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PostPosted: Tue Nov 14, 2017 2:45 pm
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$25 r/a on Genting yesterday, final table of 9, top 8 paid, $128 - $1000 range of payouts.

3 seats to my left all have 30+ BB
3 seats to my right have between 3 - 7 BB
I have 15 BB, 2 others have similar stack.

The bubble lasted over 30mins, the shortest stacks doubled up but there were always 3 players with approx 3-7 BB.

Some of my hands were easy folds, but I would get hands such as 88, AQ, 55, AJ etc. If action is folded to you, how do you play such hands? I never had a decision with a short stack shove.

I tried min raising twice (as I had done prior to the bubble period) and one of the big stacks shoved each time. I folded 88 and AQ to the shoves.

Towards the end of the bubble period, 2 players had less than a BB but always seemed to get through their blinds, clearly wanting the other to be first out. This lasted approx 10mins.

a. How do you play the early bubble period with 15 BB? What hands are you never raise folding? Do you shove or raise call?

b. How do you play the end bubble period when the bubble is almost certain to break? Does your range change in terms of raise/call or shove?

I tend not to slow down on the bubble for such payouts but the seat location and duration of the bubble period left me thinking harder than I like on a weekend!
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