Destination Final Table (E-Book)

Today we present Carl Sampson’s latest e-book – "Destination Final Table".

Here’s an excerpt from authors’ personal blog which explains what the book is about:

I just think that much of the percieved wisdom on tournament poker is wrong. I dont see why a good player should be handicapping themselves early in the competition by playing tightly when this is where all the dead money is situated. Who do you think is going to be left towards the latter stages of the competition, all of the good players and less of the dead money thats who?

I am not a fan of this "tight to start" style. That is fine if you have perhaps got your entry into the tournament for a very small amount of money like Chris Moneymaker did at the main event of the 2003 WSOP for $40 or maybe you are trying to please a backer or sponser and this is affecting how you are playing to some extent. Picking up a $10,000 cash when you have only bought in for forty bucks represents a considerable return on investment. But normally unless you pick up the bigger cashes and get to some serious final tables then your chances of making tournament poker pay are slim to say the least.

So I seriously recommend that you get yourself […] DESTINATION FINAL TABLE. It is not a comprehensive view on tournament poker and it is not in depth but in my opinion it gives an alternate view of playing poker tournaments that I think an awful lot of players will find refreshing.

Download "Destination Final Table" e-book (PDF)