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WSOP 2009

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Event #57, $10,000 Main Event, End of Day 8 Report

World Championship
World Series of Poker Main Event
No-Limit Hold’em
Buy-In: $10,000
Number of Entries: 6,494
Players Remaining: 9
Total Net Prize Pool: $61,043,600
Number of Places Paid: 648
First Place Prize: $8,546,435
July 3--November 10, 2009

Day Eight Headlines

  1. The November Nine -- 2009 World Series of Poker Main Event Final Table is Now Set!
  2. Darvin Moon (Oakland, MD) is the Chip Leader in 2009 WSOP Championship
  3. Logger from Western Maryland High Atop the WSOP Leaderboard for Third Consecutive Day – Darvin Moon Primed to Become the Next Moneymaker
  4. The November Nine (with Hometowns and Chip Counts):
    1. Darvin Moon (Oakland, MD) – 58,930,000
    2. Eric Buchman (Valley Stream, NY) – 34,800,000
    3. Steve Begleiter (Chappaqua, NY) – 29,885,000
    4. Jeff Shulman (Las Vegas, NV) – 19,580,000
    5. Joe Cada (Shelby Township, MI) – 13,215,000
    6. Kevin Schaffel (Coral Springs, FL) – 12,390,000
    7. Phil Ivey (Las Vegas, NV) – 9,765,000
    8. Antione Saout (Paris, France) – 9,500,000
    9. James Ankenhead (London, England) – 6,800,000


The Main Event Continues

The 2009 WSOP Main Event continued with the play and conclusion of Day 8. The day played all the way down from 27 initial survivors to the final nine players, which has become popularly known as the “November Nine.”

All 27 players who started play on Day 8 were already guaranteed $352,832 in prize money. Now, after 13 days and nearly 66 total hours of tournament play, all finishers are guaranteed at least $1,263,602 in prize money.

Each player of the November Nine will be paid out the guaranteed prize money. This amounts to $1,263,602 each. When the Main Event resumes play on November 7th, players will compete for additional money in the prize pool, plus interest on the withheld funds. The prize money payouts are as follows:

  • 1st place – $8,546,435
  • 2nd place – $5,182,601
  • 3rd place – $3,479,485
  • 4th place – $2,502,787
  • 5th place – $1,953,395
  • 6th place – $1,587,133
  • 7th place – $1,404,002
  • 8th place – $1,300,228
  • 9th place – $1,263,602

This was the 48th and final day of the bulk of the 2009 WSOP. The final table will be played in November. There will also be four gold bracelet events played at WSOP-Europe, to be held in London in September.

This tournament will take a 115-day recess. This is the second year of the delayed final table format. Last year’s November Nine proved successful both in terms of player feedback and television ratings, which were some of the highest ever for any poker-related telecast.

Play on Day 7 began on July 15, 2009 at 12:05 pm.


Play on Day 8

Play went much faster than expected. Many observers predicted a very long day and night, lasting perhaps 14-16 hours. This was due to the rapid pace of play during the previous days and relatively low blinds and antes in proportion to the stack sizes later in the tournament. But the long day never materialized. Day 8 lasted about 11 hours, minus regular breaks and a 90-minus recess for dinner.

Play stopped late in Level 33. When play resumes, blinds will be 120,000-240,000 with a 30,000 ante.

The November Nine bubble, which was 10th place, went to Jordan Smith (College Station, TX). He won a gold bracelet at this year’s WSOP. Smith collected $896,730.

The 11th-place finisher was Jamie Robbins (San Diego, CA). He is a professional poker player. Robbins received $896,730.

Billy Kopp (Erlanger, KY) was eliminated in 12th place. He was second in chips at the start of Day 8. Kopp is a student at the University of Kentucky. He earned $896,730.

The 13th-place finisher was James Calderero (Venice, FL). He collected $633,022 in prize money.

Ben Lamb (Las Vegas, NV) was eliminated in 14th place. He is a 24-year-old poker pro. Lamb collected $633,022.

The 15th-place finisher was Nick Maimone (Charlotte, NC). He is a 22-year-old full-time poker pro who graduated with a degree in economics from Furman University. Miamone earned $633,022.

Ludovic Lacay (Paris, France) was eliminated in 16th place. He recently earned a law degree and has enjoyed success playing tournaments in Europe. Lacay earned $500,557.

The 17th-place finisher was Ian Tavelli, from Tempe, AZ. He turned 21-years-old three months ago and is currently attending Arizona State University. Tavelli collected $500,557.

Andrew Lichtenberger (East Northport, NY) was eliminated in 18th place. He is one of the owners of a poker coaching website called “Leggo Poker.” Lichtenberger collected $500,557 in prize money.

The 19th-place finisher was Tommy Vedes (Queens, NY). He is a full-time poker pro.

George Caragiorgas (Montreal, Quebec – Canada) was the 20th-place finisher. He is the owner of a Greek restaurant.

The 21st-place finisher was Jonathan Tamayo (Humble, TX). He is a 23-year-old poker pro.

Warren Zackey (Johannesburg, South Africa) ended up as the 22nd-place finisher. Zackey, representing the Piggs Peak Casino in Swaziland, was the chip leader three days earlier. He owns a plumbing supplies company.

The 23rd-place finisher was Marco, Mattes (Weinsheim, Germany). He is a 22-year-old college student.

Former WSOP gold bracelet winner Antonio “the Magician” Esfandiari was eliminated in 24th place. This was Esfandiari’s biggest cash at the WSOP.

Francois Balmigere (Toulouse, France) was eliminated in 25th place. He is a 25-year-old poker pro.

Finishing in 26th place was Jesse Habbak (Grand Forks, ND). He is a college student majoring in civil engineering.

The first player eliminated on Day 8 was Leo Margets (Barcelona, Span). She was the last woman standing in the Main Event and ended up as the 27th-place finisher.

Following 2009 WSOP champion Peter Eastgate’s elimination in Day 6, no more former world champions remain alive in the Main Event.

At the start of play on Day 8, there were only three former WSOP gold bracelet winners still alive in the Main Event. They included: Phil Ivey (7 wins), Antonio Esfandiari (1 win), and Jordan Smith (1 win).

Leo Margets (Barcelona, Spain) elimination in 27th place means that in the 40-year history of the WSOP, only one female in history has made it to a Main Event final table – Barbara Enright in 1995.

Play on Day 8 ended at 10:55 pm.


Chip Leaders

Darvin Moon, remains the chip leader for the third consecutive day. He comes to the final table with a decisive advantage over the rest of the field.

Here’s how each of the end-of-day chip leaders have fared:

  • Day 1-A: Redmond Lee (London, UK) – eliminated, did not cash
  • Day 1-B: Brandon Demes (Tempe, AZ) – eliminated, did not cash
  • Day 1-C: Joseph Cada (Shelby Township, MI) – currently in 12th place
  • Day 1-D: Troy Weber (West Terre Haute, IN) – eliminated, did not cash
  • Day 2-A: Andrew Gaw (Philippines) – eliminated, did not cash
  • Day 2-B: Amir Lehavot (Weston, FL) – CASHED IN 226th PLACE
  • Day 3: Bertrand Grospellier (Nancy, France) – CASHED IN 122nd PLACE
  • Day 4: Matt Affleck (Seattle, WA) – CASHED IN 80th PLACE
  • Day 5: Waren Zackey (Johannesburg, South Africa) – CASHED IN 22nd PLACE
  • Day 6: Darvin Moon (Oakland, MD) – CURRENTLY THE CHIP LEADER
  • Day 7: Darvin Moon (Oakland, MD) – IBID.
  • Day 8: Darvin Moon (Oakland, MD) – IBID.



WSOP Main Event (Final Table Records)


Doyle Brunson (5)
1976 1st
1977 1st
1980 2nd
1982 4th
1983 3rd

Jesse Alto (5)
1988 9th
1985 6th
1978 5th
1986 4th
1984 3rd

Johnny Moss (5)
1974 1st
1971 1st
1985 7th
1979 5th
1980 4th

Dan Harrington (4)
1995 1st
1987 6th
2004 4th
2003 3rd

T.J. Cloutier (4)
1988 5th
1998 3rd
1985 2nd
2000 2nd

Stu Ungar (4)
1997 1st
1980 1st
1981 1st
1990 9th

Note 1: Johnny Moss’ victory in 1970 is not included amongst final table records, since the winner that year was determined by a vote.

Note 2: Crandall Addington actually holds the record with nine Main Event final table appearances. However, most of these did not include a prize-money payout (field sizes were considerably smaller during the 1970s when most of Addington’s appearances occurred).

Note 3: Final table appearances were counted only if the player also received a payout.

Note 4: WSOP Main Event final tables were played six-handed during a 16-year span. However, the top nine finishers during those years are included in final table records.


WSOP Main Event (Cashing Records)


10 – Berry Johnston
7 – Doyle Brunson
7 – Humberto Brenes
7 – Jay Heimowitz
7 – Phil Hellmuth (updated to include this year’s cash)
7 – Mike Sexton (updated to include this year’s cash)
7 – Bobby Baldwin (updated to include this year’s cash)


Berry Johnston’s cashes in the Main Event include:

113th in 2007
16th in 1996
21st in 1995
17th in 1992
5th in 1990
29th in 1989
32nd in 1987
1st in 1986
3rd in 1985
3rd in 1982


4 – by three players

Theodore Park (2005 – 2008) *did not cash this year
Bo Sehlstedt (2004 – 2007)
Robert Turner (1991 – 1994)


Notable Players

Here is the current status of all former WSOP world champions who played in this year’s Main Event. All have been eliminated:

Here is the current status of all current and former WSOP “Player of the Year” champions who played in this year’s Main Event. All have been eliminated:

Here is the status of those players with notable results from this year’s WSOP:

  • David Bach (HORSE World Championship winner) – eliminated on Day 2
  • Alex Bolotin (“Ante-Up for Africa” championship winner) – eliminated on Day 3
  • Darryll Fish (cashed 7 times at this year’s WSOP) – eliminated on Day 2
  • Jeffrey Lisandro (won three gold bracelets this year) – eliminated on Day 3
  • Ville Wahlbeck (finished 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 6th in four events) – eliminated in Day 4
  • Greg Mueller (won two gold bracelets this year) – eliminated on Day 4
  • Phil Ivey (won two gold bracelets this year) – STILL ALIVE (currently in 7th place)

Here is the status of notable non-pro celebrities from this year’s Main Event:

  • Chuck Pachenco (movie producer) – CASHED IN 612th PLACE
  • Jason Alexander (actor) – eliminated on Day 3
  • Scott Ian (musician with band “Anthrax”) – eliminated on Day 3
  • Shane Warne (world famous cricket player) – eliminated on Day 3
  • Torrie Wilson (female wrestler) – eliminated on Day 1
  • John Salley (former NBA basketball player) – eliminated on Day 1
  • Patrick Bruel (French actor and singer) – CASHED IN 428th PLACE
  • Lou Diamond Phillips (actor and singer) – CASHED IN 186th PLACE
  • Marlon Wayans (actor) – eliminated on Day 2
  • Jordan Farmar (NBA basketball player) – eliminated on Day 3
  • Sam Simon (Hollywood writer and producer) – eliminated on Day 3
  • Joseph Kahn (music video producer) – eliminated on Day 1
  • Ray Romano (actor) – eliminated on Day 1
  • Sully Erna (musician) – eliminated on Day 1
  • Shannon Elizabeth (actor) – eliminated on Day 1
  • Brad Garrett (actor) -- eliminated on Day 1
  • Jennifer Tilly (actor) – eliminated on Day 1
  • Orel Hershiser (former major league baseball player – eliminated on Day 1

Historical Footnote: The highest Main Event finish by a celebrity was actor and comedian Gabe Kaplan, who finished 13th in the 1991 championship. The highest Main Event finish for a (non-poker) celebrity was actor Telly Savalas, who finished 21st in the 1992 championship.

Here is the current status of last year’s “November Nine” (2009 Main Event Final Table participants). All have been eliminated. Three of the nine players cashed:

The nations represented among the 27 survivors who started Day 8 included the following:

  • US – 19 players…..down to 7
  • France – 3 players…..down to 1
  • UK – 1 player…..survived
  • Canada – 1 player (eliminated)
  • Germany – 1 player (eliminated)
  • Spain – 1 player (eliminated)
  • South Africa – 1 player (eliminated)

Daily elimination percentages were as follows:

  • DAY ONE: 68 percent of the original starters in this tournament survived the first day / 32 percent were eliminated.
  • DAY TWO: 31 percent of the original starters survived the second day / 27 percent were eliminated from the start of day amount.
  • DAY THREE: 12 percent of the original starters survived the third day / 60 percent were eliminated from the start of day amount.
  • DAY FOUR: 6.2 percent of the original starters survived the fourth day / 48.2 percent were eliminated from the start of day amount
  • DAY FIVE: 2.8 percent of the original starters survived the fifth day / 55 percent were eliminated from the start of day amount
  • DAY SIX: 1 percent of the original starters survived the sixth day / 65.4 percent were eliminated from the start of day amount
  • DAY SEVEN: .2 percent of the original survivors survived the seventh day / 58 percent were eliminated from the start of day amount
  • DAY EIGHT: Played down to the final nine / 66.6 percent were eliminated form the start of day amount

Female Participants in the 2009 Main Event

(Note: The WSOP recognizes that player characteristics such as gender, race, etc. do not warrant special mention. However, since many members of the media wish to know details about female participation and status, the staff is providing this information for media use.)

The number of female participants in this year's Main Event is estimated to be 187, which amounts to 2.8 percent of the field. There is no official record since entrants are not designated by their gender. However, it has been customary to count every player at the start of Day One and take an unofficial head-count of female players.

Here are the highest-female finishers (by year) in the WSOP Main Event (Note: Only players who finished in-the-money were recorded):

No female cashed in the Main Event between the years 1970-1985.


Playing on Day 1 – A, B, C, or D – Does it Matter?

Which of the four Main Event starting days is the most advantageous? The data has been run and the numbers are now in. Statistics from the past two years of Main Events show there is almost no correlation between the starting day and the odds of finishing in-the-money. Here are the numbers:

Day 1A: 121 cashes out of 1116 entrants --10.8 percent
Day 1B: 84 cashes out of 873 entrants -- 9.6 percent
Day 1C: 162 cashes out of 1696 entrants -- 9.5 percent
Day 1D: 281 cashes out of 2809 entrants -- 10 percent

Day 1A: 122 cashes out of 1299 entries -- 9.4 percent
Day 1B: 117 cashes out of 1158 entries -- 10.1 percent
Day 1C: 187 cashes out of 1936 entries -- 9.7 percent
Day 1D: 240 cashes out of 2461 entries -- 9.7 percent

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