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WSOP 2009

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Event #57, $10,000 Main Event, End of Day 1B Report

Official Report
Event #57
World Championship
World Series of Poker Main Event
No-Limit Hold’em
Buy-In: $10,000
Number of Entries: TBA
(Day 1-A – 1,116)
(Day 1-B – 873)
Total Net Prize Pool: TBA
Number of Places Paid: TBA
First Place Prize: TBA
July 3--November 10, 2009

Day 1-A Headlines

1. Shuffle-Up and Deal: 2009 World Series of Poker Continues

2. Brandon Demes is the Chip Leader at End of Day 1-B

3. Second of Four WSOP Main Event Starting Days Now Complete


The Main Event Begins

The Main Event continued with the opening festivities for Day 1-B. WSOP President and Commissioner opened up the tournament by welcoming everyone and introducing WSOP Tournament Director Jack Effel, who was cited as “the best tournament director in the world.” Effel graciously thanked all the players, fans, and staff gathered at the WSOP. Next, Effel gave the players instructions and announced that any player dealt four jacks in this year’s Main Event receives a special prize from Jack Link’s Beef Jerky valued at $100.

The microphone then transferred to Pollack who noted that poker players come to the WSOP from all over the world, including more than 100 different nations. He stated that national anthems from all regions of the globe have been played at the daily gold bracelet ceremonies. Pollack mentioned that since the Fourth of July was particularly special, the host nation would be honored with the playing of the “Star Spangled Banner.” Following a moving 90-second rendition of the patriotic tribute, Pollack next introduced poker legend Doyle Brunson, who was described as “a great American.” It was a moniker appropriate for the Independence Day holiday and Brunson’s iconic status within the great game of poker. Brunson, silhouetted in his customary cowboy hat, announced that he is proud of the WSOP and officially began play on Day 1-B with the “Shuffle-Up and Deal” announcement.

This was the second consecutive year that part of the WSOP Main Event overlapped the Fourth of July holiday.

This is the fourth consecutive year that the WSOP has been guided by Tournament Director Jack Effel. After being initially assigned as Assistant Tournament Director in 2005, he assumed the top floor position in 2006 and has now overseen operations for the four largest poker tournaments in history.

Play on Day 1-B began on July 4, 2009 at 12:10 pm.


Play on Day 1-B

Day 1-B attracted 873 entries. Since the Fourth of July is a national holiday, this day was expected to draw the smallest field-size of the four starting days. Last year, the Fourth of July (also Day 1-B) attracted the smallest number of participants. It should be noted however, that the 873 players who played just on this day is larger than the entire field size when Chris Moneymaker won the WSOP Main Event in 2003 (839 players).

The combined field size of the Main Event is/was so large that four starting days have become necessary in recent years – 1-A (July 3rd), 1-B (July 4th), 1-C (July 5th), and 1-D (July 6th). Four starting days have been in effect since 2006.

The first player eliminated on Day 1-B was (Mr.) Kim Sherlin. He busted out about five minutes into play. Sherlin was eliminated holding two pair.

Former world champions who played on Day 1-B included – Thomas “Amarillo Slim” Preston (1972), Doyle Brunson (1976/1977), Jim Bechtel (1993), Chris “Jesus” Ferguson (2000), Carlos Mortensen (2001), Chris Moneymaker (2003), and Greg “Fossilman” Raymer (2004). Preston, Bechtel, Ferguson, Mortensen, and Raymer will return for Day Two. Brunson and Moneymaker did not survive.

Notable celebrities who played on Day 1-B included:

Patrick Bruel (French singer and actor)

Proving once and for all that poker is a game for people of all ages, Jack Ury, from Terre Haute, IN played in the Main Event for the third consecutive year. Ury broke his own record which he set last year as the oldest player ever to compete in a WSOP event. Ury is 96-years-young. He will return for Day Two with 23,075 in chips.

The Brunson family had three entries into the Main Event who played on this day. Doyle Brunson was joined by Todd Brunson and Pamela Brunson in the tournament. Todd and Pamela survived. Doyle did not.

Players played for four complete levels. Play ended at 10:30 pm.

Players started the tournament with 30,000 in chips. This is the first year players were given triple the number of starting chips. By contrast, the WSOP Main Event from 1971 through 2005 gave players 10,000 in starting chips. Years 2006-2008 gave players double the customary starting stack (20,000).

Day 1-B ended with 655 players. This means 75 percent of starters survived the first day.

Players who survived Day 1-B will return to continue their quest for the 2009 world poker championship on July 7th, at 12 noon. They will merge with the survivors of Day 1-A.


Day 1-B Chip Leaders

The chip leader (from Day 1-B) is Brandon Demes, from Tempe, AZ. He cashed twice so far at this year’s WSOP – finishing 21st in the Mixed Hold’em event, and 84th in a No-Limit Hold’em event.

Ranked second in chips is Andrew Gaw, from The Philippines.

Four of the top ten chip leaders are non-Americans.

The highest-ranked former WSOP gold bracelet winner from Day 1-B is Alex Kravchenko, from Tver, Russia.


Day 1-A and 1-B Combined Notes

Former world champions still alive in the Main Event include:

Notable non-pro celebrities still alive in the Main Event include:

Day 1-A ended with 823 players – which is 73 percent of starters. Day 1-B ended with 655 players, which is 75 percent of the field. The combined numbers translate into 1,478 players for Day 2-A, which represents 74 percent of starters surviving the first day.

Based on the combined results of Day 1-A and 1-B, the Top Ten chip leaders going into Day 2-A are:.

  1. Eric Cloutier Mont-Laurier, QU Canada
  2. Brandon Demes Tempe, AZ USA
  3. Redmmond Lee London UK
  4. Andrew Gaw NA Philippines
  5. Jean Docquier Paris France
  6. Nick Maimone Charlotte, NC USA
  7. Samer Rahman NA Sweden
  8. Max Casal Burbank, CA USA
  9. Jim Bookstaff Pigeon Forge, TN USA
  10. Craig Hopkins Chesterfield UK

Six of the top ten overall chip leaders are non-Americans.

Ten of the top 20 overall chips leaders are non-Americans.


Odds and Ends

This is the 57th and final event on the 2009 WSOP schedule which is played in Las Vegas. Four more gold bracelet events will take place in London, England at the Empire Casino, to be held from September 19th through October 1st.

This marks the fifth consecutive year the WSOP has been held at the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino. Prior to 2005, the WSOP was held at Binion’s Horseshoe in downtown Las Vegas. More money has been awarded to winners within the Rio during the past five years than during the entire proceeding 35-year period at the Horseshoe. This is a testament to the expansion of the WSOP since Harrah’s Entertainment assumed ownership and control of the world most prestigious poker event.

Based on WSOP figures during the mega-era (2003 to present), the Day One chip leader has a slightly less than even chance of cashing in the Main Event. Since 2003, there have been 19 Day One chip leaders. The number of chip leaders is higher than number of years, due to multiple starting days. Of the 19 Day One chip leaders during this period, only nine finished in the money (47 percent). Ten players were eliminated out of the money.

Based on WSOP figures during the mega-era (2003 to present), the 9/19 Day One chip leaders who cashed finished as follows:

2003 – Barry Greenstein finished 49th
2004 – Chuck Agnew finished 82nd
2005 – Lee Watkinson finished 45th
2005 – Sammy Farha finished 316th
2007 – Josh Evans finished 76th
2007 – Tinten Olivier finished 223rd
2007 – Jeff Norman finished 500th
2008 – Steve Austin finished 552nd
2008 – Henning Granstad finished 553rd

(The average place of finish for those who cashed is 226th place)

The eventual WSOP champions and their chip positions at the conclusion of Day One were:

2003 – Chris Moneymaker, 60,475 in chips (ranked 11th)*
2004 – Greg “Fossilman” Raymer, 74,400 in chips (ranked 7th)
2005 – Joe Hachem, 67,350 in chips (not in top 25)
2006 – Jamie Gold, 100,125 in chips (ranked 23rd)
2007 – Jerry Yang, 99,700 in chips (not in top 25)
2008 – Peter Eastgate, 62,325 (not in top 25)

*NOTE: 2003-2005 started with 10,000 in chips. 2006-2008 started with 20,000 in chips. 2009 starts with 30,000 in chips.

The most dominant Day One Main Event performance in history was by three-time WSOP gold bracelet winner John Bonetti, who passed away two years ago. Bonetti finished the first day of the 1993 Main Event with 500,000 in chips (the figure is an estimate, since there was no Internet coverage, nor accurate records from that year). Since there were 231 players registered, he had a staggering 22 percent of the total chips in play. Bonetti went on to finished third that year.

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