Continuing with the next best hand after three of a kind:

A   B  

Here you have a straight. A straight is five consecutive cards in a row.

There are two important things that a beginner needs to remember with straights:

i) They do not have to be the same suit
ii) It has to be 5 cards in a row. 3 or 4 cards are worthless.

If two players both have a straight, it is the player with the highest straight who wins. Therefore hand B (King high straight) beats hand A (Seven high straight).

The straight (along with the straight flush, which we will see later) is the only situation where an Ace can also be low. The hand below is a Five high straight (as the Ace is counted as a low card)


It would be beaten by both hands A and B above as it is only 'five high'

A hand of Q, K, A, 2, 3 is not a valid straight.