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PostPosted: Thu Feb 27, 2014 2:56 pm
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Wow, strong words from Simon Heffer

In my lifetime I've been in contact with men from all walks of life, from many Prime Ministers down to the lowly unemployed.
But never, I repeat never, have I met anyone as ill informed or idiotic than your average Toyota Lexus driver.
These men are usually weak chinned wonders, men who you certainly wouldn't "go into battle" with.
They have the high opinion that the car they drive is the most premier automobile on Planet Earth.
I have news for you people, it's a flimsy metal box on wheels!
And you dress sense, if you think jeans and an untucked shirt will win prizes at London Fashion Week you're very much mistaken.

So lets summaries, if you see a man in a Lexus please steer clear, you don't want any conversation with the oaf, let alone spending any amount of time, even a split second with him!
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