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WSOP 2009

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Event #51, $1,500 No Limit Hold'em, Final Results

Official Report
Event #51
No-Limit Hold’em
Buy-In: $1,500
Number of Entries: 2,781
Total Net Prize Pool: $3,796,065
Number of Places Paid: 297
First Place Prize: $664,426
June 27-29, 2009

Event Headlines

  1. Carsten Joh Wins First WSOP Gold Bracelet
  2. Joh Wins Poker’s Most Coveted Prize and $664,426
  3. Germany Enters Circle of Nations with WSOP Gold Bracelet Wins
  4. Another WSOP Event Sells Out – Ninth Event at This Year’s World Series Reaches Full Capacity
  5. Total Purse at 2009 WSOP Surpasses the $100-Million Mark – With Main Event Still to Come


The Champion

The 2009 World Series of Poker $1,500 buy-in No-Limit Hold’em champion is Carston John, from Reutingen, Germany. The city of Reutingen is located near Stuttgart.

Joh is 45-years-old. He is a professional poker player, who plays online poker regularly. Joh also owns part of a small business involved in sports gambling in Germany (which is legal).

Joh is fluent in both German (his native language) and English.

Joh finished high school, served in the military, and also attended college. He worked various jobs until discovering an aptitude as a backgammon player.

Joh competed in international backgammon tournaments and played in various clubs for many years. He competed throughout the late 1980s and early 1990s in Germany and throughout Europe. One of Joh’s friends from the backgammon tournaments was Danish poker player Gus Hansen.

Joh ws caught up in the poker book around 2002 and 2003 which attracted many European players.

Joh’s preferred poker game is Pot-Limit Omaha.

Prior to his win, Joh had two major cashes in Europe. He took second at Casino Bergenz last year, and then finished seventh at the Irish Open, also held in 2008. His combined live tournament winnings totaled $219,542 prior to this win.

Joh arrived at this year’s WSOP intending to play only about 4-5 tournaments, including the Main Event.

Joh collected $664,426 for first place. He was also awarded his first WSOP gold bracelet.

According to official records, Joh now has 1 win, 1 final table appearance, and 1 in-the-money finishes at the WSOP. His career WSOP earnings now total $664,426.

Joh becomes the first player from Germany to win a gold bracelet this year. He is the first German player to win since Sebastian Ruthenberg (Hamburg, Germany) won the Seven-Card Stud High-Low Split championship in 2008. The first German national to win a WSOP event was Matthias Rohnacher (Mannheim, Germany) in 1997. The German player with the most WSOP wins is Eddy Scharf, with two gold bracelets.

Winner Quotes (Carsten Joh)

On what motivated him to become a poker player: “My friends started playing poker and I saw them winning. Some of them even moved to Las Vegas. I saw them and I said to myself, ‘if they can do it and make some money, so can I.”

On the German poker scene: “In backgammon, the nations are very close. We have the nations compete and they are all close. But in poker, it is very different. Like this event, it is so huge. I know some other German players, but most of the time I hand around with those I know. I do not think poker is really a nation’s cup, actually. I think it is more an individual sport. It’s nice to win it for your country. But poker is not quite so popular in Germany, so I am not sure if will mean as much there. The same thing happened in backgammon. The game used to be dominated by the Americans. Then, the Germans and the Scandinavians started playing and winnings and suddenly things were changing. In poker, I think we are starting to see the same thing.”

One being the oldest player at the final table, and winning: “It takes a lot of energy in these tournaments to go deep. I never thought about the money or anything. I was just taking it one step at a time. I was short on chips much of the way. But I just stuck with it and played on….Normally, the older players like me do not win the bracelet. You see every final table with six, seven, or eight players in their 20s. It is more difficult for an older player to win it. I have a lot of respect for the older players because you have to play ten levels and you might be here 13 or 14 hours each day.”

On winning $664,426 in prize money: “I will continue to live the life I have. I already have a comfortable life. But this makes it easier. I now have a bigger bankroll.”

On what winning a WSOP gold bracelet means: “The bracelet means a lot because you have it for the rest of your life. Whatever you hot later on, you can always say you won a bracelet. Even if you stop playing poker – you just have it. If you come second, you really have nothing. You have the money. But nobody talks about that. It is just like that in sports. Everyone remembers the winner.”

The Final Table

The final table included no former WSOP gold bracelet winners. This was the 15th table of 50 (completed) events this year with no previous winners.

The final table included players from five different nations – including Canada, France, Germany, Greece, and the United States.

Six of the eight final table players were age 27 and younger. The oldest player at the table (Joh) ended up as the winner. He is 45.

The runner up was Andrew Chen, from Mississauga, ON (Canada). He enjoyed two big cashes recently – fifth place at the Latin American Poker Tour championship in Costa Rica, and third place at the EPT event in Prague (Czech Republic). Chen is 21-years-old and collected $412,632 for second place.

The third-place finisher was David Walasinski, from Columbus, OH. He recently graduated from the Ohio State University, at age 21. Next he is considering attending law school. Tuition should not be a problem. This was his first WSOP in-the-money finish, worth $272,405 in prize money.

The fourth-place finisher was Steven Levy, from Peabody, MA. He is a 22-year-old professional poker player. Levy has won several online poker tournaments. This was his fifth time to cash at the WSOP, and marked his highest finish to date.

The fifth-place finisher was Owen Crowe, from Halifax, NS (Canada). He has performed very well in events with big fields, such as this tournament. Crowe is best known for having finished 15th in last year’s WSOP Main Event, which paid $463,201. He also made it to a final table of another $1,500 No-Limit Hold’em event played last year.

The sixth-place finisher was Thibaut Durand, from Argentan, France. He previously cashed in two European Poker Tour events, held in Deuville and Dortmund. This was Durand’s first time to cash at the WSOP.

The seventh-place finisher was Georgios Kapalas, from Athens, Greece. He won first place at a Greek Poker Tour event, held a few months ago. He also cashed at EPT-Barcelona. Kapalas is also a dedicated Magic the Gathering player, which has created quite a number of top young poker stars and gold bracelet winners.

The eighth-place finisher was Jason Helder, from Lancaster, PA. He is a poker pro, who mostly plays online. This was Helder’s first time to cash at the WSOP.

The ninth-place finisher was Nate Page, from Portland, OR. He is a stay-at-home dad, raising three children. Incredibly, this was Page’s first major poker tournament entry. He played a small tournament at home with friends to raise enough money to pay for a seat into this event. Page parlayed an impossible dream into a final table appearance at the WSOP and more than $80,000 in prize money.

In-the-Money Finishers

Former WSOP gold bracelet finishers who cashed in this event included – Men “the Master” Nguyen, Grant Hinkle, Steve Hohn, and Howard “Tahoe” Andrew.

Men “the Master” Nguyen’s 78th-place showing gives him 64 in-the-money finishes at the WSOP. This currently ranks second on the all-time cashes list. Note: The leader is Phil Hellmuth, with 73 career cashes.

Two-time WSOP gold bracelet winner Howard “Tahoe” Andrew enjoyed his last win back in 1976. Proving once again that poker is a game for players of all ages, Andrew cashed for the third time at this year’s WSOP. He holds the record as the player with the most consecutive WSOP years attended – now at 35.

The defending champion in the event from 2008 was J.C. Tran, from Sacramento, CA. Note that he won the corresponding event on last year’s schedule (there are multiple $1,500 buy-in No-Limit Hold’em tournaments). He entered this year’s tournament, but did not cash.

Odds and Ends

This event was a complete sell out. This was the ninth tournament to reach maximum capacity at this year’s WSOP. This is the most gold bracelet events ever to sell out within a single year. A complete “sell out” means every seat at every available table is sold and additional players are/were turned away at registration. A complete sell out occurs are various numbers, based on the total tables and seats available for tournament use. Events which have sold out this year include: 4, 7, 22, 24, 28, 29, 39, 43, and 51.

This was the third-largest tournament (in attendance) of the 2009 WSOP.

This is the sixth of seven $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em tournaments on the 2009 WSOP schedule. This game and buy-in level has consistently proven to be the most popular draw on the schedule in recent years, aside from the Main Event.

An alternative lower buy-in No-Limit Hold'em tournament (less than $10,000) has been included as part of the WSOP schedule every year since 1973. Over the years, these buy-in amounts have ranged from $1,000 up to $5,000. However, more $1,500 buy-in No-Limit Hold'em tournaments have now taken place at the WSOP over the past 39-years than any other event.

The previous five $1,500 buy-in No-Limit Hold’em events held this year attracted 2,791 -- 2,506 -- 2,638 – 2,095 – and 2,781 players respectively. Attendance this year is consistent with previous years when the earlier events tend to attract bigger fields, followed by a slight decline at the WSOP enters its third and fourth week, then bigger turnouts at the Main Event approaches.

Day One began with 2,781 players. Day Two continued with 349 surviving players. Day Three continued with 30 players. The final table did not begin play until 7 pm on Day Three.

The ESPN broadcast stage was dark on this day. Three more events are scheduled, which are split between ESPN 360 and Bluff Media. For a complete broadcast schedule of all events, go to:

The official WSOP gold bracelet ceremony takes place on the day following the winner’s victory. The ceremony takes place on at center stage of the main tournament room and begins during the break of the noon tournament. The ceremony usually starts around 2:20 pm. The national anthem of the winner’s nation is played. The entire presentation is open to public and media. Video and photography is permitted by both media and the public.

The Event

The $1,500 buy-in No-Limit Hold’em championship attracted 2,781 entries. The total prize pool amounted to $3,796,065. The top 297 finishers collected prize money.

The tournament was played over three consecutive days.

The end of Day One chip leader was Christopher Bonita, from Winthrop, MA. He cashed out in 103rd place.

The chip leader at the start of the final table was Jason Helder. He suffered a brutal run on the feature table and busted out first, in eighth place.

Carsten Joh started play at the final table ranked seventh in chips, out of eight players. After being a distant third in chips when play was three-handed, took control late in the tournament and defeated Andrew Chen in heads-up play.

When heads-up play began, Joh enjoyed a slight chip lead over Chen. It took 33 minutes for Joh to close out the victory. Chen missed a diamond draw on the final hand of the night, while Joh dragged the last hand of the tournament with trip sixes.

The final table lasted about seven hours – slightly below average in duration.

The tournament officially began on Saturday, June 27th, at noon. The tournament officially ended on Tuesday, June 29th, at 2:05 am.

Final Results

  Name Prize City State/Country
1 Carsten, Joh $664,426 Reutlingen Germany
2 Chen, Andrew $412,632 Mississauga ON, Canada
3 Walasinski, David $272,405 Columbus OH
4 Levy, Steven $192,650 Peabody MA
5 Crowe, Owen $145,199 Halfax NS
6 Durand, Thibaud $115,817 Paris France
7 Kapalas, Georgios $97,634 Athens Greece
8 Helder, Jason $86,702 Lancaster PA
9 Page, Nathan $80,894 Portland OR
10 Mazursky, John $56,751 Austin TX
11 Vilela, Diego $56,751 Rio De Janeiro Brazil
12 Schlein, Joshua $56,751 Owings Mills MD
13 Szilasi, Viktoria $39,820 Budapest Hungary
14 Mertz, Jasper $39,820 Lyngby Denmakr
15 Vanchiro, Jeffrey $39,820 Brooklyn NY
16 Haabak, Jesse $27,939 Mcville ND
17 Matern, Mark $27,939 Herten Germany
18 Lupovich, Eric $27,939 Mont-Royal QC, Canada
19 Oneil, Craig $19,587 Cleveland England
20 Worrmann, Michael $19,587 Gelsenkirchen Germany
21 Jacob, Alex $19,587 Las Vegas NV
22 Truelove, Benjamin $19,587 Las Vegas NV
23 Kenny, Albert $19,587 Dublin Ireland
24 Fleischer, Terry $19,587 Las Vegas NV
25 Belloso, Rafael $19,587 Maracaibo Venezuela
26 Weenink, Herman $19,587 Gouda Netherlands
27 Zurawski, Christopher $19,587 Glen Ellyn IL
28 Diaz, Robert $15,374 Tierra Verde FL
29 Payne, Billie $15,374 Arlington TX
30 Lebiszczak, Allan $15,374 Saskatoon SK, Canada
31 Bremstahler, Thomas $15,374 Cologne Germany
32 Sheirbon, Brent $15,374 The Dalles OR
33 Desmond, Casey $15,374 Mesa AZ
34 Roberts, Jaime $15,374 London United Kingdom
35 Pfund, Douglas $15,374 New Hudson MI
36 Schramm, Florian $15,374 Maisach Germany
37 McIntyre, Luke $11,464 Glenhaven Australia
38 Gharibian, Tro $11,464 Los Angeles CA
39 Fisher, Cole $11,464 Mission Viejo CA
40 Loredo, Francisco $11,464 Cornelius OR
41 Pantling Andrew $11,464 St. Julians Malta
42 Tomberlin, Eric $11,464 Orange Park FL
43 Rodrigues, Andre $11,464 Loule Guinea
44 Tuthill, Nathan $11,464 Fredericksburg VA
45 Pilot, Shawn $11,464 North Hills, CA CA
46 Hudson, Michael $8,996 Lake In The Hills IL
47 Drake, Christopher $8,996 Leavenworth KS
48 Godfrey, David $8,996 Port Coquitlam BC, Canada
49 Harder, Charles $8,996 Ft Collins CO
50 Shearer, Randy $8,996 Pekin IL
51 Bessa, Serigo $8,996 Almancil Portugal
52 Petzing, James $8,996 Chicago IL
53 Coulon, Christine $8,996 Reedsburg WI
54 Van Coevorden, Tosao $8,996 Amsterdam Netherlands
55 Vanzadelhoff, Steven $7,364 Geldermalsen NL
56 Meyers, Brandon $7,364 Robbinsdale MN
57 Trujillo, Clinton $7,364 Grand Junction CO
58 Kershaw, James $7,364 Langton CA
59 Scott, Eric $7,364 San Fancisco CA
60 Herman, Robert $7,364 Reno NV
61 Lugo, Pablo $7,364 Vila Nova De Gaia Portugal
62 Marques, Marco $7,364 Vila Nova De Gaia Portugal
63 Wade, Daniel $7,364 Richmond VA
64 Nasser, Walid $6,187 Calabozo Edo Guarico Venezuela
65 Lenoble, Rick $6,187 Coral Springs FL
66 Huynh, Phong $6,187 Duluth GA
67 Nishijima, Thiago $6,187 Sao Paulo Brazil
68 Gagliano, Michael $6,187 Rockaway NJ
69 Sanchezvegas, Carlos $6,187 Isla Margarita Venezuela
70 Peterson, Dale $6,187 Bothell WA
71 Wingert, Damian $6,187 Westminster CA
72 Li, Tj $6,187 Thousand Oaks CA
73 Stocker, William $5,314 Palo Alto CA
74 Zillmer, John $5,314 Glenmoore PA
75 San Martin, Garcia $5,314 Elche Spain
76 Brickman, Robert $5,314 Jacksonville FL
77 Scherr, John $5,314 Charlotte NC
78 Nguyen, Men $5,314 Bell Gardens CA
79 Johnson Keith $5,314 Nottingham United Kingdom
80 Brady, Matthew $5,314 Havertown PA
81 Benvenuti, Michael $5,314 Costa Mesa CA
82 Hohn Steven $4,593 Overland Park KS
83 Beck, Jason $4,593 Los Angeles CA
84 Pock, Allen $4,593 Irvine CA
85 Drover, Mark $4,593 St Johns NF, Canada
86 Bronson, Barney $4,593 Mckinney TX
87 Labbe, Leo $4,593 Las Vegas NV
88 Hawk, William $4,593 Bothell WA
89 Pappas, Clifford $4,593 Scottsdale AZ
90 Guerrero, Juan $4,593 Mission TX
91 Riser, Larkin $4,023 Shreveport LA
92 Dorin, Scott $4,023 Las Vegas NV
93 Sigal, Jenia $4,023 Brei Brak Israel
94 Persson, Magnus $4,023 Gothenburg Sweden
95 Pahuja, Vineet $4,023 Hicksville NY
96 Hendrickson, Shaun $4,023    
97 Barabino, Richard $4,023 New York NY
98 Subilia, Samuel $4,023 Wells ME
99 Anderson, Chapin $4,023 Keizer OR
100 Lamar, Justin $3,568 Carpinteria CA
101 Slaubaugh, Cody $3,568 Henderson NV
102 Barclay, Stuart $3,568 Sussex United Kingdom
103 Bonita, Christopher $3,568 Winthrop MA
104 Potter, Jason $3,568 Tulsa OK
105 Korkis, Samuel $3,568 Calabasas CA
106 Holiman, Brady $3,568 Athens TX
107 Tipper, Christopher $3,568 Vienna WV
108 Ha, Lawrence $3,568 W Hollywood CA
109 Younger, Jason $3,568 Bakersfield CA
110 Le, Hon $3,568 Bell Gardens CA
111 Jaoui, David $3,568 Paris France
112 Gee, William $3,568 Pflugerville TX
113 Bailey, Bryan $3,568 Florence KY
114 Krempf, Jozsef $3,568 Tat Hungary
115 Souza, Marc $3,568 Concord CA
116 Price, Ryan $3,568 Illovo South Africa
117 Hakverdian, Mher $3,568 Pasadena CA
118 Frank, Joshua $3,568 N Miami Beach FL
119 Jamieson, Jack $3,568 Fountain Hills AZ
120 McFadgen, Michael $3,568 Etobicoke ON, Canada
121 Winters, Ronald $3,568 Lake Havasu City AZ
122 Floyd, Christopher $3,568 Rancho Cucamonga CA
123 Orr, Anthony $3,568 Poynette WI
124 Stefanelli, Bruno $3,568 Seorrano Lecci Italy
125 Baudys, Martin $3,568 Las Vegas NV
126 Beyeler, Kevin $3,568 Tarzana CA
127 Bogdan Aurel $3,568 Baia Mare Romania
128 Jaddi, Salman $3,568 Pembroke Pines FL
129 Clemente, Vito $3,568 Sherman Oaks CA
130 Urban, Joan $3,568 Amarillo TX
131 Cousineau, Anthony $3,568 Daytona Beach FL
132 Christensen, Timothy $3,568 Northfield MN
133 Marsh, Edward $3,568 Lafayette LA
134 Flores, Michael $3,568 Dallas TX
135 Mecklinger, Jay $3,568 Toronto ON, Canada
136 Goldklang, David $3,264 Mill Valley CA
137 Braband, Thomas $3,264 Oshkosh WI
138 Wanzer, Scott $3,264 Tucson AZ
139 Calvin, Neil $3,264 Sammamish WA
140 Jones, Lindsay $3,264 Garden Grove CA
141 Colaiacovo, Paulo $3,264 Etobicoke ON, Canada
142 Ducatezeiler, Andres $3,264 Buenos Aires Argentina
143 Richardson, Adam $3,264 Poway CA
144 Bouzalas, Ioannis $3,264 Athens Greece
145 Charilas, Dimitros $3,264 Athens Greece
146 Bass, Larry $3,264 Tamarac FL
147 Thavisin, Ben $3,264 Grevenbroich Germany
148 Montes De Peralta, Diego $3,264 Mirathru Lims
149 Snoek, Dirk $3,264 Groningen Netherlands
150 Brown Thomas $3,264 Kent WA
151 Derke, Nicholas $3,264 Avondale PA
152 Lopes, Tiago $3,264 Porto Portugal
153 Fee, Mark $3,264 Cincinnati OH
154 Robbins, Gregory $3,264 Mooresville NC
155 Vargo, Eric $3,264 Santa Monica CA
156 Kiiski, Lauri $3,264 Tampere Finland
157 Reinartz, Sebastian $3,264 Juechen Germany
158 Roschek, Mark $3,264 Hayward CA
159 Figueroa, Victor $3,264 Las Vegas NV
160 Smith, Alex $3,264 Highland Park NJ
161 Saleh, Christopher $3,264 Appleby United Kingdom
162 Duong, Thomas $3,264 Fremont CA
163 Carli, Douglas $3,264 Alliance OH
164 Fussner, Joshua $3,264 Peoria IL
165 Rosario, Ritchie $3,264 Clovis CA
166 Suffel, Douglas $3,264 Sault Ste Marie ON, Canada
167 Henson, David $3,264 Round Rock TX
168 Ripley, Craig $3,264 Innisfil ON, Canada
169 Jimenez, Lucito $3,264 Corona CA
170 Amer, June $3,264 Pembroke Pines FL
171 Paasonen, Mika $3,264 Hameenlinna Finland
172 Hurwich, Scott $3,036 Orlando FL
173 Olesch, Gordon $3,036 Oldenburg Germany
174 Thompson, Gregory $3,036 Charlotte NC
175 Tong, William $3,036 Baysid NY
176 Legros, Julien $3,036   France
177 Felix, Duane $3,036 New Rochelle NY
178 Garner, Markie $3,036 Prairieville CA
179 Manole, Mihai $3,036 Targoviste Romania
180 Pavlis, Jan $3,036 Svitavy Czech Republic
181 Kim, Douglas $3,036 Hartsdale NY
182 Reitman, Joseph $3,036 Los Angeles CA
183 Shechtman, Steven $3,036 Hollywood FL
184 Ventsko, Vladimir $3,036 San Francisco CA
185 Myrick, Steven $3,036 Bakersfield CA
186 Risener, Kevin $3,036 Trinity FL
187 Bierschback, Peter $3,036 Midland MI
188 Nakhoul, Bedda $3,036 Wakefield MA
189 Reiken, Jace $3,036 Lincoln Park NJ
190 Gibbons, William $3,036 Madison WI
191 Filippi, Amnon $3,036 New York NY
192 Zeidler, Kevin $3,036 Dixon CA
193 Vaiese, Anthony $3,036 Seattle WA
194 Nguyen, Khiem $3,036 Wiesbaden Germany
195 Mahoney, Jared $3,036 Abington MA
196 Schussler, Erin $3,036 Lonsdale MN
197 Svendsen, Bertil $3,036    
198 McClellan, Fitzgerald $3,036 Tacom WA
199 Levecchia, Patrick $3,036 Sellersville PA
200 Hjelm, Benjamin $3,036 Montgomery AL
201 Collins, Lehi $3,036 Carmichael CA
202 Rodriguez, Jorge $3,036 Las Vegas NV
203 Chew, Nelson $3,036 Milpitas CA
204 Catron, Vance $3,036 Ketchikan AK
205 Russmeier, Julian $3,036 Berlin Germany
206 Rahmani, Ibrahim $3,036 Vaxjo Sweden
207 Chambers, Franklin $3,036 Littleton CO
208 Daukas, Scott $2,885 Olympia WA
209 Sisneros, Frederick $2,885 Ranchos De Taos NM
210 Sanburn, Keith $2,885 Thompson MB, Canada
211 Pionke, Edward $2,885 Chicago IL
212 Crawford Andrew $2,885 Harrow United Kingdom
213 Himelstein, Michael $2,885 Denver CO
214 Ng, Jason $2,885 Henderson NV
215 Mifsud, Brandon $2,885 Gilbert AZ
216 St Amour, Mark $2,885 Gallatin TN
217 Furfaro, Sean $2,885 Waterloo ON, Canada
218 Mizrachy, Marc $2,885 Towaco NJ
219 Shelton, Kenneth $2,885 Dallas TX
220 Brill, Joshua $2,885 Cambridge OH
221 Turner, Andrew $2,885 Plymouth MI
222 Ovasapyan, Saro $2,885 Glendale CA
223 Andrew Howard $2,885 Walnut Creek CA
224 Harris, Christopher $2,885 Cleveland MS
225 Khireddine, Samy $2,885    
226 Kuether, Joseph $2,885 El Grove WI
227 McDaniel, Marcus $2,885 Mt Pleasant TX
228 Crain, Joshua $2,885 Lakewood CO
229 Bremer, Gary $2,885 Oak Creek WI
230 Higgins, Shawn $2,885 Austin TX
231 Martinez Martin $2,885 Camperdown South Africa
232 Jakobsson, Vesa $2,885 Helsinki Finland
233 Seri, Bulent $2,885 Port Melbourne VI
234 Lytle, Michael $2,885 Atlanta GA
235 Doria, Mario $2,885    
236 Slusarek, Patryk $2,885 London United Kingdom
237 Cox, Kyle $2,885 Hinsdale IL
238 Leconte, Venceslas $2,885 Conde Sur Vire France
239 Kloeber, Ross $2,885 Peoria AZ
240 Benhamou, Brian $2,885 Paris France
241 Odonnell, Kevin $2,885 Scottsdale AZ
242 Soble, David $2,885 Alexandria VA
243 Cowan, Christopher $2,885 Kettering OH
244 Martin, Jesse $2,885 Shrewsbury MA
245 Mead, Darrell $2,885 Peoria AZ
246 Wong, Nelson $2,885 Edmonton AB, Canada
247 Toth, Matthew $2,885 Anacortes WA
248 Hill, Jerry $2,885 Bakersfield CA
249 Walterscheid, Mel $2,885 Muenster TX
250 Jesus, Jorge $2,885 Vile Velha Brazil
251 Blanchar, Richard $2,885 Ft. Lauderdale FL
252 Viox, Christopher $2,885 Glen Carbon IL
253 Restrepo, Daniel $2,733 Boca Raton FL
254 Leckey, Paul $2,733 Ballycastle Antrim Ireland
255 Wong, William $2,733 Aurora IL
256 Makdessi, Rabih $2,733 Solon OH
257 Sgroi, Antoine $2,733 Paris France
258 Lai, Anthony $2,733    
259 Patzel, Oliver $2,733 Hamburg Germany
260 Holand, Ian $2,733 La Mesa CA
261 Luber, Benjamin $2,733 Chicago IL
262 Kwan, Bill $2,733 Calgary AB, Canada
263 Smoot, Scott $2,733 Brunswick OH
264 Ium, Michael $2,733 Toronto ON, Canada
265 Black, Scott $2,733 Longview WA
266 Treasure, Matthew $2,733 Peekskill NY
267 Kantelberg, John $2,733 Etobicoke ON, Canada
268 Wong, Norris $2,733 Edmonton AB, Canada
269 Kovacs, Gabor $2,733 Budapest Hungary
270 Miller, Steven $2,733 Key Largo FL
271 Thomas, Robert $2,733 Chicago IL
272 Singh, Bhupinder $2,733 Sacramento CA
273 Koo, Thomas $2,733 Vancouver BC, Canada
274 Paladenic, Joseph $2,733 Sierra Vista AZ
275 Mews, Arne $2,733 Cologne Germany
276 Adams, Marco $2,733 Prague Czech Republic
277 Cabral, Clive $2,733 Pearl City HI
278 Narboni, Philippe $2,733 Veigy France
279 Hinkle, Grant $2,733 Overland Park KS
280 Boylan, Christopher $2,733 Redlands CA
281 Johnson, Jared $2,733 Greenwood IN
282 Cebula, Dale $2,733 Mosinee WI
283 Gray Jason $2,733 Troutdale OR
284 Oman, Carl $2,733 Ridgefield WA
285 De Bruijn, Guido $2,733 Amsterdam Netherlands
286 Perez, Martin $2,733 Kingwood TX
287 Grimard, Anthony $2,733 Newaygo MI
288 Araujo, Marcio $2,733 Para De Minas Brazil
289 Vassort, Pierre $2,733 Lyon France
290 Erdman, Travis $2,733 Burlingame CA
291 Hartwick, Gregory $2,733 Bolton ON, Canada
292 Dillion, Robert $2,733 Battle Creek MI
293 Lieu, Kiet $2,733 Santa Ana CA
294 Ornstein, Eric $2,733 Centereach NY
295 Lange, Mark $2,733 Phoenix AZ
296 Moore, Kenneth $2,733 San Antonio TX
297 Blanda, Anthony $2,733 Las Vegas NV

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