Just as Omaha Hi/Lo is a very close cousin to Omaha Hi, so Seven-Card Stud Hi/Lo is closely related to Seven-Card Stud. In fact, Seven-Card Stud Hi/Lo basically takes the game of Seven-Card Stud and adds the 'Eight or better' low split qualifier that we discovered in the section on Omaha Hi/Lo. At the end of a hand of Seven-Card Stud Hi/Lo the high hand takes half the pot and the best qualifying low hand takes the other half. If there is no qualifying low hand then the best high hand scoops the lot!

The structure and deal of a Seven-Card Stud Hi/Lo hand is almost exactly the same as that used in Seven-Card Stud. The main difference is that the pot is split between the high and low hands at the showdown.

Seven-Card Stud Hi/Lo is nothing like as popular as Omaha Hi/Lo. However, you will still find it spread in home games and in online cardrooms.

In order to play Seven-Card Stud Hi/Lo, it is essential to master the basics of Seven-Card Stud Hi first. You are therefore strongly recommended to go back and read the chapter on Seven-Card Stud if you have not done so already.