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WSOP 2009

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Event #52, $3,000 Triple Chance No Limit Hold'em, Final Results

Official Report
Event #52
Triple-Chance No-Limit Hold’em
Buy-In: $3,000
Number of Entries: 81
Total Net Prize Pool: $2,357,040
Number of Places Paid: 81
First Place Prize: $506,800
June 28-30, 2009

Event Headlines

  1. Jorg Peisert Wins His First WSOP Gold Bracelet
  2. Piesert’s Second WSOP Tournament Ever Yields Gold Bracelet and $500,000 Top Prize
  3. After Being Shut-Out in First 50 Events, Germany Wins Back-to-Back Gold Bracelets


The Champion

The 2009 World Series of Poker $3,000 buy-in Triple-Chance No-Limit Hold’em champion is Jorg Peisert, from Dusseldorf, Germany.

Peisert is a 45-year-old banker. He works as a money manager and is an independent investment counselor. Prior to working on his own, Peisert spent 18 years working for DeutscheBank.

In addition to playing poker, Peisert also enjoys playing golf and horse racing.

Peisert is a diabetic.

Peisert was accompanied at the final table by his longtime fiancé, who cheered him to victory along with several other fans and supporters.

Peisert has only been playing poker for about two years.

Peisert has enjoyed some success in Europe. He finished as the runner up in last year’s Master Classics Championship (Amsterdam, Holland) and also won “Player of the Year” at a major German casino in 2008.

Prior to entering this tournament, Preisert had entered only one other WSOP event. He busted out early in that tournament. So, this was only the second WSOP tournament Preisert has ever played.

Peisert collected $506,800 for first place. He was also awarded his first WSOP gold bracelet.

According to official records, Peisert now has 1 win, 1 final table appearance, and 1 in-the-money finishes at the WSOP. His career WSOP earnings now total $506,800.

Piesert becomes the third German player to win a WSOP gold bracelet at the 2009 WSOP. Last year, there were three winners from Germany.

Winner Quotes (Jorg Peisert)

On his feelings immediately following the victory: “For the moment, I am very proud to win the tournament. It’s hard work. But at the final table I think I was able to dominate the play.”

On his strategy coming into the final table: “I wanted to wait and let the short stacks bust out. And then, I got to where I was pressing more. It worked.”

On winning a gold bracelet: “It’s a dream come true.”

On his pride for Germany at winning a second gold bracelet this year: “I am very happy. Last year, we won three gold bracelets. This year, we waited until the last days to win.”

On a wager he made with another poker player that Germany would win five gold bracelets this year (Germany currently has two wins): “Well, I think we probably lost the bet.”

On his immediate plans: “I will play in the Main Event. But first I am going to take a break. I have diabetes. For me, it is sometimes hard to concentrate over three days. But after taking a break I will come back and play in the Main Event.”

On his opinion of “Triple-Chance” tournaments: “I like it. It gives you a chance to come back even if you go broke. I didn’t need it because I doubled up early. But I like this kind of play and it was very nice.”

On having his fiancé and many friends in the crowd cheering for him: “It’s very important. I need her. She gives me all the power to win. I am so happy to have her here with me.”

The Final Table

The final table included only no former WSOP gold bracelet winners – Note that Max Greenwood (1 win) finished in tenth place. But only the top nine finishers count as an official final table.

The final table included players from three different nations – including Canada, Germany, and the United States.

Seven of the top nine finishers were professional poker players. However, an amateur player won first place.

The final table was played nine-handed.

The runner up was Jason Dewitt, from Mishawaka, IN. He is a 25-year-old poker pro. This was his second final table appearance at this year’s WSOP. He finished 3rd in the $1,500 Pot-Limit Hold’em event. Second place in this tournament paid $313,227.

The third-place finisher was Benjamin Gilbert, from Toronto, ON (Canada). He is a 34-year-old poker pro. Gilbert is primarily a cash game player, who mostly concentrates on games in the Los Angeles area.

The fourth-place finisher was Michael Noda, from Philadelphia, PA. He is a 26-year-old poker pro. Noda won the Wynn Poker Classic earlier this year. This was his third time to cash at the WSOP.

The fifth-place finisher was Jason Somerville, from Stony Brook, NY. He is a 22-year-old poker pro. He was selected as the “Online Player of the Year,” according to one source. Somerville is an instructor at a site called “”

The sixth-place finisher was Michael Katz, from Manalapan, NJ. He is a 25-year-old poker pro. This was his ninth time to cash and marked his highest WSOP finish to date.

The seventh-place finisher was Karga Holt, from Atlanta, GA. He is a 30-year-old poker pro. This marked his third time to cash at the WSOP.

The eighth-place finisher was William Erickson, from Clifton Park, NY. He is a 41-year-old poker pro. Erickson’s most memorable finish was coming in 16th-place in the 2004 WSOP Main Event.

The ninth-place finisher was Warren Watson, from New Brighton, MN. He is a 23-year-old student. This was his second time to cash at the WSOP.

In-the-Money Finishers

Former WSOP gold bracelet finishers who cashed in this event included – Max Greenwood, Mike Caro, An Tran, Patrick Bruel, Antonio Esfandiari, Donnacha O’Dea, Kathy Liebert, Ivo Donev, and Nenad Medic.

Mike Caro, a.k.a. “The Mad Genius of Poker,” who finished in 23rd place, is highly regarded as one of the pioneers of poker strategy and statistical research. He penned a chapter in Doyle Bunson’s classic “Super/System” and has written and taught about poker for more than 30 years.

Donnacha O’Dea, who finished in 26th place, was one of the first international players to start coming to the WSOP every year. He is credited as one of poker’s earliest ambassadors in Europe. O’Dea’s enthusiasm for the game helped spread Hold’em throughout England and Ireland.

Former WSOP gold bracelet winner (1998) Patrick Bruel is one of France’s most popular actors and singers. He has sold millions of records and is sometimes referred to as the “Frank Sinatra of France.”

Odds and Ends

      Re-buy tournaments were discontinued starting in 2009. A different format was thereby introduced called the “Triple Chance” tournament. This provides all players with an equal opportunity to win, irrelevant of bankroll size or level of financial commitment. Triple-chance tournaments debuted in 2008, as the two biggest Pot-Limit Omaha tournaments operated under this format.

In “Triple Chance” tournaments players are given a starting stack, plus two lammers, which can be used to re-buy more chips. All players are given the same number of lammers. Some players chose to re-buy for the maximum number of chips immediately, preferring a large stack from the start. Other players prefer to minimize the risk of going bust by using the lammers to re-enter the tournament (re-buy) with a new stack. Since all players theorhetically begin with 9,000 in chips, all starters were actually given 3,000 in chips with two lammers available which be used to trade in for 3,000 and 3,000 (or 6,000 total) in chips at any time.

The official WSOP gold bracelet ceremony takes place on the day following the winner’s victory. The ceremony takes place on at center stage of the main tournament room and begins during the break of the noon tournament. The ceremony usually starts around 2:20 pm. The national anthem of the winner’s nation is played. The entire presentation is open to public and media. Video and photography is permitted by both media and the public.

The winner Jorg Peisert will be honored with the playing of his country’s national anthem, “Deutchland Uber Alles.”

The Event

The $3,000 buy-in Triple-Chance No-Limit Hold’em championship attracted 854 entries. The total prize pool amounted to $2,357,040. The top 81 finishers collected prize money.

The tournament was played over three consecutive days.

The chip leader at the start of the final table was Michael Katz. He ended up going out in sixth place.

Eventual winner Jorg Peisert started play at the final table ranked sixth in chips, out of nine players. He was never in serious danger of busting out. Peisert made a major jump in the standings when play became three-handed. By the time play was heads-up, Peisert had a sizable advantage over Jason Dewitt. The final hand came when Peisert’s pocket nines held up to drag the last pot of the tournament.

The final table was played in the Green section of the Amazon Room at the Rio. The ESPN Main Stage was reserved for the HORSE world championship. Another final table ended on this day as well, which was the $1,500 buy-in Seven-Card Stud High-Low Split championship.

The final table lasted about eight hours – about average in duration for this year’s WSOP.

The tournament officially began on Sunday, June 28th, at 12 noon. The tournament officially ended on Tuesday, June 30th, at 11:50 pm.

Final Results

  Name Prize City State/Country
1 Peisert, Jorg $506,800 Dusseldorf Germany
2 Dewitt, Jason $313,227 Mishawaka IN
3 Gilbert, Benjamin $205,180 Toronto ON, Canada
4 Noda, Michael $142,035 Philadelphia PA
5 Somerville, Jason $103,591 Stony Brook NY
6 Katz, Michael $79,385 Manalapan NJ
7 Holt, Karga $63,781 Atlanta GA
8 Erickson, William $53,622 Clifton Park NY
9 Watson, Warren $47,070 New Brighton MN
10 Greenwood, Max $33,281 Toronto ON, Canada
11 Applegate, Thomas $33,281 Carrollton TX
12 Lynch, Eric $33,281 Gardner KS
13 Millar, Alex $24,725 London United Kingdom
14 Patrick, Joe $24,725 New Castle PA
15 Tran, An $24,725 Las Vegas NV
16 Kochelaevskiy, Vladimir $19,068 Moscow Russia
17 Tepper, Rob $19,068 Kirkland WA
18 Cohen, Jason $19,068 Washington DC
19 Ronconi, Darryl $14,967 Naperville IL
20 Miconi, Giorgio $14,967 San Severino Marche Italy
21 Sobol, Konstantin $14,967 Los Angeles CA
22 Vanfleet, Jonathan $14,967 Austin TX
23 Caro, Mike $14,967 Shell Knob MO
24 Esfandiari, Antonio $14,967 Las Vegas NV
25 Popov, Alexey $14,967 Moscow Russia
26 Odea, Donnacha $14,967 Dublin Ireland
27 Horan, Timothy $14,967 Sydney Australia
28 Tare, Jonathan $12,374 New York NY
29 McGowan, Joe $12,374 Las Vegas NV
30 Baron, Isaac $12,374 Los Gatos CA
31 Zima, Grigory $12,374 Moscow Russia
32 Sisley, Todd $12,374 Toronto ON, Canada
33 Taylor, James $12,374 Cumming GA
34 Jung, Alexander $12,374 Berlin Germany
35 Brummelhuis, Michiel $12,374 Amsterdam Netherlands
36 Shlez, Vadim $12,374 Brooklyn New York
37 Jones, Ryan $10,559 Torrance CA
38 Andrejkovics, Milan $10,559 Budapest Hungary
39 Hartmann, Anthony $10,559 Minneapolis MN
40 Burkholder, Steven $10,559 Gainesville FL
41 Tighe, David $10,559 Birmingham UK
42 Vardjavand, Varahram $10,559 Quickborn Germany
43 Sliwinski, Nicholas $10,559 Las Vegas NV
44 Van til, Johannes $10,559 Groningen Germany
45 Lesle, Michael $10,559 Wildomar CA
46 Schleger, Shane $9,145 Santa Monica CA
47 Feldman, Peter $9,145 Harper Woods MI
48 Frazer, Ian $9,145 Woldingham SC
49 Salas, Damian $9,145 Chascomus Argentina
50 Markholt, Lee $9,145 Eatonville WA
51 Getzwiller, Sean $9,145 Tucson AZ
52 Niepenberg, Jorg $9,145 Haan Germany
53 Kwaysser, Valdemar $9,145 Budapest Hungary
54 Cahail, Blake $9,145 Las Vegas NV
55 Bruel, Patrick $8,037 Paris France
56 Sion, Stephen $8,037 Las Vegas NV
57 Lodden, Johnny $8,037 Jorpeland Norway
58 Mcclintic, James $8,037 Albuquerque NM
59 Bansi, Pramesh $8,037 London United Kingdom
60 Angeles, Christian $8,037 Mexico City Mexico
61 Liebert, Kathleen $8,037 Las Vegas NV
62 Sudworth, James $8,037 Cantebury CT
63 Binger, Nicholas $8,037 Las Vegas NV
64 Donev, Ivo $6,929 Bregenz Austria
65 Cholagh, Hamed $6,929 Troy MI
66 Alan, Jeffrey $6,929 Plano TX
67 Legoupil, Guenael $6,929   France
68 Bornstein, David $6,929 Seminole TX
69 Medic, Nenad $6,929 Niagara Falls ON, Canada
70 Newton, Brett $6,929 Aloha OR
71 Dunst, George $6,929 Madison WI
72 Winston, Roy $6,929 Rancho Mirage CA
73 Lopez, Karlo $5,892 San Juan Puerto Rico
74 Scala, Tracy $5,892 Boca Raton FL
75 Childs, Lee $5,892 Alexandria VA
76 Testud, Paul $5,892 Ermont France
77 Carson, Dick $5,892 Las Vegas NV
78 Guida, Frank $5,892 Bartlett IL
79 Daly, James $5,892 Limerick ON, Canada
80 Liu, Joanne $5,892 Las Vegas NV
81 Conroy John $5,892 Snaith East York ON, Canada

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