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Nick Peters

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 06, 2003 11:08 am
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A little while back. Barny posted on the subject of being disturbed in his hotel, despite a clear sign on the door to the contrary.

I remember thinking at the time, if that happened to me,I'd be straight down to reception..sort it out, feather's flying..etc.

Im over in Amsterdam, staying at the Park Hotel.
Those sort of things don't happen here, WRONG!

I'd rolled into bed late Saturday/Sunday morning after playing in the freeroll. I settled down approx 5.00am looking forward to a Sunday lie in.
In what only seemed to be 10 mins, it actually 3 hours, RATTA TAT what? RATTA TAT TAT..
who let woody woodpecker in? Standing at the bottom of my bed was a lady and a big coloured gentleman. Under different circumstances I might have been a little more obliging..not today.

I flew down-stairs to reception, fortunately having the fore-sight to put my dressing gown on.
What's occuring? Woody woodpecker, half of Amsterdam walking around my room.. I did not want to be disturbed!

I have always found the dutch people to very friendly and helpful people, the manager was all that and more. I was escorted back to the room.
The two culprits were hovering outside the room.
After the appropriate dressing down, they went on their merry way. The Manager apologised again..then glanced over towards the door. She then cut me a stare that would curdle milk. I looked over and saw the sign. PLEASE SERVICE ROOM.

I was left looking sheepish to say the least.
What a pillock...or..was I the subject of a last minute switcheroo by the two staff?
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