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PostPosted: Wed Oct 22, 2003 11:31 am
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Since i've now joined this forum i thought i may as well add my thoughts on the current debate about the profitibility or not of samll stakes (1/2, 2/4 nl) online play.

Like has been pointed out by plenty people before me cash is where it is easist to make a constant, maintainable profit. Tournaments, especially those with 200ish players just offer too high a chance of finishing out the money.

What not many people have commented on is some strange misconception that people who play much bigger stakes cash games are all somehow winners. Clearly these games suffer winners and losers like every other game. What is pretty obvious however is that large stakes attract fewer fish and as the overall standard is higher all players suffer far more losing days as the chips are effectively swapped around for short periods. In such games being a consistent winner requires an extremely high standard of play.

In small online games however there is a never ending supply of people come to the table who are GUARANTEED to lose if they sit there long enough. (and will likely come back the next day if they don't) Online sites even help provide these players with freerolls and small entry cash tourneys. The key to these games as money making propositions is 2 fold. Firstly, you don't have to be very good to win. Solid and unspectacular is far more than the vast majority of online players. Secondly if you play regularly you will know the 1 or 2 other winners at your table and if you avoid tangling with them will very rarely suffer losing days.

I wouldn't want to comment on specific figures but playing the game professionally ie every day to make your living must be 100 times easier since the arrival of the internet.

Sorry for the ramble but i've been tearing my hair out at some of the posts i've read in the last few weeks

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