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Barny Boatman
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Barmy Barny's Form Guide for Late Night Poker IV

Programme 1 October 11th Time 00.45hrs

Victoria Coren

The Observer's poker columnist. An invite to her Tuesday night game is poker's equivalent of getting in to Studio 54.

Phil Hellmuth Jnr

There is no doubt that "The Brat" is the world's greatest player. Not in his mind anyway.

Liam Flood

The avuncular "Gentleman" Liam Flood is not nearly as baffled as he may appear.

Jan Lundberg

Jan "The Walrus" Lundberg is a dead ringer for the Swedish Chef off The Muppets.

Michael Keiner

This debonair plastic surgeon specialises in lipo-suction for fat poker players. He'll never go skint.

Howard Plant

Known as "The Magician", he can make any amount of money disappear. Can also empty a room by telling a joke.

Robert Cohen

This crafty French player is also a champion arm wrestler. Speaks no English so will be immune to Hellmuth's speech play.


Programme 2 October 18th Time 00.45 hrs


The Mick Mcmanus of poker, he tried to get under Hellmuth's skin in last year's final. Will probably target Trumper this time.

Simon Trumper

Simon "Aces" Trumper is the most talked about man in poker. He's the one doing the talking.

Dave Welch

Big Dave used to play in goal for Southampton reserves. Now all he can save is ten percent with the Debbiefish.

Hemish Shah

Quite simply Europe's greatest all-round cash and tournament player. Not bad at roulette, either.

Steve Liu

Mild mannered and charming, Steve becomes super aggressive in a poker show-down. A bit like that bloke in Kung Fu.

Ross Boatman

"Rocky" Ross Boatman. He looks tough, and plays tougher. But how will he perform without a script?

Vicky Lincoln

Regular Vic player Vicky is a rock. She'll be giving very little away


Programme 3 October 25th Time 00.45hrs

Manuela Seliger

Tough tournament pro Manuela is perhaps the hottest tipped of LNP's strengthening band of women players.

Ian Dobson

Perhaps unlucky not to win the Poker Million, sharp tongued "Dobbo" will not be overawed by his first LNP outing.

Dave Ulliott

The fast talking "Devil Fish" has more lines than the Columbian Mafia. Makes Bernard Manning look like a soft spoken social worker.

Mike Magee

Mystic Mike Magee is poker's answer to Uri Geller. He can put you on a hand before you've even looked at your cards.


Fearless Bambos is one of the most improved tournament hold-em players on the UK scene.

Jon Shoreman

Runs a web site dedicated to poker. What a daft idea.

Steve Vladar

"Smokin' Steve". Solid, unflappable, immobile… zzzzzzzzz


Programme 4 November 1st Time 01.00

Ram Vaswani

The Camera loves him, his bookie adores him, but will luck be a lady tonight?

John Duthie

John "Dandy" Duthie. Don't try to bluff him. He'll bet a million on A2 off suit.

Jac Arama

The Crewe Alexandra of poker. Has trouble stringing two passes together.

Paul Alterman

How will the hero of Baden manage with only two cards?

Malcolm Harwood

Very successful on LNP. Calls himself "The Rock". Seems to be chewing one.

Nicky Katz

"The Bulldog" has yet to sink his teeth in. Is more than capable on his day.

Brenda Hutt

A relatively unknown Luton player. Let's hope she finds some form on the big occasion.


Programme 5 November 8th Time 00.30

Lise Vigezzi

The wonderful "Pink Lady" could well become the first superstar of TV poker.

Brian McNally

"The Cowboy" can never put you on an exact hand, but is always willing to give an estimate.

Joe Beevers

All those cameras. Will "The Elegance" make it out of makeup in time for the show?

Noel Furlong

A giant in the game, brave and aggressive. How are you ever gonna get him to pass for a mere fifty large?

Dave Colclough

Great tournament player, but his LNP heads up record is making him the Eddie the Eagle of TV poker.

Mohammed Ravai

Inscrutable behind his shades. Showed a tendency to overplay medium strength hands last time.

Marty Wilson

Really should come out of his shell. When are they going to give "Mad Marty" his own show?


Programme 6 November 15th Time 00.30

Adam Heller

The professional punter. If Mensa made Christmas crackers he'd be the one writing the jokes.

Ash Pervaiz

Steady player. May find the one table format too fast.

Pascal Perrault

Crazy Player. May find the one table format too slow.

Debbie Berlin

Pascal will be needing his walkman

Barny Boatman

"Barmy Barny". Is he perfectly insane? No, nobody's perfect.

Marcel Luske

Never ask Marcel to stop singing. He may start telling poker stories instead

Steve Templeman

Miniature maestro Steve "Short Stack" Templeman is his own lucky mascot.


Programme 7 November 22th Time 00.30

Donnacha O'Dea

Donnacha used to be an Olympic swimmer. Very rarely caught on the river.

Karina Mikelis

Good to see some top Americans on the Show. Let's hope there's more next time.

Kevin O'Connell

You'd never guess Kevin was a millionaire from the way he dresses, but you can certainly tell by the way he plays.

Peter Evans

Peter "The Bandit" Evans is a bit like The Terminator. He's not an awesome killing machine; he just never knows when he's dead.

Surindar Sunar

Great all rounder. One out? That's plenty.

Bruno Fitoussi

Brilliant heads-up champ. But there's the small matter of getting past the other five.

Robin Keston

High-rolling Robin made his fortune from bingo. Gets very exited when he makes a house.

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