What is the main objective in Hi/Lo games?

In Hi/Lo games your most profitable situations arise when you are able to scoop the entire pot. A split will often provide you with a small profit, but the real money is made by scooping. You can scoop either by winning the high pot when no-one has made a low, or by making both the best high and the best low.

What is the best starting hand in Omaha Hi/Lo?

In Omaha Hi/Lo the most desirable starting hands are those which offer you the opportunity to scoop the pot. For example, A-A-2-3 is a wonderful starting hand because it contains the best three low cards, a pair of Aces, plus straight and nut flush possibilities. Other excellent starting hands include A-2-3-4 double-suited and A-2-3-X double-suited, where X is any card.