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WSOP 2009

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Event #24, $1,500 No Limit Hold'em, Final Results

Official Report
Event #24
Buy-In: $1,500
Number of Entries: 2,506
Total Net Prize Pool: $3,420,690
Number of Places Paid: 270
First Place Prize: $607,256
June 11-13, 2009

Event Headlines

  1. Pete “the Greek” Vilandos Wins His Second WSOP Gold Bracelet – Previous Win Was Back in 1995
  2. Twelve Days after Coming in Second-Place in 6,000+ Player Field, Vilandos Conquers another Huge Tournament with 2,500+ Entries and Takes First Place
  3. Vilandos Becomes the 127th WSOP Career Millionaire – Now with $1.3 Million in Winnings

The Winner

The 2009 World Series of Poker $1,500 buy-in No-Limit Hold’em champion is Pete Vilandos, from Houston, TX.

Vilandos is known as “Pete the Greek” because his proud Greek heritage.

Vilandos’ real full name is Panayote Vilandos.

Vilandos is a 69-year-old retiree who now plays poker professionally. He has been a fixture at major poker tournaments around the United States for more than 20 years.

Vialndos arrived as an immigrant from Greece at the age of 27. He had already earned a degree from the University of Athens but decided to go back to school in the United States. He graduated from the University of Houston and earned a degree in electrical engineering.

Vilandos was a businessman in Houston. He started playing poker for fun. It eventually became a passion to the point he travels around the tournament circuit as a regular.

Vilandos believes his engineering background, which uses math, is helpful to him at the poker table.

Vilandos collected $607,276 for first place. He was also awarded his second WSOP gold bracelet.

With this victory, Vilandos became the 62nd player in history to win exactly two gold bracelets. There are 115 players in WSOP who have won two gold bracelets, or more.

According to the official records, Vilandos now has 2 wins, 8 final table appearances, and 17 in-the-money finishes at the WSOP.

Vilandos finished second in the $1,000 buy-in “Stimulus Special” No-Limit Hold’em tournament (Event 4). He earned $473,282 for that feat.

Vilandos’ previous gold bracelet victory came in 1995, in the Pot-Limit Hold’em event. There were 264 entries.

Vilandos has outlasted more players in his two big cashes than any other player at this year’s WSOP. He outlasted 6,010 players in Event 4 and conquered a field-size of 2,506 in this tournament. Hence, he has outlasted a combined 7,515 players in two No-Limit Hold’em events. This is comparable to Dan Harrington’s feat in the 2003 and 2004 WSOP when he made back-to-back Main Event final tables.

Vilandos currently has $1,304,975 in WSOP winnings. With this cash, he became the 126th player in WSOP history to cross the million-mark in career winnings.

Vilandos has won more money at this year’s WSOP than all of his previous WSOP years combined.

Winner Quotes (Pete “the Greek” Vilandos)

On why he is having such a big year so far, in tournaments with big field-sizes: “It’s a lot of patience and a lot of strategy.”

On the older versus younger generation in poker: “The Internet players – they are very good players. But we are the old fellows and we have a gut feeling that we go with.”

On his family: “I love them all, especially my grandkids. This win was for them.”

The Final Table

The final table contained only one former WSOP gold bracelet winner – Pete Vilandos (1 win at start).

The runner up was Andy Seth, from Las Vegas, NV. He stakes many players and plays as an amateur. He is a 22-year-old graduate of the University of Illinois.

The third-place finisher was Michael Greco, from London, UK. He is a Scottish-born actor who has appeared in many television shows in England.

The fourth-place finisher was Glenn McCaffrey, from Londonderry, NH. He was the chip leader at the end of Day One.

The fifth-place finisher was Dean Hamrick, from East Lansing, MI. He is a professional poker player best known for finishing tenth the last year’s WSOP Main Event.

The sixth-place finisher was Allan Jaffrey, from Henderson, NV. This was the third consecutive year Jaffrey has made it to a WSOP final table.

The seventh-place finisher was David Lerman, an accountant from Granada Hills, CA.

The eighth-place finisher was Souvanh Vilayvanh, from Mays Landing, NJ.

The ninth-place finisher was Brian Fitzpatrick, from Fallston, MD.

Other In-the-Money Finishers

Other former WSOP gold bracelet finishers who cashed in this event included – Robert Mizrachi, David Daneshgar, Daniel Schreiber, Humberto Brenes, and Burt Boutin.

Humberto Brenes, from San Jose, Costa Rica is currently ranked sixth on the all-time WSOP cashes list, with 54. He is one cash behind T.J. Cloutier and Berry Johnson.

The defending champion from 2008 was Vitaly Lunkin, from Moscow, Russia. He did not enter this event. It should be noted that there were six $1,500 No-Limit Hold’em tournaments on both this and last year’s schedule. This event roughly corresponds to Lunkin’s event from last year.

Odds and Ends

Attendance for this tournament has held steady in recent years. Each of the last eight No-Limit Hold’em events at this buy-in level has exceeded 2,300 entries. This tournament attracted 2,506 participants. The respective attendance figures for this event read as follows: 3,929, 2,706, 2,304, 2,720, 2,717, 2,693, 2,791, and 2,506.

Due to the intense media and public interest in another event held on the same day (Phil Ivey’s seventh gold bracelet victory), for the first time ever Bluff Media covered two final tables, in what turned out to be a doubleheader broadcast which had only planned to feature the $1,500 No-Limit Hold’em championship. Fifteen more events are scheduled, which are split between ESPN 360 and Bluff Media. For a complete broadcast schedule of all events, go to:

The tournament was played over three consecutive days. On Day Three, the final table was dealt out on ESPN’s feature table.

The official WSOP gold bracelet ceremony takes place on the day following the winner’s victory. The ceremony takes place on at center stage of the main tournament room and begins during the break of the noon tournament. The ceremony usually starts around 2:20 pm. The national anthem of the winner’s nation is played. The entire presentation is open to public and media. Video and photography is permitted by both media and the public.

Winner Pete Vilandos will have the Greek National Anthem played at his ceremony.

The Event

The $1,500 buy-in No-Limit Hold’em event attracted 2,506 entries. The total prize pool amounted to $3,420,690. The top 270 finishers collected prize money.

Through 25 tournaments, this was the third-largest field of the 2009 WSOP.

The chip leader after Day One was Glenn McCafferty, from Londonderry, NH, who finished fourth.

The chip leader at the start of the final table was Andy Seth. He ended up finishing second.

When the final table began, Vilandos was ranked seventh out of nine players.

The final table lasted about seven hours.

The big hand of the night took place when Vilandos won the biggest pot of the tournament with A-K versus Seth’s A-Q. Following that swing, it took Vilandos only about ten minutes to close out the victory.

The final hand of the tournament came when Vilandos was dealt A-5 versus Seth’s A-J. Seth raised all-in pre-flop. Vilandos called and made a straight when the final board showed 10-4-3-2-K.

The tournament officially began on Thursday, June 11th, at 5 pm. The tournament officially ended on Saturday, June 14th, at 11:30 pm.

Final Results

  Name Prize City State/Country
1 Vilandos, Pete $607,256 Houston TX
2 Seth, Andy $372,855 Las Vegas NV
3 Greco, Michele $248,855 London United Kingdom
4 McCaffrey Glenn $176,165 Londonderry NH
5 Hamrick, Dean $132,380 East Lansing MI
6 Jaffray, Alan $105,699 Silver Springs NV
7 Lerman, David $88,937 Winnetka CA
8 Vilayvanh, Souvanh $79,017 Mays Landing NJ
9 Fitzpatrick, Brian $73,886 Fallston MD
10 Hermans, Ernst $51,755 Leiderdorp Netherlands
11 Champlin, Benny $51,755 Jonewville LA
12 Santos, Gualter $51,755 Rio De Janeiro Brazil
13 Marshak, Stuart $36,225 Deerfield IL
14 Manole, Mihai $36,225 Targoviste Romania
15 Truijers, Roberto $36,225 Oostvoorne Netherlands
16 Davoudi, Ali $25,347 Houston TX
17 Correa, Roberto $25,347 Conroe TX
18 Seden, Andrew $25,347 London United Kingdom
19 Sparks, Christopher $17,753 Royal Oak MI
20 Nguyen Van Dung $17,753 Hoogvliet Netherlands
21 Morales, Roberto $17,753 Cedar Creek TX
22 Crittenden, David $17,753 Montclair NJ
23 Welch, Ryan $17,753 Nashville TN
24 Gray, Craig $17,753 Portland OR
25 Roulier, Chris $17,753 Burbank CA
26 Barwacz, Ryan $17,753 Fremont CA
27 Goldklang, David $17,753 Mill Valley CA
28 Wood, William $14,093 Manakin Sabot VA
29 Derbyshire, Martin $14,093 Toronto ON, Canada
30 Meyer, Marcus $14,093 Zionsville IN
31 Patry, Guillaume $14,093 Quebec QC, Canada
32 Simmons, Joe $14,093 Shreveport LA
33 Sundin, Erik $14,093 Stockholm Sweden
34 Chicotsky, David $14,093 Fort Worth TX
35 Dietrich, Michael $14,093 Centralia ON
36 Barclay, Stuart $14,093 Worthing W Sussex United Kingdom
37 Le Tommy $10,604 Tustin CA
38 Silver, Joel $10,604 Porter Ranch CA
39 Downey, Michael $10,604 Woodside NY
40 Austin, Daniel $10,604 San Jose CA
41 Agarwal, Aditya $10,604 Kolkatta India
42 Griner, Billy $10,604 Monroes MI
43 Febers, Paul $10,604 Wishaw United Kingdom
44 Yarosh, Daryl $10,604 Green Pond NJ
45 Hickey, Emmett $10,604 Arlington, TX TX
46 Gordon Larry $8,380 Jarvie AB, Canada
47 Rho, Peter $8,380 Las Vegas NV
48 Dirksen, Dustin $8,380 Las Vegas NV
49 Melioli, Marco $8,380 Reggio Emilia Italy
50 Lewis, Todd $8,380 New York NY
51 Manley, Kevin $8,380 Arlington Heights IL
52 Mcroy, Christopher $8,380 West Frankfort IL
53 Kleimann, Bryan $8,380 Columbus TX
54 Shulruf, Joel $8,380 Buffalo Grove IL
55 Grenon, Joseph $6,875 Orleans ON
56 Hakim, Jeffrey $6,875 Wexford PA
57 Boustani, Rocky $6,875 Dallas TX
58 Tobin, Kara $6,875 Bringhton United Kingdom
59 Zangara, Louis $6,875 Sherwood OR
60 Frisk, James $6,875 Arvada CO
61 Delgrosso, Marcello $6,875 Toronto ON, Canada
62 Derke, Nicholas $6,875 Avondale PA
63 Stjernvang, Helge $6,875 Kolsas Norway
64 Sisley, Todd $5,815 Toronto ON, Canada
65 Mu, Wei $5,815 Pearl City HI
66 Galic, Dragan $5,815 Schneverdingen Germany
67 Roberti, Simon $5,815 San Costaneo Italy
68 Banghart, Jeffrey $5,815 Bennington NE
69 Nguyen Binh $5,815 Las Vegas NV
70 Pellegrini, Edward $5,815 Destrehan LA
71 Dobrilovic, Tomislav $5,815 West Nyack NY
72 Ferraro, Mark $5,815 San Jose CA
73 Vanhorn, Archibald $5,028 ADA OK
74 Yalouskikh, Aliaksandr $5,028 Las Vegas NV
75 Waliany, Javed $5,028 Franklin NC
76 Yeh, Anthony $5,028 Las Vegas NV
77 England, Carder $5,028 Tucker GA
78 Krueger, Russell $5,028 Scottsdale AZ
79 Wheeler, Jason $5,028 Chula Vista CA
80 Ly, Dau $5,028 Duluth GA
81 Baker David $5,028 Katy TX
82 Naalden, Marcus $4,344 Antwerpen Netherlands
83 Heimiller, William $4,344 Las Vegas NV
84 Bonavida, Raymond $4,344 Redondo Beach CA
85 Plumley, Dale $4,344 Wasilla AK
86 Burgio, Vincent $4,344 West Hills CA
87 Gurian, Philip $4,344 Boca Raton FL
88 Hogg, John $4,344 Gary IN
89 Lum, Mitchell $4,344 Henderson NV
90 Crawford, Gabriel $4,344 Farmington Hills MI
91 Azevedo, Franklin $3,796 Dos Palos CA
92 Haver, James $3,796 Tulsa OK
93 Odonnel, Neel $3,796 Vancouver WA
94 Di Giovanni, Steven $3,796 Mississauga ON
95 Horner, Brent $3,796 Leeds United Kingdom
96 Halprin, Michael $3,796 St Petersburg FL
97 Yeh, Philip $3,796 Las Vegas NV
98 Penno, Travis $3,796 Vancouver BC, Canada
99 Fish, Darryll $3,796 Las Vegas NV
100 Golias, Joseph $3,352 Beaumont TX
101 Pender, Dallin $3,352 Gilbert AZ
102 Cavanaugh, John $3,352 Berlin CT
103 Pandurangan, Gokula $3,352 Freemont CA
104 Sebok, Joe $3,352 Rancho Palos Verdes CA
105 Conkright, John $3,352 Los Angeles CA
106 Tran, Khoa $3,352 Garden Grove CA
107 Napoli, John $3,352 Daytona Beach FL
108 Braun, Christopher $3,352 Pollock Pines CA
109 Fox, David $3,352 Coram NY
110 Linn, Michael $3,352 La Jolla CA
111 Nehorayan, Robert $3,352 Sherman Oaks CA
112 Cory, Carroll $3,352 Dartmouth NS Canada
113 Maher, Michael $3,352 Las Vegas NV
114 Paasonen, Mika $3,352 Hameenlinna Finland
115 Thomas, Yuri $3,352 Los Angeles CA
116 Shuchleis, Victor $3,352 Mexico City Mexico
117 Haiman, David $3,352 Bronx NY
118 Cho David $3,352 Salt Lake City UT
119 Kongslie, Dean $3,352 Las Vegas NV
120 Perry, Andrew $3,352 Waukesha WI
121 Wolfe, Matthew $3,352 Windsor ON Canada
122 Porter, Devin $3,352 Provo UT
123 Schreiber, Daniel $3,352 San Diego CA
124 Powell Jack $3,352 London United Kingdom
125 Nixon, John $3,352 Torronto ON Canada
126 Rasmussen, Thayer $3,352 Largo FL
127 Winters, Thomas $3,352 Marble Falls TX
128 Butt, James $3,352 Buckley WA
129 Mahrenholz, Karl $3,352 London United Kingdom
130 Self, David $3,352 Hermosa Beach CA
131 Kimber, Jeff $3,352 London United Kingdom
132 Godinez, Gerardo $3,352 Mexico City Mexico
133 Futhey, Wilbur $3,352 Crossville TN
134 Stewart, Kirk $3,352 Lompoc CA
135 Horenstein, Peter $3,352 Portchester NY
136 Wootae, Min $3,044 Las Vegas NV
137 Peters, Dudley $3,044 Friendship MD
138 Sawyer-smith, Susan $3,044 Northville MI
139 Michalowski, Rafal $3,044 Syosset NY
140 Karp, Ryan $3,044 West Chester PA
141 Madsen, Lars $3,044   Denmark
142 James David $3,044 Gilbert AZ
143 McCormack, Chris $3,044 Manhatten Beach CA
144 Berg, Darren $3,044 Fitchburg WI
145 Bagley, Keith $3,044 E Greenwich RI
146 Heyden, David $3,044 Ashland OR
147 Korolev, Alexander $3,044 Moscow Russia
148 Blakeley, Christopher $3,044 San Francisco CA
149 Vaghefi, Farid $3,044 Las Vegas NV
150 Schmaus, Dean $3,044 Altamonte FL
151 Kelly, William $3,044 Concord OH
152 Von Spannenberg, Tore $3,044 Berlin Germany
153 Van Loon, Michel $3,044 Rotterdam Netherlands
154 Tran, David $3,044 Sacramento CA
155 Cole, Daniel $3,044 San Antonio TX
156 Martin, Eddylee $3,044 Cayman Brac United Kingdom
157 Meyer, Kenneth $3,044 Tuscon AZ
158 Bury, Michael $3,044 Jupiter FL
159 Munro, Karen $3,044 Whitehorse YT
160 Carello, John $3,044 New Rochelle NY
161 Daneshgar, David $3,044 Westlake Vlg CA
162 Busquet, Olivier $3,044 New York NY
163 Norton, Randall $3,044 Freeland MI
164 Simm, Stephen $3,044 Cleveland Hts OH
165 Brummelhuis, Michiel $3,044 Amsterdan Netherlands
166 Sanchez, Luis $3,044 La Habra Hts CA
167 Magallon, Anthony $3,044 Avenel NJ
168 Bry, Michael $3,044 Aurora IL
169 Link, Robert $3,044 Livonia MI
170 Fernandez, Jose $3,044 Turlock CA
171 Leonard, Stephen $3,044 South Yarra Australia
172 Boutin, Burt $3,044 Henderson NV
173 Minning, Christopher $3,044 Pflugerville TX
174 Pena, Ernesto $3,044 Corona CA
175 Hartner, Brian $3,044 Northglenn CO
176 Stemper, Patrick $3,044 Austin TX
177 Mullally, Brian $3,044 Garden Grove CA
178 Heather, Nicholas $3,044 Dublin Ireland
179 Faulkner, Douglas $3,044 Rnch Cucamnga CA
180 Huettman, Kurt $3,044 Las Vegas NV
181 Linde, Dylan $2,839 Coeur D'alene ID
182 Ho, Hoang $2,839 Irvine CA
183 Khalili, Sohale $2,839 Los Angeles CA
184 Collom, John $2,839 Houston TX
185 Marchese, Charles $2,839 Shoreham NY
186 Pereira Christian $2,839 Buenos Argentina
187 Higashihara, Keith $2,839 Antioch CA
188 Cunningham, Kemp $2,839 Lenexa KS
189 Rodgville, Scott $2,839 Elkridge MD
190 Miyashiro, Ivan $2,839 Honolulu HI
191 Villines, Joseph $2,839 Henderson KY
192 Siedlecki, Michael $2,839 Chicago IL
193 Kwaysser Valdemar $2,839 Budapest Hungry
194 Blair Eric $2,839 West Hartford CT
195 Garshofsky, Mitchell $2,839 Las Vegas NV
196 Chalendard, Marie $2,839 Montpellier France
197 Wernette, Michael $2,839 Farmington Hills MI
198 Arnett, Bryan $2,839 North Port FL
199 Mubasher, Rami $2,839 Cedar Crwwk TX
200 Ketteringham, Mark $2,839 Santa Monica CA
201 Moorman, Christopher $2,839 Brighton SU
202 Martin Daniel $2,839 Klamath Falls OR
203 Kay, Matthew $2,839 Waterloo ON
204 Johnson Keith $2,839 Des Plaines IL
205 Le, Namthien $2,839 Huntington Beach CA
206 Gaybba, Johan $2,839 Cape Town NJ
207 Herra Michael $2,839 Fort Mohave AZ
208 Banfield, Melanie $2,839 Johannesburg South Africa
209 Moore, Terrence $2,839 San Antonio TX
210 Fagen, Patrick $2,839 Urbandale IA
211 Lutz, Thomas $2,839 Oregon OH
212 Lum, Sheldon $2,839 New York NY
213 Mizrachi, Robert $2,839 Las Vegas NV
214 Macneil, Christopher $2,839 Peabody MA
215 Samanek, Josef $2,839 Mead Czech Republic
216 Gall, Zsombor $2,839 Gardony Hungary
217 Feldman Andrew $2,839 Bushey Herts UK
218 Haun, Benjamin $2,839 San Francisco CA
219 Adams Michael $2,839 Great Falls MT
220 Kim, Allen $2,839 Los Angeles CA
221 Clark Michael $2,839 Rancho Mirage CA
222 Mahoney, Jared $2,839 Abington MA
223 Mudd, Gregory $2,839 Orange CA
224 Hilger, Matthew $2,839 Suwanee GA
225 Brenes, Humberto $2,839 Miami FL
226 Wilk, Steven $2,668 Helotes TX
227 Atkinson, Bruce $2,668 Brighton United Kingdom
228 Acorda, Felimon $2,668 Kailua-Kona HI
229 Howerton, Frank $2,668 Bixby OK
230 Woods, Grant $2,668 Lakeside CA
231 Sheldon, Jacob $2,668 No Mankato MN
232 Terrell, Kenneth $2,668 Lawrenceville GA
233 Rivera Jorge $2,668 Brooklyn NY
234 Dylewski, Jakub $2,668 Surrey BC
235 Mullens, Andrew $2,668 Miami FL
236 Rosenfeldt Jack $2,668 Redondo Beach CA
237 Nodine, Noah $2,668 Norman OK
238 Platt, Christopher $2,668 Las Vegas NV
239 Mezza Morales, Pedro $2,668 San Cristoval MX
240 Binsky, Bobby $2,668 Halndle Bch FL
241 Liu Eric $2,668 Rockville MD
242 Dyer, Gregory $2,668 Minneapolis MN
243 Finlay, Andrew $2,668 Herriman UT
244 Mclaughlin, Thomas $2,668 Roxbury Crossing MA
245 Gibralter, David $2,668 Rockwall TX
246 Crizaldo, Manuel $2,668 Las Vegas NV
247 Elias, Michael $2,668 Long Beach CA
248 Lennaard, Ken $2,668 Stockholm Sweden
249 Norris, Joshua $2,668 Toronto ON
250 Prins, Michael $2,668 Seattle WA
251 Malish, Michael $2,668 Kansas City MO
252 Wimberly, Wilbur $2,668 Goliad TX
253 McFayden, Neil $2,668 London United Kingdom
254 Koegler, Michael $2,668 New York NY
255 Sita, Damon $2,668 Alexandria VA
256 Hill Michael $2,668 Stockport United Kingdom
257 Virtanen, Petri $2,668 Hanko Finland
258 Montgomery Scott $2,668 Perth ON
259 Klaning, Jens $2,668 Aarhus Denmark
260 Ojala, Toni $2,668 Turku Finland
261 Pecht Jason $2,668 Lethridge AB
262 Hougaard, Lars $2,668 Copenhagen Denmark
263 Broadworth, Mark $2,668 Sterling Heights MI
264 Sargent, Cory $2,668 Greenwood IN
265 Minaya, Manelic $2,668 Tampa FL
266 Giblin, Shauna $2,668 Magnollia TX
267 Dorsch, Scott $2,668 Independence MO
268 Paul Ambrose, Steven $2,668 Kingston ON
269 Goo, Christopher $2,668 St Charles MO
270 Dekorver, Pieter $2,668 Leeuwarden Netherlands

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