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WSOP 2009

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Event #39, $1,500 No Limit Hold'em, Final Results

Official Report
Event #39
No-Limit Hold’em
Buy-In: $1,500
Number of Entries: 2,715
Total Net Prize Pool: $3,705,974
Number of Places Paid: 270
First Place Prize: $657,969
June 20-22, 2009

Event Headlines

1. Ray Foley Wins WSOP Gold Bracelet

2. Chrysler Worker from Michigan Drives Away with $657,969 and Poker’s Most Coveted Prize

3. Another Big Turnout at the 2009 WSOP – 2,715 Entries Pack the $1,500 No-Limit Hold’em Event

The Winner

The 2009 World Series of Poker $1,500 buy-in No-Limit Hold’em champion is Ray Foley, from Northville, MI.

Foley is a 37-year-old employee of Chrysler Financial. He works as a business manager in financial services.

Foley is a graduate of Eastern Michigan University. He earned his degree in accounting, followed by an M.B.A.

Foley has been married for 12 years and is the proud father of two children.

Foley plays poker recreationally. He started playing about five years ago. However, he is a winning player who has supplemented his income in recent years by playing poker. Foley has been contemplating turning to poker full time, given the problems of the American automotive industry. He states that decision might be easier to make now that he has won such a large cash prize.

Foley collected $657,969 for first place. He was also awarded his first WSOP gold bracelet.

According to official records, Foley now has 1 win, 1 final table appearance, and 4 in-the-money finishes at the WSOP. He has also accumulated $733,031 in career WSOP winnings.

Foleuy has entered only 7 tournaments at the WSOP (lifetime) and has cashed in 4 of them. Despite the huge fields, he has finished – 22nd, 15th, 21st, and now 1st. This is as impressive a record as any player at the WSOP during the past two years in the mega-field sized No-Limit Hold’em events.

Foley entered only two events this year – the $2,000 buy-in No-Limit Hold’em event and this tournament. He had his return airline ticket already booked for a Sunday night departure (the tournament began on Saturday). Foley survived Day Two and therefore lost his return portion of the ticket. Meanwhile, a few friends could not afford the luxury of paying hundreds of extra dollars more for a flight and so they returned to Michigan. Upon landing in Detroit and hearing that Foley had made it to the final table, they immediately got back on a plane just hours, later and flew all the way back to Las Vegas to cheer Foley on toe victory.

Winner Quotes (Ray Foley)

On how he came to the WSOP: “My friends and I usually play in only one event per year. We have a poker league where we send nine guys to play a $2K event. I played in that and busted out at the fifth level. So, I bought into the $1,500 buy-in on Saturday and I was supposed to fly out Sunday night and midnight. I was second in chips at the end of Day Two. I missed my flight and fortunately….that’s about it.”

On winning a WSOP gold bracelet and $657,969 in prize money: “They both mean a lot. The bracelet….I can’t even….its still unbelievable at this point that I have a bracelet. I can’t event describe it. And $660,000 – that’s a lot of money. It’s hard to believe there were 2,715 people in this tournament.”

On what it takes to win: “I’m on the great side of variance.”

On his future plans: “(Before this win) I was contemplating going to poker full-time, mostly online. So this will help make that jump a little easier. This is great timing.”

On what his goals were coming into this year’s WSOP: “The gold bracelet. Check it off.”

On what’s the next goal: “The Main Event bracelet is the next goal.”

The Final Table

The final table contained only one former WSOP gold bracelet winner – Brandon Cantu (1 win).

This was the most amateur-heavy final table of any final table played so far this year. Five of the nine finalists were non-pros.

The runner up was Brandon Cantu, from Vancouver, WA. He won his gold bracelet in one of the $1,500 buy-in No-Limit Hold’em events played in 2006. That was his first WSOP cash, and launched his poker career. Since then, Cantu has earned over $1.5 million at the WSOP. He also finished 20th in last year’s Main Event. Second place in this event paid $403,951. But all Cantu seemed to think about as he departed the final table was the disappointment of coming up short in his quest for another gold bracelet.

The third-place finisher was Wei Mu, from Honolulu, Hawaii. Mu has a pretty impressive record for someone who has been playing poker seriously for only about a year. He has cashed in 3 of the 5 $1,500 No-Limit Hold’em events played this year. Third place paid $269,609.

The fourth-place finisher was Alex Jacob, from Las Vegas, NV. The afro-clad Dylanesque Yale graduate and talented poker pro enjoyed his best WSOP finish in two years in this tournament. Jacob burst onto the poker scene in 2006 and made three WSOP final tables within two years. He holds one of the best in-the-money records of any WSOP player during the past four years, with 19 cashes.

The fifth-place finisher was Tyler Spalding, from Chicago, IL. He is an engineer. Amazingly, this was Spalding’s first WSOP event ever.

The sixth-place finisher was Jonathan Markham, from Milwaukee, WI. He is a former construction worker who is now playing poker professionally. This was his third time to cash and was his best WSOP finish ever.

The seventh-place finisher was Chairud Vangchailued, from Phoenix, AZ. This was his first time to cash in a WSOP tournament.

The eighth-place finisher was Richard Lutes, from Henderson, NV. He is a restaurant owner (“Carmines Little Italy” in Henderson). Lutes has done well in various Las Vegas tournaments, most notably cashing four times at the most recent Caesars Palace poker series.

The ninth-place finisher was Patrick O’Connor, from Sligo, Ireland. He is a dentist and predominantly a cash game player. But O’Conner has also enjoyed some tournament success. He final tabled the Irish Poker Open a few years ago. O’Connor also finished 38th in the 2004 WSOP Main Event.

In-the-Money Finishers

Former WSOP gold bracelet finishers who cashed in this event included – Brandon Cantu, Angel Guillen, Grant Hinkle, and Jim Mitchell.

The defending champion from 2009 was David Woo, from Atlanta, Ga. He entered this event but did not cash.

Odds and Ends

This was the third-largest tournament (in attendance) of the 2009 WSOP.

This is the 26th of 39 tournaments completed thus far at this year’s WSOP, with more than a $1 million prize pool.

This is the fifth of seven $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em tournaments on the 2009 WSOP schedule. This game and buy-in level has consistently proven to be the most popular draw on the schedule in recent years, aside from the Main Event.

An alternative lower buy-in No-Limit Hold'em tournament (less than $10,000) has been included as part of the WSOP schedule every year since 1973. Over the years, these buy-in amounts have ranged from $1,000 up to $5,000. However, more $1,500 buy-in No-Limit Hold'em tournaments have now taken place at the WSOP over the past 39-years than any other event.

The previous four $1,500 buy-in No-Limit Hold’em events held this year attracted 2,791 -- 2,506 -- 2,638 – and 2,095 players respectively. Attendance this year is consistent with previous years when the earlier events tend to attract bigger fields, followed by a slight decline at the WSOP enters its third and fourth week.

The final table was played on ESPN’s secondary stage. The Main Stage was reserved for the $10,000 buy-in Pot-Limit Omaha world championship, which was broadcast live over the Internet. Five more events are schedule, which are split between ESPN 360 and Bluff Media. For a complete broadcast schedule of all events, go to:

The official WSOP gold bracelet ceremony takes place on the day following the winner’s victory. The ceremony takes place on at center stage of the main tournament room and begins during the break of the noon tournament. The ceremony usually starts around 2:20 pm. The national anthem of the winner’s nation is played. The entire presentation is open to public and media. Video and photography is permitted by both media and the public.

No-Limit Hold’em Leaders

The player with the most WSOP gold bracelets (wins) in Hold’em events (all variations) is Phil Hellmuth, currently with 11.

The player with the most lifetime WSOP cashes in Hold’em events (all variations) is Phil Hellmuth, currently with 44.

The player with the most WSOP gold bracelets (wins) in No-Limit Hold’em is Phil Hellmuth, currently with 7.

The player with the most lifetime WSOP cashes in No-Limit Hold’em events is Phil Hellmuth, currently with 28.

The Event

The $1,500 buy-in No-Limit Hold’em championship attracted 2,715 entries. The total prize pool amounted to $3,705,974. The top 270 finishers collected prize money.

The tournament was played over three consecutive days.

At the end of Day One, the chip leader was Mohsin Charania, from Chicago, IL. He ended up finishing in 19th place.

The chip leader at the start of the final table was Ray Foley. He lost the lead early and had to play catch up most of the way. But Foley overcame a 2 to 1 chip disadvantage to Brandon Cantu when play went heads-up and won a few momentous pots that determined the outcome of the match.

Foley was all-in for his tournament life a few times, but got very fortunate to avoid elimination. He had A-7 and was all-in against Cantu’s A-Q. But a split pot saved Foley.

The final hand of the tournament came when Foley ended up having the best hand – J-Q versus Cantu’s J-7 after the flop came jack-high. Foley’s queen kicker ended up playing, which scooped the final pot of the tournament.

The tournament officially began on Saturday, June 20th, at noon. The tournament officially ended on Tuesday, June 23rd, at 3:00 am.

Final Results

  Name Prize City State/Country
1 Foley, Ray $657,969 Northville MI
2 Cantu, Brandon $403,951 Las Vegas NV
3 Mu, Wei $269,609 Pearl City, HI HI
4 Jacob, Alex $190,857 Las Vegas, NV NV
5 Tyler, Spalding $143,421 New Orleans NE
6 Markham, Jonathan $114,514 Elkhorn WI
7 Vangchailued, Chairud $96,355 Chandler AZ
8 Lutes, Richard $85,608 Henderson NV
9 O'connor, Patrick $80,049 Dromahair Ireland
10 Livingston, Matthew $56,071 North Las Vegas NV
11 Crawford, Kelvin $56,071 Mattoon IL
12 Glines, Shawn $56,071 Las Vegas NV
13 Davis, Raymond $39,246 Bell CA
14 Nicholson, Donald $39,246 Oak Ridge TN
15 Humphrey, Zachary $39,246 Bellingham WA
16 Iacovone, Michele $27,461 Mentor OH
17 Derke, Nicholas $27,461 Avondale PA
18 Woolen, Johnny $27,461 Temecula CA
19 Charania, Mohsin $19,234 Chicago IL
20 Bartholdi, Joseph $19,234 Las Vegas NV
21 Monica, Conrad $19,234 Hemet CA
22 Kolla, Christopher $19,234 Wuppertal Germany
23 Le, Namthien $19,234 Huntington Beach CA
24 Banner, Steven $19,234 Gresford United Kingdom
25 Mohs, Steven $19,234 Savage MN
26 Mitchell James $19,234 Newport Beach CA
27 Korberhillejan, Johannes $19,234 Dortmund Germany
28 Macphee, Kevin $15,268 Coeur D Alene ID
29 Corzo, Javier $15,268 Van Nuys CA
30 Kang, Benjamin $15,268 Koln Germany
31 Priour, Lucas $15,268 Austin TX
32 Luther, Douglas $15,268 Greenwood Village CO
33 Wade, Tristan $15,268 Boynton Beach FL
34 Crockett, Christopher $15,268 Costa Mesa CA
35 Antonucci, Thomas $15,268 Germantown MD
36 Persson, Magnus $15,268 Gotherburg Sweden
37 Jones, Mary $11,488 Henderson NV
38 Leung, Kwan $11,488 Houston TX
39 Torres, Venancio $11,488 Mount Airy NC
40 Boshenyatov, Dmitry $11,488 Murmansk Russia
41 Delis, Mario $11,488 Bakersfield CA
42 Bonavida, Raymond $11,488 Redondo Beach CA
43 Scott, Minor $11,488 Denver CO
44 Jensen, Frederik $11,488 Copenhagen Denmark
45 Gilbert, Zak $11,488 Reno NV
46 Suckman, Marc $9,079 Las Vegas NV
47 Korsog, Torrey $9,079 Maumee OH
48 Campo, Darius $9,079 Sherman Oaks CA
49 Peachey, Jon $9,079 Las Vegas NV
50 Wedekin, Sven $9,079 Grand Junction CO
51 McCormick, Thomas $9,079 Fargo ND
52 Cartigny, Franck $9,079 Lomme FR
53 Dwyer, Kevin $9,079 Vacaville CA
54 Ray, John $9,079 Bullard TX
55 Pomerantsev, Sergey $7,449 Moscow Russia
56 Coan, Thomas $7,449 Bohemia NY
57 Le Tommy $7,449 Tustin CA
58 Portano, Desmond $7,449 Brooklyn NY
59 Allen, Lillian $7,449 Oakland CA
60 Walker, Richard $7,449 Austin TX
61 Bauer, Sebastian $7,449 Bickenbach  
62 Young, Craig $7,449    
63 Lenart, Lester $7,449 Rohnert Park CA
64 Tito, Eugene $6,300 Glendale CA
65 Evans, Hubert $6,300 Middle River MD
66 Stanechewski, Paul $6,300 Lutz FL
67 Linden, Ronald $6,300 Henderson NV
68 Bamminger, Uwe $6,300 Marl
69 Peterson, Sean $6,300 Rogers AK
70 Vanklink, Benjamin $6,300 Frisco TX
71 Repetti, John $6,300 Henderson NV
72 Levy, Adam $6,300 Las Vegas NV
73 Baker, Amanda $5,447 Las Vegas NV
74 Seatelli, Jean Paul $5,447 Bastia France
75 Fox, David $5,447 Coram NY
76 Grimes, Thomas $5,447 Loves Park IL
77 Ta, Napoleon $5,447 Boulder CO
78 Farkas, Julie $5,447 Albuquerque NM
79 Verstappen, Ronald $5,447 Incline Village NV
80 Coelho, Vitor $5,447 Tampa FL
81 Meijer, Maarten $5,447 Ede Netherlands
82 Woo, Samuel $4,706 Los Angeles CA
83 Pitzulo, Michael $4,706 Poland OH
84 Totani, Jerilyn $4,706 Chicago IL
85 Wiesner, Brett $4,706 Las Vegas NV
86 Leeuwen, Maikel $4,706    
87 Mckinnon, Lauchlin $4,706 Las Vegas NV
88 Roy, Sebastien $4,706 Quebec QC, Canada
89 Bustamante, Anthony $4,706 Sayville NY
90 Demler, Shane $4,706 Newton UT
91 Tighe, David $4,113 Birmingham United Kingdom
92 Oneil, Craig $4,113   United Kingdom
93 Howe, Jody $4,113 Delta BC, Canada
94 Tran, Thithi $4,113 Torrance CA
95 Zamani, Kambiz $4,113 Chandler AZ
96 NEWHOUSE, MARK $4,113 Chapel Hill NC
97 Neu, Matthias $4,113 Weilbach Germany
98 Calhoun, Matthew $4,113 Phoenix AZ
99 Iversen, Albert $4,113 London United Kingdom
100 Rusnak, Francis $3,631 Chicago IL
101 Engerdahl, Joshua $3,631 Abbotsford BC, Canada
102 Clark, Zachary $3,631 Las Vegas NV
103 Pinto, Daniel $3,631 Toronto ON, Canada
104 McLaughlin, Robert $3,631 Washington DC
105 Von Halle, Jan $3,631 Hamburg Germany
106 Seiber, Scott $3,631 Medina WA
107 Correa, Jesse $3,631 Yucaipa CA
108 Pauls, Luke $3,631 Overland Park KS
109 Vail, Brent $3,631 Las Vegas NV
110 Sanchez, Luis $3,631 La Habra Hts CA
111 Berto, Matthew $3,631 Vallejo CA
112 Greer, Keith $3,631 Fort Worth TX
113 Fish, Darryll $3,631 Las Vegas NV
114 Fassino, Kevin $3,631 Rough Ready CA
115 Luo, Chang $3,631 Seattle WA
116 Etemadi, Farzad $3,631 Torrance CA
117 Billavara, Chandrasekha $3,631 San Francisco CA
118 Armstrong, Kelly $3,631 Dickinson ND
119 Carlin, Bryan $3,631 Parma OH
120 Harrison, Audley $3,631 Westlake Village CA
121 Phan, Tai $3,631 Chandler AZ
122 Grove, David $3,631 Stow OH
123 Nguyen, Tracey $3,631 Henderson NV
124 Vinas, Thomas $3,631 Houston TX
125 Nixon, John $3,631 Torronto ON, Canada
126 Ramadanis, Andreas $3,631 Denver CO
127 Brewin, William $3,631 Bristol United Kingdom
128 Davis, Steven $3,631 Salt Lake City UT
129 Carroll, Michael $3,631 Las Vegas NV
130 Jing, Shan $3,631 Arcadia CA
131 Vallo, Claus $3,631 Vanlose Denmark
132 Tsinis, Arkadiy $3,631 Las Vegas NV
133 Bosch, Oliver $3,631 Lustenau Austria
134 Pljewski, William $3,631 San Francisco CA
135 Williams, Jeff $3,631 Dunwoody GA
136 Raskin, Micah $3,298 Old Westbury NY
137 Johnson Robert $3,298 Rockford IL
138 Johnston, Thomas $3,298 Garland TX
139 LoGuidice, Joseph $3,298 Atlantic City NJ
140 Patton, Paul $3,298 Ballinger TX
141 Matteson, John $3,298 Edmond OK
142 Barnes, Brian $3,298 Rapid City SD
143 Svendsen, Katja $3,298 Fr. Stad Denmark
144 Burlot, Regis $3,298 Ploufragan France
145 King, Zachary $3,298 Marietta GA
146 Chavez, Antonio $3,298 Winnetka CA
147 Arzt, Gregory $3,298 Warsaw KY
148 Thiagarajah, Ragavan $3,298 Marlton NJ
149 Shelton, Kenneth $3,298 Dallas TX
150 Pinpin, James $3,298 Carlsbad CA
151 Lopez, Karlo $3,298 Carolina Puerto Rico
152 Mavro, Peter $3,298 Douglaston NY
153 Threet, Charles $3,298 Austin TX
154 Miller, Marc $3,298 Langhorne PA
155 Lupovich, Eric $3,298 Mont-Royal QC, Canada
156 Vrabel, Luke $3,298 West Hartford CT
157 Vuong, An $3,298 Garland TX
158 Nguyen, Hieu $3,298 Fairfax VA
159 Labbe, Leo $3,298 Las Vegas NV
160 Sacrispeyre, Patrick $3,298 Paris France
161 Dolan, Charles $3,298 Fountainvalley CA
162 Cheshier, Eric $3,298 Renton WA
163 Kasperski, Thomas $3,298 Riverside IL
164 Bendor, Yarron $3,298 Scottsdale AZ
165 Lepire, Judy $3,298 Berkeley CA
166 Hegeman, Kyle $3,298 Port Jefferson NY
167 Olsson, Mikael $3,298 Stockholm Sweden
168 Delgrosso, Marcello $3,298 Toronto ON, Canada
169 Utley, John $3,298 Morganfield KY
170 Wilds, Mark $3,298 Biloxi MS
171 Arvanitis, Christos $3,298 Saint-Laurent QC, Canada
172 Blumlein, Frank $3,298 Frankfurt Germany
173 Tilley, Dennis $3,298 Redmond WA
174 Jesus, Jorge $3,298 Vile Velha Brazil
175 De mel, Priyan $3,298 London United Kingdom
176 Lundholm, Karl $3,298 Kalix Sweden
177 Miller Robert $3,298 Manhattan Beach CA
178 Bigler, Chris $3,298 Las Vegas NV
179 Vergara, Ramon $3,298 Dunwoody GA
180 Solis, John $3,298 Pleasanton CA
181 Tostesen, Jakob $3,075 Odense Denmark
182 Patterson, Tyler $3,075 Everett WA
183 Anderson, Dennis $3,075 Lexington KY
184 Miles, Andrew $3,075 Long Beach WA
185 Gonzalez, Jorge $3,075 Madrid Spain
186 Diaz, Frank $3,075 Queen Creek AZ
187 Bannasch, Steven $3,075 Royal Oak MI
188 Donofrio, Alex $3,075 Winnabow NC
189 Misteli, Pascal $3,075 Ispach Switzerland
190 Sias, John $3,075 Riverside CT
191 Christensen, Timothy $3,075 Northfield MN
192 Bowerman, Christian $3,075 Stockton CA
193 Athan, Stan $3,075 Seattle WA
194 Araneta, Leopoldo $3,075 Monrovia CA
195 Gray, Brian $3,075 Coral Springs FL
196 Merulla, Robert $3,075 New York NY
197 Anderson, Oliver $3,075 Conroe TX
198 Ali, Yasir $3,075    
199 Acevecdo, Jaime $3,075 Las Vegas NV
200 Brummelhuis, Michiel $3,075 Amsterdan Netherlands
201 Wong Christopher $3,075 Los Angeles CA
202 Bucherl, Konstantin $3,075 Regensburg Germany
203 Heinrichs, Benjamin $3,075 Chico CA
204 Maier, Kurt $3,075 Rancho Cucamnga CA
205 Tong, Kun $3,075 Temple City CA
206 Bohlman, Scott $3,075 Homer Glen IL
207 May, Martin $3,075 Plantation FL
208 Hertziger, Michael $3,075 Neenah WI
209 Sizgoric, Nenad $3,075 Mississauga ON, Canada
210 Baylos, Jeffrey $3,075 Ontatio CA
211 Sprando, Michael $3,075 Portland OR
212 Yee, Christopher $3,075 Shoreline WA
213 Murrell, Keith $3,075 Kansas City MO
214 Cohen, Matthew $3,075 Somerdale NJ
215 Zimmet, Neil $3,075 Arvada CO
216 Mendoza, Jessica $3,075 San Mateo CA
217 Poff, Richard $3,075 Birmingham AL
218 Gumapas, Jonathan $3,075 San Diego CA
219 Robinson, Denny $3,075 Henderson NV
220 Crino, John $3,075 Crofton MD
221 Fitzgerald, Hayden $3,075 Dana Point CA
222 Larimer, Michael $3,075 Brooklyn NY
223 Pilot, Shawn $3,075 North Hills CA
224 Frey, Waylon $3,075 New Braunfels TX
225 Lam, David $3,075 San Ramon CA
226 Smith David $2,890 Alpharetta GA
227 Hollman, Richard $2,890 Culver City CA
228 Molloy, Denise $2,890 LA JOLLA CA
229 Baxter, Michael $2,890 Pacific Palisades CA
230 Tran, Thu $2,890 Revere MA
231 Guillen, Angel $2,890 Colonia Del Valle MX
232 Cavella, Carman $2,890 Turnersville NJ
233 Calhoun, Catherine $2,890 Henderson NV
234 Barbieri, Albert $2,890 Long Beach CA
235 Brumback, Robert $2,890 Winston OR
236 Landon, Jason $2,890 Houston TX
237 McIntyre, Luke $2,890 Sydney Australia
238 Steinberg, Brad $2,890 Westlake Village CA
239 Dye, Bruce $2,890 Hilliard OH
240 Harris, Jeff $2,890 Visalia CA
241 Wolthuis, Terry $2,890 Rapid City SD
242 Hood, Daniel $2,890 University Park TX
243 Serebryakov, Evgeny $2,890 Moscow Russia
244 Beard, Brad $2,890 College Station TX
245 Miller John $2,890 Dearborn Heights MI
246 Fregoso, Juan $2,890 San Diego CA
247 Gupta, Rishabh $2,890 Overland Park KS
248 Souza, Michael $2,890 San Diego CA
249 Choy, Ching $2,890 Torrance CA
250 Matros, Matthew $2,890 Brooklyn NY
251 Gerek, Larry $2,890 Columbia Falls MT
252 Maser, Thomas $2,890 Stateline NV
253 Osborne, Peter $2,890 Portland OR
254 Baxter, Katherine $2,890 Exeter CA
255 Erting, Jorgen $2,890 Napa CA
256 Bonomo, Justin $2,890 Las Vegas NV
257 Baker, Todd $2,890 Washington DC
258 Pozefsky, Harry $2,890 Glovesrville NY
259 Jung, Jason $2,890 Torrance CA
260 Robinson, Anthony $2,890 San Ramon CA
261 Dabul, Veronica $2,890 Buenos Aires Argentina
262 Ma, Tri $2,890 Houston TX
263 Woodzell, William $2,890 White Lake MI
264 Grumiaux, Arnaud $2,890 Loos France
265 Hinkle, Grant $2,890 Overland Park KS
266 Timofeev, Serguei $2,890 Richmond Hill ON, Canada
267 Uyeda, Bryan $2,890 Pearl City HI
268 Aronow, Richard $2,890 La Jolla CA
269 Schafer, Thorsten $2,890 Rodgan Australia
270 Zhu, Yueqi $2,890 Rowland Heights CA

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