In this section you are provided with a series of multiple-choice questions about Omaha. Your task is to identify the correct answer in each case.

Who has the best hand in this situation?

  Board Cards  
A   B  
C   D  

Answer D is correct. Player A has trip Nines (9-9-9-A-8), player B can make two pair Nines and Treys (9-9-3-3-A) and player C has two pair Aces and Nines (A-A-9-9-K). However, player D can use one each of the Treys and Deuces in his hand to make a wheel straight: 5-4-3-2-A.

What is your best hand here?

  Hole Cards     Board Cards  

Answer A is correct. All you have is a pair of Eights: 8-8-A-K-J. You cannot make a royal flush (or an Ace-high straight) because you must use two of your hole cards.