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PostPosted: Fri Nov 29, 2013 4:55 pm
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i see Eric Lynch's last live cash was in 2010. ironically the last year i played before i got ill and even more ironically our visible profit line is about the same. If that alone does not tell you enough then i probably should go on. Very Happy

i don't really have a problem with these 'planned' bluffs but a few things bother me.

1) He has just moved to the table
2) 'Most People' would raise with an ace rather than limp call. What the f**k does that even mean? in this hand i will remove an ace and only give him a small ace that he folds or a flush draw.
3) I don't mind the call on the flop as a large part of his range will be suited connectors including the straightening and gappers. with such a large part of his range being the hands he crushes then why ship the turn. He effectively gave him a free card by calling the turn. is the limp raggy ace with "most people" dont do at this level part of the guys range now so large he needs to merge range and make him fold out that part aswell.
He has halfed the guys out and now decides the draw is too risky?
4) Shove river blanks as he misses a huge amount the turn and should actually fold a slightly bigger range to a river shove

the main problem i have are people that win a huge score and then go a bit quiet and then write a book.
If you manage to get malmuth or elky or even mercier to give you some mtt advice then write that shit in stone(at least till next year) but i imagine darvin moon's ROI will be stupendous for a fair few lifetimes. you buying his book?
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PostPosted: Sat Nov 30, 2013 4:14 am
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Every little detail gathered about a hand can change so much as to how a hand is played, including who plays the hand. Many times I have posted situations from books I have read and been told what a poor play it was, however if it was a pro or even yourself then everyone would kiss your ass with "omg so good, great move, great player", a losing player however just looks stupid and gets the complete reverse.

So I thought I would put that hand to the test, and find out if posting hands whether I play them or not is really worth the effort, seems unlikely though that a proven big winner of this game plays a hand that is also so bad, unprofitable and so on, because it was posted by a losing player.

So is this play right or wrong?, well,. there is no right or wrong IMO, what happens in this game happens. So don't worry about not replying to HH's any more, cause based on this I won't be posting any more for review.
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