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Gordon McMahon

PostPosted: Sun Sep 28, 2003 8:36 pm
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hi Pedro, I think this is the 243rd post this year in which someone says that they play with a bunch of idiots who have no idea how to play the game and then asks, 'why can I not beat them'.

There is no point in reading Mike Caro's Book of Tells - you are already great at reading people.

Why not try this. Since these idiots are your friends why not ask one of them what he thinks you are doing wrong - after all, they are sitting at the same table and can see how you play.
You might also consider why it is that you hang out with a bunch of idiots. Try spending more time with people possessing an intellect equal to your own. Or are you already doing that ?

Cheers, Gordon.

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: Hi Everyone,
: I'd say at the moment I'm an amateur at poker. I play with a set group of
: friends and play the same games, but I am not coming out a consistent winner,
: which is really irritating because I am really good at reading people, and I
: play with total stoners! (I figure these people can be easy to beat)
: Her are some questions that I have for all:
: -What is a great book on learning poker odds, tells, and various strategies?
: Thus far, I have picked up "Mike Caro's Book of Tells", and it seems to be very
: good thus far.
: -What are some basic strategies that all good poker players should follow (Ex:
: starting bankroll, general advice, when to definitely fold, etc.)
: -What are the easiest tells to spot?
: Basically, I play poker with a bunch of idiots; though they may possess common

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