In this section you are provided with a series of multiple-choice questions about Seven-Card Stud Hi/Lo. Your task is to identify the correct answer in each case.

There is $60 in the pot at the showdown. Player '1' has the outright best high hand and a share of the low hand. Players '2' and '3' also have a share of the low hand. How is the pot divided?

Answer C is correct. The pot is first split into two halves of $30 each. Player '1' now takes his $30 for the best high hand. The remaining $30 for the low hand is split three ways. Thus Player '1' ends up with $40 and the other two players only receive $10 each.

Which of these hands is the strongest two-way Hi/Lo hand here?

  Up Cards  
A   B  
C   D  

Answer D is correct. Hand B has the best high, four Aces (A-A-A-A-8), but it doesn't qualify as a two-way hand. Hand C has the best low, a Seven low (7-4-3-2-A), but doesn't contain anything more than a pair for high. The best two-way hand is Hand D, which contains an Ace-high flush for high (A-8-7-3-2) and a Seven low (7-4-3-2-A).