In this section you are provided with a series of multiple-choice questions about Seven-Card Stud. Your task is to identify the correct answer in each case.

Which player must make the bring-in on third street (in limit Stud), given the following up cards?

  A     B     C     D  

Answer A is correct. The player with the lowest up card has to bring it in. Here both player A and player C have a Four. However, in the sequence clubs-diamonds-hearts-spades ('c-d-h-s'), the diamond comes first, so player A must bring it in.

What is your opponent's best hand here?

  Down Cards     Up Cards  

Answer D is correct. Although all three of the other three hands are possible, if your opponent has J-J-J in his hole cards then he can make four Jacks: J-J-J-J-10.