their four cards.

The transition from Texas to Omaha might be a tough one and you might want to check up on the philosophy of gambling in the content section to understand how to navigate between chance and choice.

Even though there are only about two months left before 2024, there’s still a lot of poker hands to be dealt, and we’re so excited to have you along for the ride!