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Great guide, very clear and understandable for those want to learn, I looked at it to learn Omaha.

Luc Dermul (Belgium)

This was awesome! I am a beginner and was looking for a tutorial with samples, questions and quizing. Great job in the design.


This guide is the most awesome one I have seen for any of the card games! Great Job guys!


Your Beginners Guide is the best I have seen so far online. Its like homework and then taking a test afterwards. Great way to learn.
Thanks !


Have used the beginners guide to learn the basics of Omaha which I had never played before. Am already winning consistently at the very low level games and enjoying the game immensely.

Thank you for a great beginners learning tool. Without this I would never have played Omaha.

Could you put more tips and lessons for the intermediate player. If it is as good as the beginners section a lot of your readers will benefit from reading it.

John Connolly (Australia)