Michael '007' Lang

  • Poker & Chess - The Connection (01/12/2015)
    Many chess-players – it being a lonely, self-absorbed type of game – are fans of online play. The long hours seated alone in front of a screen playing poker no different from those required to study or play chess.
  • The Poker Scene in Prague (27/11/2015)
    With the EPT about to descend on one of Europe’s finest cities –the Czech capital Prague. Now seems like a fine time to look at what’s beyond the Hilton Hotel venue where the big events will be played.
  • James Chen Wins Macau Cup High Roller (22/09/2015)
    James Chen lifted the Macau High Roller title and $220,000 (HK$1,704,000) at the weekend as the Macau Poker Cup continued to smash records.
  • Jani Sointula and Finnish Poker Legends (09/09/2015)
    Jani Sointula and Finnish Poker Legends
  • Oh Canada: Can a Canuck Claim WSOP Gold this Summer? (26/05/2015)
    With the summer on the horizon, the poker world's tournament scene is beginning to heat up and there are few festivals with more influence than the World Series of Poker (WSOP).
  • The Beauty of the Bluff (21/05/2015)
    The bluff is a vital weapon in any poker player’s arsenal. Use it correctly and you may win the battle. Use it incorrectly and you may have just lost the war.
  • Geno Lawrenzi Jr: A Golden Age Gambling Journalist (19/05/2015)
    It doesn’t matter if you are a gambler or not, Geno Lawrenzi Jr draws you in like honey to a bee. If you are a gambler then that’s even better because you will can’t help but appreciate the colorful life he has had.
  • Aussie Poker: A Decade after Joe Hachem Passed the Sugar (14/05/2015)
    Ever since Joe Hachem sparked a poker revolution in Australia back in 2005, the country's top tournament talent has been striving to replicate his victory and win a WSOP bracelet.
  • Poker vs Casino Games (08/05/2015)
    In this article we try to compare poker to some other popular casino games with regards to fun factors and short term profitability.