Poker Beginners Guide: Best Hand (1)

In Hold'em each player must make the best possible five-card hand from seven cards. The first two of these cards are hidden 'hole' cards, which may be used by you and you alone. The other five cards will appear on the board. These are 'community' cards for the use of every player in the hand. You may use either one, both or none of your two hole cards to form your best five cards.

Let's see how your two hole cards work with the board to make a five-card hand.

  Hole Cards     Board Cards  

Here you have no pair, Ace-high. Your best five-card hand is A-K-Q-J-9.


  Hole Cards     Board Cards  

This time you have a pair of Sixes, Ace kicker. You can use the two Sixes on the board to make a final hand of 6-6-A-K-Q.