WSOP 2007 Event #45 $2,000 Short Handed No Limit Hold’em Final Results

2007 World Series of Poker        
Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, NV
Official Results
Event # 45   
$5,000 6 Handed No Limit Hold’em
Players: 728
Prize Pool: $3,421,600
Date of Tournament: June 25-27, 2007

WSOP 2007 Event #45 Final Results 

 Name Hometown Prize
1. Bill Edler Las Vegas, NV $904,672
2. Alex Bolotin Brooklyn, NY $504,686
3. Erik Friberg Stockholm $345,582
4. Greg Pohler Manhattan Beach, NY $232,669
5. Dutch Boyd Columbia, MO $169,369
6. Gioi Luong Westminster, CA $110,860
7. Thierry van den Berg Amsterdam $83,145
8. Emil Patel East Hanover, NJ $83,145
9. David Daneshgar Westlake, CA $58,852
10. Antanas Guoga Pilmus, Lithuania $58,852
11. Rajendrakumar Sawant Topeka, KS $34,558
12. Danny Noam Phoenix, AZ $34,558
13. Raja Kattamuri Irving, TX $27,031
14. Ramu Vaswani United Kingdom $27,031
15. Keith Lehr Bossier City, LA $27,031
16. Dustin Woolf Los Angeles, CA $27,031
17. Lance Allred Hollywood, CA $27,031
18. Philip Galfond Gaithersburg, MD $27,031
19. Theodore McCollom Seabrook, TX $21,898
20. William Gazes Miami Beach, FL $21,898
21. Rene Mouritsen Denmark $21,898
22. Mark Vos Australia $21,898
23. Nick Van Newkirk OshKosh, NE $21,898
24. Greg Pierson Woodland, WA $21,898
25. John Racener Tampa, FL $16,766
26. Vandy Krouch Carrollton, TX $16,766
27. Michael Guttmann Germany $16,766
28. Nick Schulman New York, NY $16,766
29. Matt Brady Upper Darby, PA $16,766
30. Robert Bright Las Vegas, NV $16,766
31. Phil Helmuth  Las Vegas, NV $13,344
32. Eugene Katchalov New York, NY $13,344
33. Mikko Pispala Helsinki, Finland $13,344
34. Francois Balmigere Toulouse, France $13,344
35. Joseph McGowan La Quinta, CA $13,344
36. Axel Holm Stockholm, Sweden $13,344
37. Alex Prendes Jr. Miami, FL $11,291
38. Joseph Beevers London, England $11,291
39. Mark Muchnik Henderson, NV $11,291
40. Stephen Deetz Rice Lake, WI $11,291
41. Morgan Machina Mission Viejo, CA $11,291
42. Kush Patel Southborough, MA $11,291
43. Samuel Grizzle Las Vegas, NV $9,238
44. Jamie Gold Malibu, CA $9,238
45. Roland de Wolfe United Kingdom $9,238
46. Nestor Martinez Seabrook, TX $9,238
47. Scott Clements Mount Vernon, WA $9,238
48. Men Nguyen Bell Gardens, CA $9,238
49. Justin Bonomo Sherman Oaks, CA $8,212
50. Michael Hewitt Canada $8,212
51. Aaron Been Tallahassee, FL $8,212
52. Robert Glenn Carson City, NV $8,212
53. Gary Philipchuk Canada $8,212
54. Allen Cunningham Las Vegas, NV $8,212
55. Jordan Smith Tool, TX $7,185
56. Emanuele Carboni Italy $7,185
57. Tony Hachem Australia $7,185
58. Jeffery Aiani Itasca, IL $7,185
59. Frank Blumlien Germany $7,185
60. Daniel Santaro North Bellmore, NY $7,185
61. Gary Horn Sugar Land, TX $6,159
62. Nicolas Levi Paris, France $6,159
63. Douglas Temmer Mequon, WI $6,159
64. Victoria Coren England $6,159
65. Christian Oman Sweden $6,159
66. Tobias Maguire Encino, CA $6,159
67. Kyle Bowner Wallon, NM $6,159
68. Peter Madsen Las Vegas, NV $6,159
69. James Rumptz Cordova, TN $6,159
70. James Pittman Yorba Linda, CA $6,159
71. Will McHahan Newport, TN $6,159
72. Michael Eriksen Denmark $6,159
73. Chris McCormack Laurel Hollow, NY $6,159
74. Jonas Entin Granada Hills, CA $6,159
75. Johan Storakers Stockholm, Sweden $6,159
76. Mark Bartlog New Hope, PA $6,159
77. Ezra Teitelbaum New York, NY $6,159
78. Gregg Merkon Plano, TX $6,159
Tournament Notes:
— The $5,000 buy-in Six-Handed No-Limit Hold’em championship was won by Bill Edler, from Las Vegas, NV.   Edler is a 42-year-old poker pro who has cashed in many previous tournaments.  This was his first victory at the World Series of Poker.
— Edler is married and has a seven-year-old daughter.  In fact, he celebrated his wedding anniversary this past week.   On what turned out to be the final hand of the tournament, Edler was forced to make a very tough call for most of his chips.  At one point during his two-minute deliberation he rubbed his wedding ring, and then announced "call."   After the tournament concluded, Bluff Media play-by-play announcer Howard David asked Edler if he was thinking about his wife during the decision.  "Oh yes, I was thinking of her," Edler responded.  "Great answer," retorted David.
— The final hand pitted Edler’s A-10 against Alex Bolotin‘s A-Q.  Edler spiked a ten on the flop and won the biggest hand of the night.   First place paid $904,672.  This was the third-highest payout of this year’s World Series.
— Edler’s victory was impressive for many reasons, not the least of which was the fact he started play at the final table dead last in chips.   Edler had 535,000 at the start to Erik Friberg‘s 2.800,000.  He conquered the six-handed finale in about four hours.
— Edler was cheered on at tableside by his close friends Erick Lindgren, Gavin Smith, and Chris Bell.   Despite the overpowering poker talent in the trio, Edler was the first among them to win a WSOP gold bracelet.  "To a professional poker player, this is the Holy Grail," he said.
— Prior this win, Edler had only two previous cashes at the WSOP.  Both took place in 2005.
— Edler is one of the WSOP’s most unorthodox champions.  He earned a law degree from the University of California-Berkley.   Yet, he never took the bar exam nor practiced law.  He drives a 12-year-old Ford Mustang (by choice) and plays golf for high stakes with a set of 20-year-old golf clubs.
— Edler was formally the manager of Casino San Pablo, located in San Francisco’s East Bay.   He started out working at the club as a prop, and is one of the few persons to rise through the ranks and eventually run the casino and cardroom.
— The runner up was Alex Bolotin, who was born in Minsk, Belarus.  He now lives in Brooklyn, NY.  Bolotin was devastated by the loss, despite taking second-place prize money amounting to in excess of half-a-million dollars.  "I come for the bracelet," Bolotin announced.
— The final few minutes of the finale was a nightmare for Erik Friberg, from Stockholm, Sweden.   Friberg seemed poised to win the tournament during the initial few hours of play, but ended up going out in the third place. 
— Former WSOP gold bracelet winner Dutch Boyd went out in 5th place.   Boyd won his title in short-handed play last year (defeating reigning world poker champion Joe Hachem).  His impressive showing in this event shows him to be particularly gifted as a short-handed player.
— Bombastic poker pro Antanas Guoga, a.k.a. "Tony G" took 10th place.   The always talkative, often vicious high-stakes player from Australia just missed making his first final table appearance this year.  
— Former WSOP gold bracelet winner Keith Lehr "Jet" took 15th place.
— Former WSOP gold bracelet winner Mark Vos, from Australia, took 22nd place.
Phil Hellmuth, Jr. continues to add to his staggering level of achievement at the World Series.   He finished in 31st place, which amounts to his 62nd lifetime cash at the WSOP – more than any other player in history.  Interestingly, the player with the second-most cashes is Men "the Master" Nguyen.   He also cashed in this tournament (48th) which was his 57th lifetime in-the-money finish.
— 2006 world poker champion Jamie Gold finished in 44th place.  This marked his second time to cash at the World Series and was his first in-the-money finish since he won $12 million in last year’s main event.
— Two-time WSOP gold bracelet winner Scott Clements finished in 47th place.
— Five-time WSOP gold bracelet winner Allen Cunningham finished in 54th place.
— Moviestar Tobey Maguire of "Spiderman" fame recorded his first WSOP cash with his 66th-place showing in this tournament.   Maguire, who takes the game very seriously, has cashed at other tournaments; but this was his first time to make it into the money at the World Series.