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WSOP 2009

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Event #43, $1,000 Seniors No Limit Hold'em World Championship, Final Results

Official Report
Event #43
World Championship
Seniors No-Limit Hold’em
Buy-In: $1,000
Number of Entries: 2,707
Total Net Prize Pool: $2,463,700
Number of Places Paid: 270
First Place Prize: $437,358
June 22-24, 2009

Event Headlines

Michael T. Davis Wins First WSOP Gold Bracelet. 2009 Seniors World Poker Championship Shatters Previous Attendance Record – Numbers Up by 22 Percent over Last Year. Berry Johnston Makes the Money – First Cash of 2009 Gives the 1986 World Champion Cashes for 27 Straight WSOP Years (Most in History).

The Champion

The 2009 World Series of Poker $1,000 buy-in Senior’s No-Limit Hold’em World Champion is Michael T. Davis, from Dubuque, IA.

Davis is 58-years-old and is now retired. He recently sold his business, which was a home inspection company.

Davis was born and raised in Dubuque. However, he has recently been considering moving to Las Vegas, NV in search of a warmer climate. Following his victory in this event, worth over $400,000, he expects to hasten those plans and move much sooner.

Davis plays poker regularly in two local casinos, located in Dubuque.

Davis cashed in the Seniors World Championship last year. He finished 115th out of 2,218 entrants.

Davis collected $437,358 for first place. He was also awarded his first WSOP gold bracelet.

Davis wore a t-shirt from the popular poker site called “Poker Road.” He is the second player this year to wear such a display at the final table, which Davis referred to as his “lucky shirt.” Davis wore the shirt in memory of Justin Shronk, a Poker Road employee who passed away a few months ago. Davis was the second gold bracelet winner this year to honor Shronk. Brian Lemke won the $5,000 No-Limit Hold’em event in a similar display of reverence. “Justin gave me this shirt,” Davis said afterward. “A lot of people miss Justin. He was very good for the poker community.”

This was the largest cash prize ever won in any senior poker event of any kind. It is also believed to be the largest cash prize of any seniors-only competition – of any game or competition – in the world.

IMPORTANT NOTE: There is some inaccurate reporting on a few poker websites. Since “Michael Davis” is a relatively common name, there are several Michael Davis’ listed in official records. Some of these results are inaccurate, and/or results have been combined. The winner requests that all of his tournament records be listed under MICHAEL T. DAVIS. The WSOP will update his official WSOP record for all media soon, with a complete listing of his cashes.

Winner Quotes (Michael T. Davis)

On being from Dubuque, Iowa: “Dubuque is a beautiful little town on the Mississippi River. I’ve been enjoying Dubuque all my life. We live there out in the country. I sold my business last week, so I don’t have a job to go home to.”

On his future plans: “We have plans to move to Las Vegas. My daughter lives here in Las Vegas. We decided we got sick of the minus 20-degree weather and are sick of the winters. Its warmer here and there seem to be a lot of friendly people in Las Vegas.”

On wearing a shirt in honor of Justin Shronk: “I don’t know if that had anything to do with it. I hope to God he is smiling down right now.”

On cashing in the seniors event last year, and then winning this year: “I decided I am not getting any younger. I have to make my yearly pilgrimage to play in the senior event. I might even play in another event or two. (Laughing and smiling) Who knows?”

On getting to the final nine and overcoming a record field-size: “They all played very well. They are very good players. Everybody at that final table deserved it.”

On the quality of competition in the seniors event versus other tournaments: “They are very good players. What can I say? I feel that I got lucky hitting some cards. There were some superb players. I had fun the entire time – every table I was at. I had a ball. I want to thank everybody out here.”

The Final Table

The final table contained no former WSOP gold bracelet winners. This was the 14th of 44 finales held this year with no former winners -- which guaranteed a first-time champion.

There were no professional poker players amongst the final nine. This was the only finale with year with an all-amateur makeup.

Final table player ages ranged from 53 to 66.

The runner up was Scott Buller, from Lincoln, NE. He is an avid golfer and poker player. Buller has over $800,000 in poker winnings.

The third-place finisher was Barry B. Bounds, from Littleton, CO. He is a retired former employee of IBM.

The fourth-place finisher was Michael Joseph Morusty, from Seattle, WA. He is a mechanical administrator.

The fifth-place finisher was Charles Simon, from Sunrise, FL. He is an attorney.

The sixth-place finisher was Dan DeLatorre, from Highlands Ranch, CO. He is a firefighter.

The seventh-place finisher was Art Duncan, from Lake Zurich, IL. He is a contractor with many previous cashes at the WSOP and elsewhere.

The eighth-place finisher was Richard McCall, from Waco, TX. He is a lawyer and proud alumnus of Baylor University.

The ninth-place finisher was Vaughn Beck, from New Orleans, LA. He is retired.

In-the-Money Finishers

Former WSOP gold bracelet finishers who cashed in this event included – Vince Burgio, Barbara Enright, and Berry Johnston.

Prior to this event, Berry Johnston’s record for most consecutive years to cash at the WSOP was in jeopardy. He has now cashed ever year (at least once) since 1982. Johnston’s streak stands at 27. He finished 185th.

Another Poker Hall of Fame member who played well was Barbara Enright, who cashed in 76th place.

The defending champion from 2008 was Daniel Lacourse, from Toledo, OH. He entered this year’s event, but did not cash.

Odds and Ends

This was the largest seniors' event in poker history. The turnout shattered last year's record of 2,218 (then, a record high). The 2009 figure represents a 22 percent increase over 2008.

To be eligible for entry into the Seniors No-Limit Hold’em world championship, the entrant must be age 50 or older -- which means the player had to have been born prior to June 22, 1959.

A tournament similar to the Seniors World Poker Championship was first played in 1993. It was spread at various locations in California and Nevada during the first eight years of its existence. Then, in 2001 an exclusive event for seniors only was added to the WSOP schedule. Jay Heimowitz won the first official WSOP seniors gold bracelet.

The seniors play No-Limit Hold’em. This has been the game since inception at the WSOP in 2001. The buy-in has always been $1,000.

The final table was played out on ESPN’s main stage. Coverage was broadcast live over the Internet. Five more events are scheduled, which are split between ESPN 360 and Bluff Media. For a complete broadcast schedule of all events, go to:

The official WSOP gold bracelet ceremony takes place on the day following the winner’s victory. The ceremony takes place on at center stage of the main tournament room and begins during the break of the noon tournament. The ceremony usually starts around 2:20 pm. The national anthem of the winner’s nation is played. The entire presentation is open to public and media. Video and photography is permitted by both media and the public.

The Event

The $1,000 buy-in Seniors No-Limit Hold’em world championship attracted 2,707 entries. The total prize pool amounted to $2,463,700. The top 270 finishers collected prize money.

The tournament was played over three consecutive days. Due to the field size, Day Three was expected to run very long. But the final table lasted a reasonable six hours.

Michael T. Davis won his victory in a very quiet manner. He never held the chip lead until about 15 minutes prior to victory. He won a series of late key pots which gave him the victory.

The tournament officially began on Sunday, June 22nd, at 12 noon. The tournament officially ended on Wednesday, June 24th, at 10:05 pm.

Final Results

  Name Prize City State/Country
1 Davis Michael $437,358 Durango IA
2 Buller, Scott $268,507 Lincoln Park NE
3 Bounds, Barry $179,210 Cary NC
4 Morusty, Michael $126,863 Ithaca NY
5 Simon, Charles $95,332 Sunrise FL
6 Delatorre, Dan $76,118 Highlands Ranch CO
7 Duncan, Artemus $64,047 Lake Zurich IL
8 McCall, Richard $56,903 Waco TX
9 Beck Robert $53,208 Slidell LA
10 Garshofsky, Mitchell $37,270 Las Vegas NV
11 Garner, Theodore $37,270 Seffner FL
12 Thomas, Tommy $37,270 Amarillo TX
13 Hance, Alan $26,087 Bakersfield CA
14 Riebe, Duffy $26,087 Irvine CA
15 Schwartz, Steven $26,087 Redondo Beach CA
16 McCollom, Theodore $18,253 Seabrook TX
17 Brenner, Anton $18,253 Laguna Niguel CA
18 Centanni, Ken $18,253 Seabrook TX
19 Posey, David $12,784 Payette ID
20 Vitullo, Michael $12,784 Woodland Hills CA
21 Heiberg, Jeffrey $12,784 Buffalo NY
22 Darnold, Marvin $12,784 Lancaster CA
23 Luong, Gioi $12,784 Westminster CA
24 Gonzalez, Adolfo $12,784 Collierville TN
25 Bennett John $12,784 Corringham United Kingdom
26 Jagiello, Mark $12,784 Dover FL
27 Reed, Clyde $12,784 Oklahoma City OK
28 McCormick, Charles $10,149 Oceanside CA
29 Picataggio, Joseph $10,149 Las Vegas NV
30 Schrier, Stanley $10,149 Las Vegas NV
31 Shalhoob, Craig $10,149 Edmonds WA
32 Colombo, Jay $10,149 Bayonne NJ
33 Tuffing, David $10,149 Denver CO
34 Hutfless, Frank $10,149 Golden CO
35 Huseman, Daniel $10,149 Alameda CA
36 Zaicik, Jacques $10,149 Paris France
37 Wilson, Karle $7,636 Las Vegas NV
38 Filguth, Rubens $7,636    
39 Limayo, Edgardo $7,636 Shawnee, KS KS
40 Burgio, Vincent $7,636 West Hills, CA CA
41 Hershler, Eric $7,636 Los Angeles, CA CA
42 Turner Mark $7,636 Laporte, IN IN
43 Yelaney, John $7,636 Chandler, AZ AZ
44 Zelinka, Robert $7,636 Delray Beach, FL FL
45 Sobh, Adel $7,636 Conyers, GA GA
46 Cahnlarue, Gail $6,035 Elyria, OH OH
47 Friesen, Robin $6,035 Plymouth, CA CA
48 Chew, Nelson $6,035 Milpitas, CA CA
49 Munson, John $6,035 Cedar Park, TX TX
50 Greer, Robert $6,035 Corpus Christi, TX TX
51 Pauselius, Frank $6,035 Pleasanton, CA CA
52 Cannon, Charles $6,035 Mentone, CA CA
53 Cohan, Jeffrey $6,035 Jamul, CA CA
54 Thomas David $6,035 Christchurch New Zealand
55 Connolly, Robert $4,951 Dallas, TX TX
56 Lombard, John $4,951 Oceanside, CA CA
57 Kozel, George $4,951 Carson, CA CA
58 Hamlett, Mark $4,951 Queen Creek, AZ AZ
59 Samora, Lee $4,951 Chantilly VA
60 Padgett, Edward $4,951 San Marcos CA
61 Simpson Michael $4,951 Calgary AB, Canada
62 Slater, Cecil $4,951 Bulverde TX
63 Margolis, Franklin $4,951 Thousand Oaks CA
64 Witikko, Douglas $4,187 Minot ND
65 Prescott, Michael $4,187 Cumming GA
66 Cavan, Jeffrey $4,187 St Augustine FL
67 Larson, Jeff $4,187 Traverse City MI
68 Swenor, David $4,187 Anchorage AK
69 Gibbs, Robert $4,187 Brenham TX
70 Warren, James $4,187 Mesa AZ
71 Green, William $4,187 Commerce Township MI
72 Markley, James $4,187 Boulder City NV
73 Ramsey, Larry $3,621 Mckinney TX
74 Tekavec, Mark $3,621 Englewood CO
75 McMillan, Bob $3,621 Prescott AZ
76 Enright, Barbara $3,621 Los Angeles CA
77 Yang Ed $3,621 Livermore CA
78 Lipton, Peter $3,621 Palm Desert CA
79 Casey, Billy $3,621 Las Vegas NV
80 Burns, Shawn $3,621 Topeka KS
81 Stein, Jerry $3,621 Lakeway TX
82 Ickes, John $3,128 Bristol IN
83 Weinstock, Ted $3,128 Henderson NV
84 Iwaniak, Linda $3,128 Berksire United Kingdom
85 Halford, Michael $3,128 Las Vegas NV
86 Anderson, Charles $3,128 Tucson AZ
87 Riley, Gary $3,128 Lancaster CA
88 Fitzgerald, Kevin $3,128 Las Vegas NV
89 Hair, John $3,128 Cornelius NC
90 Aden, Robert $3,128 New Smyrna Beach FL
91 Smith Robert $2,734 Houston TX
92 Goldstein, Charles $2,734 Houston TX
93 Chamberlain, Geoffrey $2,734 Derby United Kingdom
94 Wrona, John $2,734 Templeton CA
95 Lee, Arthur $2,734 Calgary AB, Canada
96 Henchey, Lloyd $2,734 Pierrefonds QC, Canada
97 Collins, David $2,734 New Castle Upon Tyne United Kingdom
98 Smith, Rushing $2,734 Carrollton TX
99 Logerwell, Donald $2,734 Seattle WA
100 Orchid, Richard $2,414 Chico CA
101 Bell, Roland $2,414 Oxford MS
102 Frantz, Jeffrey $2,414 Encinitas, CA CA
103 Paciella, Michael $2,414 Carrollton, TX TX
104 Hudson, Pasquale $2,414 Sayville, NY NY
105 Rajpari, Anwerali $2,414 San Antonio, TX TX
106 Leibsohn, Steven $2,414 Scottsdale, AZ AZ
107 Fakhoury, Janice $2,414 Raleigh, NC NC
108 Duros, Greg $2,414 Signal Hill CA
109 Herskovic, Maurice $2,414 West Bloomfield MI
110 Reed, Joe $2,414 Seagraves TX
111 Payne, Derek $2,414 Las Vegas NV
112 Amato, Amelio $2,414 Sarasota FL
113 Reilly, Michael $2,414 Henderson NV
114 Swearingen, Sima $2,414 Beverly Hills CA
115 Hayes Kevin $2,414 Fleming Island FL
116 Banziger, George $2,414 Las Vegas NV
117 Russell, Kenneth $2,414 Sandpoint ID
118 Mombourquette, Richard $2,414 Edmonton AB, Canada
119 McManus James $2,414 Kenilworth IL
120 Ross, Larry $2,414 West Covina CA
121 Barrett, Edward $2,414 San Antonio TX
122 Pharo, Joe $2,414 Mesa AZ
123 Briggs, Bobby` $2,414 Thomasville NC
124 Granath, Conrad $2,414 Phoenix AZ
125 Cochran, George $2,414 Denver CO
126 Zehr, Jerry $2,414 Florence KY
127 Mayfield, Scott $2,414 Grants Pass OR
128 Cathcart, Steven $2,414 Reisterstown MD
129 Stevens, Mark $2,414 Madison WI
130 Shinn, Lloyd $2,414 Dallas TX
131 Ashar, Michael $2,414 Vermilion OH
132 Mcclelland, Jack $2,414 Las Vegas NV
133 Reed, Gerald $2,414 Palo Alto CA
134 Yamachika, Jerry $2,414 North Las Vegas NV
135 Cologna, Nicholas $2,414 Henderson NV
136 Cicillini, Danette $2,192 Las Vegas NV
137 Gunther, Jamie $2,192 Las Vegas NV
138 Odeh, Michael $2,192 Las Vegas NV
139 Edwards, John $2,192 Deer Park TX
140 Tinsbloom, Robert $2,192 Valley Lee MD
141 Rauchwarger, Alan $2,192 Ponte Vedra FL
142 Cronk, James $2,192 Boise ID
143 Halenza, Judd $2,192 Del Mar CA
144 Parmely, Kevin $2,192 Huron SD
145 Spear, Leslie $2,192 Zephyr Cove NV
146 Thomas, Jack $2,192 North Hollywood CA
147 Shulman, Steven $2,192 Crona Del Mar CA
148 Davenport, Ron $2,192 Raleigh NC
149 Hartsook, Harvey $2,192 Wahoo NE
150 Keenan, Linda $2,192 Mandeville LA
151 Neal, Glenn $2,192 Las Vegas NV
152 Levin Alan $2,192 Santa Monica CA
153 Rosenfeld, Mark $2,192 Las Vegas NV
154 Gifford, Billy $2,192 Houston TX
155 Alm, John $2,192 Hyattville WY
156 Levitan, Arlan $2,192 Las Vegas NV
157 Bailey, Alfred $2,192 Little Rock AR
158 May, Martin $2,192 Plantation FL
159 Hodge, Herman $2,192 Hamilton OH
160 Uyeda, Bruce K $2,192 Mountain View CA
161 Clear, Stephen $2,192 Shropshire United Kingdom
162 Kay, Brian $2,192 Bay City MI
163 Warner, Jack $2,192 Rochford United Kingdom
164 Pihlstrom, Gary $2,192 Mendota Hts MN
165 Syracuse, Michael $2,192 Cheyenne WY
166 Warner, Phillip $2,192 Sacramento CA
167 Weber, Walter $2,192 Oceanside CA
168 Baldwin, Stephen $2,192 Beaver Dam WI
169 Gaudette, Ronald $2,192 Barstow CA
170 Smith, Sanford $2,192 Jackson TN
171 Corpuz, Martin $2,192 Mountain View CA
172 Kapple, Monte $2,192 Aurora CO
173 Carlisle, Walton $2,192 Scottsdale AZ
174 Brandeburg, Richard $2,192 N Las Vegas NV
175 Hutchins, Robert $2,192 Salinas CA
176 Milender, Barry $2,192 Trinidad CA
177 Lowenhar, Jeffrey $2,192 Las Vegas NV
178 Kemp, Michael $2,192 Deer Trail CO
179 Smith, Sue $2,192 Fair Oaks Ranch TX
180 Miller, Jeffery $2,192 Morristown NJ
181 Laberge, Robert $2,044 Orangeville ON
182 Leachman, Thomas $2,044 Dallas TX
183 Stewart, Roger $2,044 Sanford FL
184 Brigante, Elia $2,044 Thornhill ON
185 Johnston, Berry $2,044 Bethany OK
186 Sparks, Bruce $2,044 N Ft Myers FL
187 Plante, Richard $2,044 St George UT
188 Rubenstein, Jay $2,044 Houston TX
189 Ausec, Jerome $2,044 Colo Springs CO
190 Phillips, Melvin $2,044 Duncan OK
191 Hall John $2,044 Greensboro NC
192 Wooster, David $2,044 Pinole CA
193 Sheffield, John $2,044 Las Vegas NV
194 Monegan, Thomas $2,044 Grover MO
195 Dimarco, David $2,044 Henderson NV
196 Crandall, Steven $2,044 Loveland CO
197 Ma, Sali $2,044 Las Vegas NV
198 Trumble, Jay $2,044 Vancouver WA
199 Wheller, Kathleen $2,044 Sequim WA
200 Louis, Steven $2,044 Livermore CA
201 Yamada, Glenn $2,044 Glendale CA
202 Kern, Lawrence $2,044 San Francisco CA
203 Stowe, Gurden $2,044 Clive IA
204 Mondey, Dee $2,044 Haslet TX
205 Henley, David $2,044 Spring TX
206 Meehan, James $2,044 Burnsville MN
207 Collins, Thomas $2,044 Las Vegas NV
208 Brush, Debra $2,044 Poulsbo WA
209 Schulz, Eric $2,044 Cerritos CA
210 Joseph, Timothy $2,044 Los Angeles CA
211 Logan, Kimberly $2,044 Cincinnati OH
212 Boyd, James $2,044 Martinsburg Way WV
213 Chow, Henry $2,044 Sugar Land TX
214 Lagrange, Patrick $2,044 Razal Isle, France
215 Thompson, Suzanne $2,044 Lakewood CO
216 Trudell, Robert $2,044 Las Vegas NV
217 Reid, James $2,044 Brownsboro TX
218 Morgan Daniel $2,044 Las Vegas NV
219 Strebel, Darrel $2,044 Ogden UT
220 Reiken, Jace $2,044 Lincoln Park NJ
221 Shapiro, Hoby $2,044 Woodbury NY
222 Shimada, Roy $2,044 Honolulu HI
223 Krug, Timothy $2,044 Oolteway TN
224 Melvin, William $2,044 Boca Grande FL
225 Thomas, Mark $2,044 San Clemente CA
226 Karl, Milloie $1,921 Bailey CO
227 Beckman, Anders $1,921 Stockholm Sweden
228 Batchelder, Patrick $1,921 Kamuela HI
229 Thompson, Charles $1,921 Santa Cruz CA
230 Radich, Anthony $1,921 Terrebonne OR
231 Berkeley, Donald $1,921 Dixon IL
232 Pappas, Clifford $1,921 Scottsdale AZ
233 Koval, Roy $1,921 Kindston WA
234 Bowles, Steven $1,921 Las Vegas NV
235 Dishongh, Gary $1,921 Houston TX
236 Wolber, Mark $1,921 Perry IA
237 Heineman, Terry $1,921 Lexington Park MD
238 Foley, Milton $1,921 Lake Jackson TX
239 Freese, Lloyd $1,921 Torrance CA
240 White, John $1,921 Powell TN
241 Elwell, Dallas $1,921 Reno NV
242 Bucci, James $1,921 Hollywood Stm MD
243 Kaneff, Jerry $1,921 Newark OH
244 Merchant, John $1,921 League City TX
245 Platt, Christopher $1,921 Las Vegas NV
246 Sorenson, Ricky $1,921 Colorado Springs CO
247 Wright, Mark $1,921 Los Angeles CA
248 Weber, Jeffrey $1,921 Greensburg PA
249 Mullins, William $1,921 Henderson NV
250 Granger, Patricia $1,921 San Diego CA
251 Bohnenberger, Dale $1,921 Grass Valley CA
252 Myers, Steven $1,921 Bethany OK
253 Bieler, Allan $1,921 Plantation FL
254 Williams, Janet $1,921 Lindsay CA
255 Guernsey, Paul $1,921 Colleyville TX
256 Harris, Herbert $1,921 Carrollton TX
257 Robey, Jimmy $1,921 Las Vegas NV
258 Rowley, Douglas $1,921 Birch Run MI
259 Ricca, Michael $1,921 Las Vegas NV
260 Hulunian, Barry $1,921 Las Vegas NV
261 Eng, Kenneth $1,921 Houston TX
262 Nooner, Sammy $1,921 Hondo TX
263 Solis, John $1,921 Pleasanton CA
264 Lee, Ron $1,921 Durango CO
265 Bovshow, Aaron $1,921 Woodland Hls CA
266 Eddie, Steve $1,921 Ulysses KS
267 Fischer, Steven $1,921 Keystone Heights FL
268 Eggerton, William $1,921 New Smyrna Bch FL
269 Vymola, Anthony $1,921 Addison IL
270 *Dolan Mark $1,921 Gainsville FL
270 *Glorioso, Charles $1,921 Shreveport LA

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