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PostPosted: Wed Aug 05, 2009 3:19 pm
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Post a new topic (or reply) as usual to create a post.

To build a hand, click the Hand Replayer button in the message menu (far right button). This will bring up the Hand Replayer interface. Click the link at the bottom of the Hand Replayer "Click here if you would like to build a hand manually rather that use the import feature."

Select the number of players (2-10), blind sizes and antes. The starting stack is the amount all players will be given (before posting any blinds/antes). You will be able to adjust individual players at the next step. Click the continue button to get there.

You will now have a poker table image in front of you. Click in the name boxes/stack boxes to adjust the names and stacks of the players as required. Note all blinds and antes are already posted, so the stacks you are entering are those the players have remaining after posting these. You can drag the dealer button to the player you want and the blinds will be moved automatically. When you are finished, click the done/continue button.

You now recreate the action. For any hands you want to be visible, first click the player's cards and select them from the deck which will pop up. You must select both hole cards for any player you wish to show the cards of, if you select 1 it will not appear in the replay. When you have set all the cards you wish to be shown in the replay, you are ready to create the action.

A white circle highlights the player next to act. Use the call/fold/raise/all-in buttons to select what they do. Note that a raise entered will be the amount of the raise, not the total bet. i.e. if the blinds are 25/50 and you enter a raise of 100 for the first player to act, that will be a total bet of 150.

Once all players' preflop actions have been entered, the flop will appear. Click on the flop cards to tell the replayer what cards to use. When the flop has been set, now recreate the actions of the players the same as done preflop, with the player you are next to set the action for highlighted in a white circle. When done, the turn will be available to choose and so on.

When all the action is complete, you need to tell the replayer who won how many chips. It cannot read the board and tell who won from their cards. Simply enter the amount won into the box by the player headed 'wins?'. You can award split pots.

Currently you cannot highlight the Hero or hide cards to be revealed as you can in the hand converter/replayer. This will be added in the next update.

Click the save button which will then ask you to name your replay. When named, click the disk button to finish. You will be returned to your forum post with the hand inserted using the [handreplay] tag automatically.

Thank you to for providing the original code for the Hand Builder/Converter/Replayer
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