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PostPosted: Mon May 16, 2016 8:39 am
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235 are running a fast moving pace shot clock tournament at 235 on SATURDAY 28th May. Its a 2pm start.

It should be a pacey, intense, quality game with out excessive delays and those things where everyone sits there for a minute before the guy realises the action is on him. I imagine there might be a noticable overlay on the first one, too.

We need a few shot clock alarm devices that are programmable and easy and quick to use.And some fish and or tank tokens. Any ideas where to get them, people?

These are the unofficial details, official details are on the 235 website:-

1) Saturday 28th May 2pm start.
2) 20 + 5 bounty + 4 reg fee = 29 entry
3) 500 guaranteed as long as there are six players to start the tournament.
4) Shot clock is dealer controlled:- 20 seconds from whenever the dealer decides a player has had 10 seconds for a total of 30 seconds.
5) A tank counter that permits an additional 30 seconds.
6) An additional tank counter for everyone on the final table.
7) Sunday tournament structure- 20 min blinds: that is a LOT of play given that the shot clock will mean the game goes perhaps twice as fast.
Cool 2pm start to feed into 5:15pm start of subsequent tournament.
9) 15000 start stack + 2000 Early bird chips for anyone present before the FIRST HAND IS DEALT
10) Single reentry
11) If it gets a to a couple tables, there will probably be more to follow, probably last Saturday every month. If not, it might just be a one off.

Any questions, let me know. private message here or reply to this OP.

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