Billy The Croc on Tour

Report by Billy The Croc Argyros on Tuesday, 22 June 2004 at 5:36 pm

Well what an experience after 30hrs in transit Kiwi G and a reptile named Crocky slithered into Barcelona to take on an international field in the Worlds Heads Up Championships. Barcelona was a place to remember with many joyous moments, however little success to myself who was knocked in round one after my all in bet pre flop with AQ hearts failed to hold off my opponents KT diamonds for a $7800 pot. As they say always next year, as for Kiwi G he won his first round but failed in the second round.

The hospitality was excellent with Casino Barcelona treating all players to a buffet fit for Kings (got them cracked too) and unlimited drink tickets to keep all players pleasantly in a humurous mood. The weather was a pleasant 26 degrees and the beaches were filled with tourists and locals including us Aussies having plenty of view of Barcelonas white and tanned pointers. After being off the poker scene professionally for over 8 years and making my yearly appearance in my home town of Melbourne and The Crown Aussie Millions it was a pure delight to catch up with some of my old friends and foes and see how the Swedes are becoming a force in the Poker World. So young and so much talent in many of their young stars, Vegas beware when they turn 21 years of age.

By the way I would like to thank Nic Szeremeta and Thomas Kremser for banning smoking in Barcelona for the last 5 days of the tournament, and Gerald for his help and hospitality.

My trip is away for 30 days and Barcelona was my first leg of a 3 leg gambling extravaganza.To date my pockets are slightly lighter, still plenty of poker to go.

My next step is Ireland for the World Poker Championships, where my good friend Mel Judah who has asked me to commentate the event. Mel has been abled to assemble 128 of the Worlds best poker players to attend this inaugral event and believe me the winner of this event can really brag he has beaten the worlds best.

Ciao for now and look for more information on Ireland, I will keep you posted next week.