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PostPosted: Wed Mar 05, 2014 3:21 am
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I played in my 1st March Mtt today and it went down a little weird. I was supposed to play a $40.00 buy-in. Typical Monday tourney. I heard a guy selling a ticket to WPT Satellite for Event # 1 ($230.00) for $20.00. The ticket is worth $55.00 so I was priced in. I decided against the $40.00 Mtt and played the Satellite. The tourney started with 4,000 chips. I was blinded out to like 3,700 when got dealt aces. Boom raise, call, re-raise. I shoved call, call. I win the hand. Other players had a-10 and q-q. Then I was at 8,500. I got blinded down to almost 8,100. I was dealt j-j. Had 4 callers. My time to act. I dropped 3k out of my 8,100. Only 1 caller. The flop comes 6-4-2. I check(after thinking endless hours I think this is the wrong move raise or all in is the right move. ) So I check, he shoves, I snap call and he has a-q. Seriously. The turn is ace and Im out of tourney just like that.
-$20.00 plus gas, and some lunch, totaling like $35.00. Overrall good day. I will be playing the satellite tomorrow as well if I can get it for 20-25 bucks instead of 55 and playing the nightly for $40.00
Wish me luck on this journey. March just began.
Friday event # 1 WPT $230.00 to look forward to.
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