The Hendon Mob to join the ShowDown Poker Tour

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Concord Card Casino“We are naturally proud to have the guys from the Hendon Mob attending our poker tour – since it is our first season it is of course great to be acknowledged by professional poker players like the Hendon Mob” Teddy Vendersbo from the Showdown Poker Tour says.

The Hendon Mob says:

"The Hendon Mob are delighted to announce our support for and participation in the ShowDown Poker Tour. We believe that the advent of the new Showdown Poker Tour is the best news in European poker for some time. This is a tour designed by people who understand the game and with the interests of players very much in mind. There are some great venues lined up and, perhaps most importantly, the tournament structures will ensure that good play is rewarded. The opportunity to qualify on-line means everyone has a chance to participate and the size of the buy-ins will ensure big prize pools. We believe that all these things, as well as TV coverage and the encouragement of commercial sponsorship, will attract players from around the world and make the Showdown tour a worthy competitor to existing televised tours."

“We are exited about the whole thing. And we must say that the positive feedback we have received has been overwhelming. We are convinced that the main reason must be that we are aiming at tournaments where the game of poker – more than just TV coverage – is in focus,” say Teddy Vendersbo and Soren Hansen – the two Danes behind the tour.

“The ShowDown Poker Tour is not a TV show with poker – but a poker tournament transmitted on TV!”

The ShowDown Poker Tour is all about bigger tournaments, better tournaments, player friendly tournament structures and last but not least higher prize pools.

Each tournament has a limited number of seats and it will be possible to secure a seat through www.sdpt.com or through one of the forthcoming online qualifier tournaments. You can book your seat at www.sdpt.com.
You can also take the chance of showing up at the tournaments but available seats can not be guaranteed.

Find out all about tournament dates and all needed information on the website www.sdpt.com.

The guys behind the Showdown Poker Tour - Teddy and Soren - have roots in the media business - both TV and internet related - advertising and last but not least gaming - as active players and in gaming consultancy.

The ShowDown Poker Tour is aiming at ten tournaments across Europe and a Grand Final, which will make the tour larger than any known poker tour in Europe. The Grand Final will be held in Vienna with a buy-in of €15.000 giving an estimated prize pool of €6 million. The winner will walk away with an estimated €2 million.

All the final tables will be televised and broadcast on TV-stations across Europe, so stay tuned for more than sixteen hours of poker TV. The TV production team behind the ShowDown Poker Tour is from the Scandinavian production company – East Production – a highly skilled production company.

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For more information, please contact:
Soren Hansen – mail: sh@deltoidmedia.com – phone: +45 21 68 86 32 or
Teddy Vendersbo – mail: tv@deltoidmedia.com – phone +45 21 68 86 07