THM Q+A: PokerStars Team Pro Jake Cody Answers Your Questions

Jake Cody
Jake Cody

Jake Cody

Jake Cody

Jake Cody

Jake Cody

Jake Cody

In case you missed it … in a THM exclusive, PokerStars Team Pro Jake Cody took time to answer questions submitted by you on our forum. You were many to participate and for this, we thank you! Now without any further delay, here is our The Hendon Mob Q+A with the Triple Crown winner:

Series of questions from PokerWolf1

Do you play many mix games? What’s your favourite?

I’ve been dabbling in a bit of omaha, enjoying it but I still have a hell of a lot to learn to be any good. I played the WSOP stud8 event this year, Toby Lewis convinced me to play, I was well hyped up for it, watched a training video for two hours and saw the headlines… two hours into the tournament I had half starting stack and was pretty demoralised, with it being fixed limit too I couldn’t really gamble it up and get there, i got slowly owned then busted.

A lot is said of British rails and how rowdy we are (which is great!) What has been your greatest memory railing someone? 

Without question this years rail of Matt Perrins winning the $5k NL holdem bracelet, we had printed t shirts of Matt dressed as a taco and the atmosphere was insane, also couldn’t be happier for him to win it.

Where is your favorite place to play poker?

I really like DTD in Nottingham, I feel like they have it pretty much perfect for the players needs, Palm Beach Casino in London is nice too and of course Vegas, the Wynn is the nicest but the Rio is where the magic happens.

What is your opinion on the Alpha 8? Good for the game or pretty pointless? 

I haven’t seen the TV coverage of any of them yet, if they are made well then it can only be good for poker and interest, but besides that, it is a tour which is impossible to play to nearly everyone.

Which tourney win led you to believe you was good enough? (elsie62)

I came 2nd in an online tournament for $200k, it was my first 6 figure score and definitely gave me new found belief and confidence… 4 months later I won EPT Deauville.

Do you play cash games? If so, what portion does it equate to from your whole poker revenue? … If you don’t play cash, why not? As I often hear just playing tournaments is very, very difficult to handle because of the swings. (flopsy)

I like to play live cash games in Vegas and now and again when I play the European tournament scene, but overall I’m predominantly a tournament player so a small portion I guess 15%

Cash can definitely be a vital ‘bread and butter’ game for sure, I used to grind heads-up cash games online and with the profit at the end of the week I would freeroll myself some of the big Sunday tournaments. It was a great system.

I am from Rochdale I live like five minutes away from Norden Cricket Club. Where are the best places to play poker in Rochdale specifically (I know it’s not a very article orientated question but I’m struggling to find anywhere) ? Where did you play when you first started? Thanks (KingJimbo101)

Haha no way, I used to play a home game at Norden Cricket Club every Wednesday!

To be honest though there’s not much of a live poker scene in Rochdale as far as I know, your best bet would be going to the G casino in Manchester on Bury New Road, it’s where I started out and has lots of tournaments and cash games. Or playing online is definitely a great way to practise and improve.

Which single hand, which you were either involved in or witnessed, remains most memorable to you and why? (Fergimite)

I think it has to be my hand against Hugo Lemaire in Deauville, with two tables left we were battling and both had a lot of chips, I ended up 5 betting all-in with a somewhat speculative T4 off-suit he snap calls with KK and it runs out 356 A…7

Seven from heaven!! It sent me into the chip lead and i didn’t look back.

Also, which players did you grow up admiring and who would you cite as your “favourite” player/s these days? (Fergimite)

Hellmuth was my absolute idol when I got into poker I was a huge fanboy, I used to and still do love watching poker on tv, especially the WSOP coverage and the EPT’s I still find it kinda crazy I play in these tournaments on a regular basis now.

These days I guess the high stakes heads-up online cash game players like Ben Sulsky and Phil Galfond, heads-up is the purest and toughest form of poker and the guys are at the top in those games are the best in the world in my opinion.

Which pros do you spend most time with? Which pros would you not give the time of day to? (stowjon)

I live with Matt Perrins and Rob Woodcock and spend a lot of time with JP Kelly, Tom Middleton, David Nicholson, Toby Lewis and Chris Moorman. I’m friends with most of the UK pro’s and we all hang out a lot when we run into each other at various tournaments.

Hi Jake question is have you (and expecting mother) decided on any baby names yet? (Karl Summers)

We have chosen Arianna [:)]

Rapid-fire questions from Forum member Daniel:

Do you find any varient of poker more profitable to play than NLHE? 

I would imagine the edge in some of the mixed games is bigger, but the sheer popularity of hold’em makes it similar because of the action available, especially live.

Do you notice any changes in the strength of the player pools online depending on the time of day? 

I’m not sure about time of day but the fields seem much softer at the weekends.

Do you feel you have hand to make any big sacrifices, to get to where you are in poker? 

From the ages of 16-19 I was completely obsessed with poker, sacrificed education and decimated my life to becoming the best I could be, so yes I guess there was sacrifices along the way. I do regret missing out on being a fresher but things did work out ok  [Very Happy]

If there was one thing, related to poker, that you could change, what would it be?

Legalised worldwide please!

Good to see you actually taking the time to answer these, good for you!! 

Do you think Omaha8 will become more prominent on the live circuit?? (nelicaterram)

I would say unlikely can’t remember any times i have heard a big demand for it.

We thank Jake for taking time – especially during the holiday season – to field your questions and hope to do it again someday!

Be sure to visit Jake’s site at You can follow Jake on Twitter: @JakeCody.