Poker Beginners Guide: Poker Face

Often a non-poker player will say: I could never play poker, I dont have a poker face. However, in most low-stakes games this is not a very important aspect of the game. Most players are usually too busy thinking about their own hand to scrutinise your reactions in any great detail. As long as you dont completely give you hand away when you hit the nuts, by either shouting Yes! or breaking into a broad smile, you should be okay.

It actually doesnt take much practice to develop a natural-looking demeanour at the table, regardless of whether you have just made the crown jewels or seen all your dreams go up in smoke. This demeanour may be highly animated or completely motionless (or anything in-between), just so long as it doesnt give away the strength of your hand.

If you play online you dont need to keep a poker face at all. When you hit a big hand you can jump up and down, call over your wife and kids to admire your brilliant play, whatever you like. Your opponents wont be any the wiser. In cyberspace, everyone has the perfect poker face!