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PostPosted: Tue Nov 11, 2003 1:52 pm
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Sorry the update took so long but I decided to attempt the David Blaine illusion in my garden shed in a outrageous attempt to lose weight. Which of course was as successful as the sinclair C5. Oh well back to the speed and ciggarettes for another year!
Went all in on this hand and both other players folded although player 2 showed an a/8 so was leading by quite a margin. As it turns out he made the bad call by folding as he was getting 6 to 1 his money on me not having an ace. I suppose the reason I wrote this post in the first place is that after reading Hellmuths book he discusses in considerable detail the merits of playing suited connectors. I am also am quite a fan of calling a small raise with them because if you hit you get paid well. However, my small stack should have meant I folded but once in I felt the all in was the only play. How would you play it with a larger stack depends on the player! Got busted out two hands later with trips against a flush to the bloke that folded on me last time

Anyways im off to immerse myself in a boiling hot bath wearig only a bin liner so I can "become more intouch with my spiritual self". Blaine. Knob.
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