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WSOP 2009

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Event #28, $1,500 No Limit Holdem, Final Results

Official Report
Event #28
No-Limit Hold’em
Buy-In: $1,500
Number of Entries: 2,638
Total Net Prize Pool: $3,600,870
Number of Places Paid: 270
First Place Prize: $639,331
June 13-15, 2009

Event Headlines

  1. Mike “the Force” Eise Wins First WSOP Gold Bracelet
  2. St. Louis-Area Pipefitter Wins $639,331 First Prize
  3. 2009 WSOP Continues to Roll -- $1,500 Buy-In No-Limit Hold’em Event Draws another Big Crowd

The Winner

The 2009 World Series of Poker $1,500 buy-in No-Limit Hold’em champion is Mike Eise, from Troy, MO.

Eise is known as “the Force.” A group of poker friends gave him the nickname because he is one of the toughest players in local poker games.

Eise lives in the St. Louis area. He is married to wife Katie. The couple has three daughters.

Eise is pronounced “ice.”

Eise is a 30-year-old pipefitter. He is a proud member of Local 562, of the Plumbers and Pipefitters Union.

Eise was born in St. Charles, MO.

This was Eise’s first time to visit Las Vegas.

Eise came to this year’s WSOP with a group of friends. They are members of a St. Louis-area poker club called “Wanna’ Be Poker Series.” Membership in the club requires regular dues to be paid. Every year, the club holds a few small tournaments to determine which members get to fly to Las Vegas and play in the WSOP. Four members of the club entered this tournament – one of them being Mike Eise.

Eise was cheered to victory by his wife, sister, brother-in-law and several friends.

Eise plays poker occasionally with Dennis Phillips, who is also from the St. Louis area. Phillips finished third in last year’s WSOP Main Event. The two regularly play in the same cash games.

Eise collected $639,331 for first place. He was also awarded his first WSOP gold bracelet.

Eise has no previous finishes at the WSOP.

According to the official records, Eise now has 1 win, 1 final table appearance, and 1 in-the-money finishes at the WSOP.

Eise currently has $639,331 in WSOP winnings.

Eise had previously won numerous daily poker tournaments held at casinos located in the St. Louis area. He plays poker mostly at Ameristar Casino and Harrah’s. His regular poker game is $1-3 blind No-Limit Hold’em and some $5-10 blind No-Limit Hold’em.

Eise has not had time to consider the full impact of his victory and $639,331 in winnings. However, he stated that he plans to continue working and remain very much as he was before the victory.

Winner Quotes (Mike “the Force” Eise)

On how it feels to win a WSOP gold bracelet: “It’s surreal. It’s something I always wanted to win.”

On how he got into this tournament: “I always wanted to come to Las Vegas and play in the World Series. I had one chance to get into this event, and here I am. I won the bracelet.”

On how his goals changed as he went deeper in the tournament: “I had benchmarks. I just wanted to reach benchmarks (last the first day, making the money, etc.) and as I reached them I made a new benchmark and then I reached it again. With 2,600 people (who entered) you can’t expect first. But you hope for it.”

On his poker club in St. Louis: “Its called the ‘Wanna’ Be Poker Series.’ I guess it’s the ‘To Be Poker Series” now, since I’m not a wanna’ be anymore.”

On what his plans and goals were before his WSOP victory: “This is the only event I played. This is the only event I wanted to play. I wanted to concentrate on this. So, I didn’t play any other ones. I figure ‘one event = one win’ really means something.”

On what he plans to do with the money: “I have kids to take care of, and health insurance, and I plan to keep going at what I’m doing. But my three little girls are going to be excited because I’m going to take them to Disneyland.”

On if the win and $639,331 in prize money is life changing: “Definitely.”

The Final Table

The final table contained no former WSOP gold bracelet winners. This was the tenth of 29 finales held so far this year with no former winners -- which guaranteed a first-time champion.

The runner up was Jeff Chang, from New York, NY. This was his first time ever to cash at the WSOP. Chang works as a private equity trader.

The third-place finisher was Rico Ramirez, from Centennial, CO. He is a retired former police officer. Ramirez also served in the U.S. Air Force. This was Ramirez best tournament performance ever and marked his first time to cash at the WSOP.

The fourth-place finisher was Jason Potter, from Tulsa, OK. He won a WSOP Circuit event held at Caesars Indiana last year. Potter, a recent graduate of Oklahoma State University, was cheered on by the loudest crowd of supporters yet at this year’s WSOP. Every hand he played, the crowd mimicked the fortunes of their hero. This provided a great amount of final table excitement and drama since rival Mike Eise had his own vocal group of supporters.

The fifth-place finisher was Barry Berger, from Englewood, NJ. He is a lawyer who has previous tournament wins and cashes at Foxwoods, and elsewhere.

The sixth-place finisher was Zach Fritz, from Denver, CO. He works as an energy trader. This was Fritz’ sixth time to cash at the WSOP and marked his highest finish ever.

The seventh-place finisher was Avi Braz, from Los Angeles, CA. He is an attorney who has a number of high finishes at the Hustler Casino in Southern California.

The eighth-place finisher was Jose-Luis Franco, who is originally from Mexico and now lives in Santa Ana, CA.

The ninth-place finisher was Mike Zulker, from Scottsdale, AZ. He has now cashed in 2 of the 3 WSOP events he has entered.

In-the-Money Finishers

Former WSOP gold bracelet finishers who cashed in this event included – Thor Hansen (264th).

Hansen remains tied for 15th place on the all-time WSOP cashes list with 43.

Given 270 players received payouts, this was the lowest number of former gold bracelet winners ever to cash in a field of comparable size. A majority of the players who cashed finished in the money for the first time at the WSOP.

Odds and Ends

This is the third of seven $1,500 No-Limit Hold’em tournaments on the 2009 WSOP schedule. Aside from the Main Event, this is the most popular game and entry/buy-in level on the schedule, which mandates multiple tournaments being offered.

The previous two $1,500 buy-in No-Limit Hold’em events held this year attracted 2,791 and 2,506 players respectively. Attendance this year is consistent with previous years when the earlier events tend to attract bigger fields, followed by a slight decline at the WSOP enters its third and fourth week.

Several WSOP tournaments are being broadcast online this year. Fifteen more events are scheduled, which are split between ESPN 360 and Bluff Media. For a complete broadcast schedule of all events, go to:

The official WSOP gold bracelet ceremony takes place on the day following the winner’s victory. The ceremony takes place on at center stage of the main tournament room and begins during the break of the noon tournament. The ceremony usually starts around 2:20 pm. The national anthem of the winner’s nation is played. The entire presentation is open to public and media. Video and photography is permitted by both media and the public.

The Event

The $1,500 buy-in No-Limit Hold'em event attracted 2,638 entries. The total prize pool amounted to $3,600,870. The top 270 finishers collected prize money.

The tournament was played over three consecutive days.

The biggest two hands of the night took place when Rico Ramirez lost two devastatingly tough hands. First, he had Mike Eise covered and all-in with A-8 versus his opponent’s A-9. That turned out to be a huge hand which tipped the balance in Eise’s favor. Eise seized the chip lead on that hand when he managed to double up. A few minutes later, Ramirez lost a brutal hand to Eise once again, when he flopped trip jacks. Eise managed to make a full house when he caught a nine on the turn to match his pocket nines. One could argue that critical hand settled the tournament – eliminating Ramirez while at the same time giving Eise a sizable chip lead going into heads-up play.

When heads-up play began, Mike Eise held more than an 8 to 1 chip leader over Jeff Chang.

The final hand of the tournament came when Chang was dealt A-J. Eise had 8-7. The flop did not help either player when it showed 6-3-3. Eise could afford to push a bluff and moved all-in with essentially no hand. Chang made a tough (and correct) call holding A-J. The ace-high was in the lead. But a seven on the turn gave Eise a pair, which held up. Eise won, with Chang ending up in second place.

The tournament officially began on Saturday, June 13th, at 5 pm. The tournament officially ended on Tuesday, June 16th, at 12:20 am.

Final Results

  Name Prize City State/Country
1 Eise, Mike $639,331 Troy MO
2 Chang, Jeff $392,494 New York NY
3 Ramirez, Adolfo $261,963 Centennial CO
4 Potter, Jason $185,444 Tulsa OK
5 Berger, Barry $139,353 Englewood NJ
6 Fritz, Zachary $111,266 Denver CO
7 Braz, Avi $93,622 Los Angeles CA
8 Franco, Jose $83,180 Santa Ana CA
9 Zulker, Michael $77,778 Scottsdale AZ
10 Joey Brattole $54,481 Parsippany NJ
11 Silvanovich, Mark $54,481 North Vancouver BC, Canada
12 Madsen, Mikkel $54,481 Copenhagen Denmark
13 Solis, Jacob $38,133 Pleasanton CA
14 Simmons, Joe $38,133 Rodessa LA
15 Neuberger, Michael $38,133 San Francisco CA
16 Kieschke, Tilman $26,682 Berlin Germany
17 Daniels, Andrew $26,682 Port Neches TX
18 Louie, Fred $26,682 Los Angeles CA
19 Johnson, Marco $18,688 Walnut Creek CA
20 Evans, Arthur $18,688 Davie FL
21 Coyle, James $18,688 Plano TX
22 Alaei, Mohammad $18,688 Santa Fe Springs CA
23 Makani, Shoaib $18,688 Palo Alto CA
24 Samanek, Josef $18,688 Brno Czech Republic
25 Wright, Gary $18,688 Annandale VA
26 Eladi, Fouad $18,688 Rncho Pls Vrd CA
27 Lippert, Adam $18,688 Brooklyn NY
28 Tahata, Lance $14,835 Torrence CA
29 Gurganus, Grace $14,835 Deerfield Beach FL
30 Sands, David $14,835 Las Vegas NV
31 Nguyen, Vandung $14,835 Hoogvliet Netherlands
32 Bo, Magne $14,835 Sauda Norway
33 Cao, Cobahuynh $14,835 San Jose CA
34 Johnson Richard $14,835 Locust Grove GA
35 Meyers, Robert $14,835 Lawrence KS
36 Jewett, James $14,835 Meridian ID
37 Croft, Charles $11,162 Chapin SC
38 Perkins, Robert $11,162 South Lake TX
39 Calamusa, Mark $11,162 Roswell GA
40 Consumano, Anthony $11,162 Manassas VA
41 Jafari, Seyed $11,162 Houston TX
42 Hamagami, Clark $11,162 Vancouver BC, Canada
43 Cohen, Nicholas $11,162 London United Kingdom
44 Patrick, Brian $11,162 Garden Grove CA
45 Weiss, Stanley $11,162 Nashville TN
46 Gavatin, Mats $8,822 Lidingo Sweden
47 Shie, Jie $8,822 Burke VA
48 Nagle, Mark $8,822 Brooklyn OH
49 Clarke, Peter $8,822 Oakhurst CA
50 Calligeros, John $8,822 Calabasas CA
51 Cole, Jeffrey $8,822 Manahawkin NJ
52 Cardosa, Michael $8,822 Andover MN
53 Willems, Robert $8,822 Sahuarita AZ
54 Mao, Nicholas $8,822 Long Beach CA
55 Welsh, Anthony $7,237 Carlsbad CA
56 De Leon Angeles, Christian $7,237 Mexico Mexico
57 Boeree, Olivia $7,237 East Molesy United Kingdom
58 Carey, David $7,237 Marion IA
59 Cain, Stephen $7,237 Palmetto Bay FL
60 Lewis, David $7,237 Beverly Hills CA
61 Bircheff, Dylan $7,237 Sante Fe NM
62 Adelstein, Eric $7,237 Chicago IL
63 Cserhati, Zsolt $7,237 Budapest Hungary
64 Karlsson, Jakob $6,121 Las Vegas NV
65 Miller, Darren $6,121 Grahamstown South Africa
66 Paulsen, Kai $6,121 Trondheim Norway
67 Croffut, Adam $6,121 Shoreline WA
68 Weiss, Joshua $6,121 La Jolla CA
69 Douglas, Champie $6,121 Las Vegas NV
70 Gauron, Alexandre $6,121 Sainte Therese QC, Canada
71 Jarvinen, Jon $6,121 Hanko Finland
72 Butler, Matthew $6,121 Washington DC
73 Wagner, Doris $5,293 Plano TX
74 Mohr, Philipp $5,293 Hamburg Germany
75 Levi, David $5,293 Las Vegas NV
76 Iola, Samuel $5,293 Dallas TX
77 Elkin, Stuart $5,293 Delray Beach FL
78 Rubin Mark $5,293 Avondale AZ
79 Portaleoni, Rodrigo $5,293 Santos Brazil
80 Burbick, Corey $5,293 Davie FL
81 Forden, Dana $5,293 Lethbridge AB, Canada
82 Neuville, Pierre $4,573 Knokke-heist Belgium
83 Mok, Felix $4,573 Brooklyn NY
84 Ayoub, Ali $4,573 Mississauga ON, Canada
85 Miller, Christopher $4,573 La Selva Beach CA
86 Rabin-havt, Ari $4,573 Wasshington DC
87 Marr, Chris $4,573 Spokane WA
88 Rodgers, Randy $4,573 Reno NV
89 Hudson, Adam $4,573 Highlands Ranch CO
90 Teng, Andrew $4,573 London United Kingdom
91 Frederiksen, Kim $3,996 Henderson NV
92 De mel, Priyan $3,996 London United Kingdom
93 Woods, Grant $3,996 Lakeside CA
94 Glow, Nicholas $3,996 Aptos CA
95 Lesle, Michael $3,996 Wildomar CA
96 Maltese, Calogero $3,996 St Catharines ON, Canada
97 Baber, Jackson $3,996 Las Vegsa NV
98 Winter, Frederic $3,996 La Grange IL
99 Pycior, Romuald $3,996 Henderson NV
100 Lowery, Phillip $3,528 Atlanta GA
101 Monroe, Richard $3,528 Sedalia CO
102 Antoniou, Georgios $3,528 Glendale AZ
103 Venturini, Anthony $3,528 Shelby Township MI
104 Cheng, Peng $3,528 Campbell CA
105 Gutfreund, David $3,528 Chicago IL
106 Susi, Arthur $3,528 Columbus OH
107 Gambony, Michael $3,528 Phoenix AZ
108 Tavanese, Stanley $3,528 Oldsmar FL
109 Farha, Eva $3,528 Houston TX
110 Vinson, Adam $3,528 London United Kingdom
111 Tomko, Derek $3,528 Winter Haven FL
112 Glasser, Michael $3,528 Boca Raton FL
113 Mameche, Slimane $3,528 Duingt France
114 Nyberg, Dean $3,528 Woodcroft Australia
115 Chialva, Delfo $3,528 Carmagnola Italy
116 Brown, Rodney $3,528 Brea CA
117 Delgrosso, Marcello $3,528 Toronto ON, Canada
118 Channing, Neil $3,528 London United Kingdom
119 Darvin, Adam $3,528 Colorado Springs CO
120 Merulla, Robert $3,528 New York NY
121 Hodos, Keith $3,528 Canfield OH
122 Kim, Kelly $3,528 Las Vegas NV
123 Wasick, Matthew $3,528 Albion MI
124 Edgar, Stephan $3,528 Missoula MT
125 Smith, Asa $3,528 Ledbury United Kingdom
126 Pham, Huy $3,528 Denver CO
127 Park, Chulwoo $3,528 Ulsan South Korea
128 Ketteringham, Mark $3,528 Santa Monica CA
129 Karman, Antonino $3,528 Budapest Hungary
130 Aalto, Tomi $3,528 Helsinki Finland
131 Just, Joseph $3,528 Crozet VA
132 Ebeling, Bryce $3,528 Menifee CA
133 Bellan, Michael $3,528 Seattle WA
134 Blake, William $3,528 Yorba Linda CA
135 Balezentes, Steven $3,528 Santa Maria CA
136 Schulman, David $3,204 Scarborough NY
137 Cross, Ronald $3,204 Eastlake OH
138 Terry, Todd $3,204 Hoboken NJ
139 Lockwood, Peter $3,204 Arlington TX
140 Paradiso, Roman $3,204 Downey CA
141 Hegeman, Kyle $3,204 Port Jefferson NY
142 Fisher, Monique $3,204 Victorville CA
143 Vernik, Leonid $3,204 Toronto ON, Canada
144 Offen, Hanno $3,204 Ahrensburg Germany
145 Pena, Ernesto $3,204 Corona CA
146 Miller, Michael $3,204 Ledyard CT
147 Markham, Jonathan $3,204 Elkhorn WI
148 Durante, Roberto $3,204 Barrie ON, Canada
149 Martinez, Rafael $3,204 Katy TX
150 Wrenn, Evan $3,204 Wesley Chapel FL
151 Winfield, Edwin $3,204 Las Vegas NV
152 Yarosh, Daryl $3,204 Green Pond NJ
153 Rutt, Curtis $3,204 Belwood ON, Canada
154 Belanger, Donald $3,204 Welland ON, Canada
155 Ryan, Joseph $3,204 Troy NY
156 Wiedenhoeft, Chad $3,204 Whitewater WI
157 Fuller, Thomas $3,204 Boulder CO
158 Baptista, Claudio $3,204 Santa Catarina Brazil
159 Turmezey, Peter $3,204 Budapest Hungary
160 Boyd, Howard $3,204 W Chester OH
161 Vrabel, Luke $3,204 West Hartford CT
162 Petersen, Jesper $3,204 Aarhus Denmark
163 Balber, Norton $3,204 St Louis MO
164 Montizanti, Elizabeth $3,204 Hastings NE
165 Martinat, Randall $3,204 Garden City ID
166 Blatner, Neil $3,204 Visalia CA
167 Nathan, Rayan $3,204 Beaumont TX
168 Pajer, Brian $3,204 Costa Mesa CA
169 Hai, Dang $3,204 Evry France
170 Evans, Jonathan $3,204 Houston TX
171 Nguyen, Kate $3,204 Federal Way WA
172 Wolpert, Marc $3,204 Marietta GA
173 Stabell, Stian $3,204 Hesseng Norway
174 Coffin, Tristram $3,204 Ithaca NY
175 Corbin, Daniel $3,204 Toronto ON, Canada
176 Tung, Siripol $3,204 Los Angeles CA
177 Spiegel, Marcus $3,204 Los Angeles CA
178 Platt, Christopher $3,204 Las Vegas NV
179 McCarrel, Jamie $3,204 Lafayette CA
180 Novak, Richard $3,204 Fairfax IA
181 Petrillo, James $2,988 S Easton MA
182 Amadei, Mirko $2,988 Fidenza Italy
183 Aghakhani, Armond $2,988 Glendale CA
184 Kubey, Kenneth $2,988 Sunnyvale CA
185 Adamson, Chester $2,988 Cape Coral FL
186 Foutty, Stephen $2,988 Santa Rosa CA
187 Orf, Robert $2,988 Wentzville MO
188 Sizemore, Charles $2,988 San Francisco CA
189 Bylund, Joshua $2,988 Muskegon MI
190 Wetemans, Jasper $2,988 Amsterdam Netherlands
191 Hoffman, Justin $2,988 Alpharetta GA
192 Hanna, Jessica $2,988 Beaumont TX
193 Futterman, Gary $2,988 Saugus CA
194 Labbe, Leo $2,988 Las Vegas NV
195 Malson, Timothy $2,988 Durham OK
196 Zakhem, Salim $2,988 Houston TX
197 Brecard, Julian $2,988 Paris France
198 Froehlich, John $2,988 Bellmore NY
199 Adjemian, Armen $2,988 Glendale CA
200 Nardi, Anthony $2,988 Madison WI
201 Gilford, Dean $2,988 Van Nuys CA
202 Pekmezaris, John $2,988 Houston TX
203 Jin, Yongli $2,988 Las Vegas NV
204 Olive, Laurent $2,988 Paris France
205 Bardsley, Nils $2,988 Denver CO
206 Martin, Christopher $2,988 New York NY
207 Molinari, Matthew $2,988 New York NY
208 Kapitonov, Eduard $2,988 Moscow Russia
209 Stearns, Timothy $2,988 Burbank CA
210 Pfau, Michael $2,988 Indianapolis IN
211 Bouregba, Tarik $2,988 Bagneux France
212 Truong, Hien $2,988 Garden Grove CA
213 Newman, Thomas $2,988 Cortlandt Manor NY
214 Rocchi, George $2,988 Park City UT
215 Emick, Michael $2,988 Lamar CO
216 Sims, Herbert $2,988 Leawood KS
217 Delvo, Robert $2,988 Winnipeg MB, Canada
218 McGuire, Daniel $2,988 Chicago IL
219 Lackey, Darrell $2,988 Sellersburg IN
220 Reiter, Jeffrey $2,988 Leclaire IA
221 Sharp, Ronnie $2,988 Knoxville IO
222 Ladhani, Shaheen $2,988 Houston TX
223 Dolan, John $2,988 Bonita Springs FL
224 Crowe, Michael $2,988 Elizabethtown KY
225 Bucci, Melissa $2,988 Pembroke Pines FL
226 Yarchever, Jeffrey $2,808 Newport Coast CA
227 Loo, Dennis $2,808 Cambridge MA
228 Clough, Dennis $2,808 Wakefield United Kingdom
229 Bredfeldt, Stephen $2,808 Nashville TN
230 Singh, David $2,808 Winter Garden FL
231 Armour, Robert $2,808 Flagstaff AZ
232 Wenzel, Todd $2,808 Corona CA
233 Lee Anthony $2,808 Honolulu HI
234 Lefrancois, Pascal $2,808 Rosemere QC, Canada
235 Lundwall, Todd $2,808 Scottsdale AZ
236 Chir, Bernie $2,808 Riverside CA
237 Park, Lawrence $2,808 Wilmington CA
238 Nguyen, Shawn $2,808 Simi Valley CA
239 Flynn, James $2,808 New York NY
240 Pahuja, Vineet $2,808 Hicksville NY
241 Chen, Irving $2,808 San Francisco CA
242 Nguyen Thang $2,808 Atlanta GA
243 Cavanaugh, John $2,808 Berlin CT
244 Norling, Max $2,808 Mantorp Sweden
245 Durante, Domenico $2,808 Kirkland QC, Canada
246 Palmer, Benjamin $2,808 Las Vegas NV
247 Ververis, Tony $2,808 Las Vegas NV
248 Demidov, Ivan $2,808 Moscow Russia
249 Mazza, Eric $2,808 Beaucaire France
250 Carey, William $2,808 Clearwater FL
251 Pratt, Shannon $2,808 Salem OR
252 Raines, Curt $2,808 Encino CA
253 Hansen, Andrew $2,808 Anchorage AK
254 Muzyka, Raymond $2,808 Edmonton AB
255 Mitzel, Mark $2,808 Fresno CA
256 Farley, James $2,808 Sanderson FL
257 Yuzikov, Alexey $2,808 Volgodonsk Russia
258 Karp, Steven $2,808 N Miami Beach FL
259 Vanduyn, Joshua $2,808 San Diego CA
260 Perez, Cesar $2,808 Rancho Santa Margarita CA
261 Hicks, Daniel $2,808 Lithia FL
262 Bradley Craig $2,808 Beachwoors OH
263 Neil, Walter $2,808 Palm Desert CA
264 Hansen, Thor $2,808 El Segundo CA
265 Landy, David $2,808 Englewood CO
266 Ross, Mallor $2,808 New York NY
267 Lucchesi, David $2,808 Walnut Creek CA
268 Brewster, Mark $2,808 Caledonia NY
269 Stamm, Jonathan $2,808 Glenview IL
270 Ramage, Grayson $2,808 Red Hook NY

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