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PostPosted: Thu Dec 26, 2013 5:00 am
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I think I played this well, but wanted to get some thoughts please.

I think pre is all standard, then I bet the non dangerous looking flop, (bet amount normal), and get min check raised! Confused

Im thinking he has something, but do I have him beat, or he has me with trips......

I decided to flat the check raise, pot control amoung a few reasons. Also, I am not 100% sure AQ or KQ go with me if I re-raise, but they might feel they are good, if I just call.

He goes quite big on the turn, and I still feel I have no good idea if its a pair of qeens or trips, so I just call again.

The river pairs the board, and makes 2-2 in the hole more unlikely. I think I am only beat by 99 here, would expect AA and QQ to 4 bet me pre instead of just calling. Cant understand why he would check a full house, when I have only called and shown no real aggression.

I put him on Q-X, so I decide to make a value bet, sure that my cowboys are good.

Any thoughts about any part of the hand, in particular the flop and turn play please?

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 27, 2013 7:17 pm
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i have only just started playing cash on stars, and at 25/50

To me it seems like he is seeing how good his hand is by ch Raising, and once you just call he could be thinking his AQ or KQ is good, also he may be putting you on AK and thats why he calls river, as he may think his hand is good!

from what you have said i think you are thinking to much about what he could have!, you raise the Button, he could well think you are at it, and this is why he ch Raise. he ch's the river if he had AA or set i dont think he would do that,

yea i think you played it well, but i would have given my self peace of mind by RR his ch/raise to see where i was, if he just call, i think you can rule out AA and set, as at that point he would know you have a hand, and if he did have AA or set then i think he would jam! But with that play if he jams then you have to make up your mind as to call, But saying that the way you played it is still good and that how most would play it,

I think the 3 hands i put him on would be AQ or QK or 10,J
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