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WSOP 2009

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Event #19, $2,500 No Limit Hold'em 6-Handed, Final Report

Official Report
Event #19
Six-Handed No-Limit Hold’em
Buy-In: $2,500
Number of Entries: 1,068
Total Net Prize Pool: $2,456,400
Number of Places Paid: 108
First Place Prize: $552,745
June 8-10, 2009

Event Headlines

  1. Brock Parker Wins His Second WSOP Gold Bracelet This Year
  2. Parker Crowned King of Six-Handed Hold’em – With Two Wins in Short-Handed Variant
  3. 2009 WSOP Produces Repeat Winner – Again (Last Non-Duel Win Year at WSOP Was Ten Years Ago)

The Winner

The 2009 World Series of Poker $2,500 buy-in Six-Handed No-Limit Hold’em champion is Brock Parker, from Silver Spring, MD.

Parker is a 27-year-old professional poker player. His real first name is John, but he goes by “Brock.”

Parker first started playing poker about ten years ago. But his interest in the game evolved from the card game Magic.

Magic is a card game that is similar to poker in that it combines skill, psychology, and luck. By the time he took his turn in the spotlight of a WSOP final table Parker and others were accustomed to the pressure of playing in front of crowds and for money. Magic tournaments usually give away prize money which attracts big crowds.

Parker is one of a number of top poker players from the Washington, DC area. He lives just north of the nation’s capital. Two other close friends and former WSOP gold bracelet winners, Eric Froehlich and Alex Borteh who live nearby, were both on hand to cheer for Parker. He is also near tournament pro Justin Bonomo, who lives close by.

Another top player who is close to Parker and got his start in poker via Magic is David Williams, who won a gold bracelet in 2006.

Two-time gold bracelet winner Eric Froehlich stated that he got his start in poker, due largely to Parker’s influence. “We all played magic together,” Froehlich stated. “But Brock was the good poker player. We watched him play and he made all this money and it looked like fun, so we got into it also. I think a lot of (Magic players) who first got into poker came to it because of Brock...He was part of the Magic scene and he is responsible for many of us becoming poker players.”

Parker’s friends noted that Limit Hold’em is his best game. This is somewhat contrary to conventional wisdom which suggests most young players prefer No-Limit Hold’em.

Parker has known most of his poker friends since he was in his teens.

“He’s an online legend, and it’s well deserved,” said Alex Borteh.

Borteh added: “Daniel is great as a player and a person. But a lot of people get famous because the toot their own horns. People don’t know Brock because he does not post on poker forums all day or draw attention to himself. He is a below-the-radar kind of guy”

Parker collected $552,745 for first place. He was also awarded his second WSOP gold bracelet.

According to the official records, Parker now has 2 wins, 4 final table appearances, and 13 in-the-money finishes at the WSOP.

Parker currently has $1,041,050 in WSOP winnings. With this victory, Parker becomes the 125th player in history to achieve $1 million in winnings at the WSOP.

Winner Quotes

On winning gold bracelet number 2: “I can’t describe this. This is just unreal. It actually does not feel real to me.”

On why he’s so successful at Six-Handed poker: “I like to play more hands. Playing nine-handed is pretty boring. I guess Six-Handed gets more motivated because I get to play in a lot of pots.”

On the difference between Six-Handed poker and the conventional nine-handed game: “It’s more fun. It’s more enjoyable to mix it up and play in more pots.

On what’s he’s being doing since his first gold bracelet victory four days ago: “I played this tournament. That’s it. I went out and I ate and went home and tried to sleep – and I couldn’t. So, I woke up with no sleep and played this tournament. Then, it was until 1 am the first day and until 3 am the second day….I haven’t had much time to do much else other than sleep and play poker.”

On the advantages of immediately coming off a victory and playing in the next event: I don’t know if people are afraid, but they think I’m running good. They want to say out of my way and that helps with my confidence and lets me pull off things I might not (otherwise) pull. I get to go with my gut a little bit more.”

On plans to play tomorrow and beyond: “I’m probably going to play the next tournament. I can’t ‘not’ do it, especially now.”

On his current status as the leader in the 2009 WSOP “Player of the Year” standings: “I’m excited for ‘Player of the Year.’ I want to try for that, for sure. Especially now that they are making a big deal out of it.”

On being able to maintain focus: “I started to think about (the bracelet and the money) a little bit. But I push it out of my head. I was worried I might get too caught up in it. But the hands keep coming. If you keep getting hands -- that is enough pressure, because you have to play to win every pot.”

The Final Table

The final table contained only one former WSOP gold bracelet winner – Brock Parker (1 win).

Five of the top six finishers in this event were age 23 or under. The senior finalist was 33-year-old Jesse Rios.

The runner up was Joe Serock, from San Francisco, CA. He finished 11th in the $10,000 buy-in Mixed Games World Championship last week.

The third-place finisher was Russell Crane, from Howell, NJ.

The fourth-place finisher was Jesse Rios, from Salida, CA. This was Rios fourth time to cash at this year’s WSOP, which ties him among several other players at the moment.

The fifth-place finisher was Alex Wilson, from New Haven, CT. He is an online pro, making his first WSOP cash.

The sixth-place finisher was Clayton Newman, from Athens. GA. He cashed in last year’s WSOP Main Event. This was his first final table appearance.

The defending champion from 2008 was Dario Minieri, from Rome, Italy. He entered this year’s tournament, but did not cash.

Other In-the-Money Finishers

Other former WSOP gold bracelet finishers who cashed in this event included – Men “the Master” Nguyen (16th), Blair Hinkle (26th), Erick Lindgren (29th), Howard Lederer (30th), Bill Edler (49th), and Layne Flack 68th).

Men “the Master” Nguyen now ranks second on the all-time WSOP cashes list – with 60. He remains ten cashes behind the all-time leader Phil Hellmuth, with 70.

Tony Cousineau, from Daytona Beach, FL cashed for the third time at this year’s WSOP. Cousineau holds an enviable, yet frustrating record as the player with the most cashes in WSOP history without winning a gold bracelet – which now stands at 37. Cousineau noted that he went bust with pocket kings twice on the same day (this tournament, followed by the $3,000 buy-in HORSE event), each time losing to four-of-a-kind. “That’s never happened before,” Cousineau complained to anyone who would listen.

Odds and Ends

Attendance increased in this event by 5 percent over last year, when there were 1,102 entrants.

This was the third of four Six-Handed Hold’em tournaments on the 2009 WSOP schedule.

Six-Handed tournaments are not commonly offered at most casinos. The reason is simple. The tournaments require just as many tables, dealers, and resources as a standard nine-handed event. But in Six-Handed tournaments, the number of players (and takeout) is reduced by a third. The WSOP believes the game merits gold bracelet status to the point where four Six-Handed Hold’em tournaments are on this year’s WSOP schedule.

Ken Aldridge won the first Six-Handed tournament on this year’s schedule (Event 9). He did not enter this event.

Six-Handed Hold'em emphasizes short-handed poker skills. Rather than a full table of nine players, each table is played six-handed (or less, as players bust out). This generally requires competitors to play cards out of the standard range of starting-hand requirements. It also makes post-flop skill paramount to victory. The game is included on the WSOP schedule in an effort to test as diverse a range of poker skills as possible.

Six-Handed No-Limit Hold'em made its WSOP debut in 2005. Three Six-Handed events were included on the 2006 schedule. Last year, there was only one Six-Handed event. Former champions from these events include Isaac "The General" Galazan, Dutch Boyd, Bill Chen, Jeff Madsen, Jason Warner, and Ralph E. Porter.

The tournament was played over three consecutive days. On Day Three, the final table was dealt out on ESPN’s feature table. The secondary table, located nearby, was dark as this was one of the few days with just one final table. Most days at the WSOP this year will include two final tables.

Bluff Media and ESPN 360 featured the final table on its Internet broadcast. Twenty more events are scheduled, which are split between ESPN 360 and Bluff Media. For a complete broadcast schedule of all events, go to:

The official WSOP gold bracelet ceremony takes place on the day following the winner’s victory. The ceremony takes place on at center stage of the main tournament room and begins during the break of the noon tournament. The ceremony usually starts around 2:20 pm. The national anthem of the winner’s nation is played. The entire presentation is open to public and media. Video and photography is permitted by both media and the public.

The Event

The $2,500 buy-in Six-Handed No-Limit Hold’em championship attracted 1,068 entries. The total prize pool amounted to $2,456,400. The top 108 finishers collected prize money.

The chip leader at the end of Day One was Brett Switzer, from Athens, GA. He ended up finishing in 23rd place.

The chip leader coming into the final table was Joe Serock, who ended up finishing second.

The final table lasted about eight hours. This was one of the longer short-handed finales on record.

Brock Parker was second in chips during most of the finale, never overcoming Joe Serock’s chip lead until the final stages of the event.

When heads-up play began, Joe Serock enjoyed a 2 to 1 chip advantage over Brock Parker. However, both players, and the audience, sensed it would be a tough battle. Parker seized control early by winning a few key posts and drew to close to even. Then, about 20 hands into the face off, Parker seized the chip lead for the first time. About one hour in the duel, the chip stacks were nearly dead even. Parker’s dominance continued for another 15 minutes and he stood at 3 to 1 over Serock when the final hand was dealt.

The final hand of the tournament came when Serock was dealt 10-10 and moved all-in. Parker called and tabled Q-Q. The bigger pair held up and Parker on the tournament.

The tournament officially began on Sunday, June 8th, at 12 noon. The tournament officially ended on Wednesday, June 10th, at 11:35 pm.

Final Results

  Name Prize City State/Country
1 Parker, Brock $552,745 San Francisco CA
2 Serock, Joe $341,783 Silver Spring MD
3 Crane, Russel $220,633 Howell NJ
4 Rios, Jesse $148,661 Salida CA
5 Wilson, Alexander $104,323 New Haven CT
6 Newman, Clayton $76,123 Athens GA
7 Sudworth, James $54,777 Canterbury United Kingdom
8 Meinders, Brian $54,777 Lakewood NJ
9 Kinkade, Jay $39,376 Perth Australia
10 Ivarsson, Alexander $39,376 Lund Sweden
11 Friesen, Brian $28,297 Winnipeg MB, Canada
12 Levi, Yariv $28,297 Woodland Hills CA
13 Mabuchi, Motoyuki $20,117 Las Vegas NV
14 Bord James $20,117 Stanmore United Kingdom
15 Levy, Steven $20,117 Peabody MA
16 Nguyen, Men $20,117 Bell Gardens CA
17 Yakovenko, Nikolai $20,117 College Park MD
18 Alekhin, Stanislav $20,117 Moscow Russia
19 Duncan, Rory $14,394 Battleford SK, Canada
20 Rennhack, Andrew $14,394 Seattle WA
21 Rinaldi, Claudio $14,394 Rancate Switzerland
22 Su, Stella $14,394 Sunnyvale CA
23 Switzer, Brett $14,394 Athens GA
24 James, Kenna $14,394 Las Vegas NV
25 Katchalov, Eugene $11,839 New York NY
26 Hinkle, Blair $11,839 Columbia MO
27 Nevanlinna, Jussi $11,839   Finland
28 Houghton, Laurence $11,839 London United Kingdom
29 Lindgren, Erick $11,839 Las Vegas NV
30 Lederer, Howard $11,839 Las Vegas NV
31 Rowe, Kyle $10,366 Boardman OH
32 Zink, Daniel $10,366 Bochum Germany
33 Judge, Michael $10,366 Bensalem PA
34 Konst, Lennart $10,366 Xanten-Vynen Gremany
35 Boyd, Craig $10,366 Manchester MO
36 Rosewood, Sasha $10,366 Santa Cruz CA
37 Carson, Russell $9,186 Fredericton NB, Canada
38 Wetemans, Jasper $9,186 Amsterdam Netherlands
39 Fyshe, Adam $9,186 Ottawa ON, Canada
40 Manthe Jeffrey $9,186 San Diego CA
41 Schultz, Andrew $9,186 Madison WI
42 Fuller Richard $9,186 Monroe WA
43 Gusic, Tomislav $8,253 Mississuaga ON, Canada
44 Wood, Matthew $8,253 Whitby ON, Canada
45 Mammon, Joshua $8,253 Richmond BC, Canada
46 Gottman, William $8,253 Palmyra MO
47 Pecht, Jason $8,253 Lethridge AB, Canada
48 Garza, Jeffrey $8,253 Norfolk MA
49 Edler, William $7,418 Las Vegas NV
50 Kincaid, John $7,418 Omaha NE
51 Marshak, Stuart $7,418 Deerfield, IL IL
52 Woelfel, Wade $7,418 Mankato, MN MN
53 Deeb, Shaun $7,418 Troy NY
54 Croffut, Adam $7,418 Shoreline WA
55 Chan Terrence $6,656 Vancouver BC, Canada
56 Begley, Timothy $6,656 Freehold NJ
57 Venturini, Anthony $6,656 Shelby Township MI
58 Bianco, Benedetto $6,656 Elmont NY
59 Chen, Benny $6,656 Scarborough ON, Canada
60 Kibler-Melby, Cort $6,656 Shawnee KS
61 Klodnicki, Christopher $5,993 Voorhees NJ
62 Dreibelbis, Jason $5,993 Pottstown PA
63 Mixer, Michael $5,993 E Greenwich RI
64 McGowan, Joe $5,993 Las Vegas NV
65 Schuler, Thorsten $5,993 Dietenhofen Germany
66 Graham, Steven $5,993 Granite City IL
67 Lynn, Ye $5,404 Bethesda MD
68 Flack, Layne $5,404 Las Vegas NV
69 England, Carder $5,404 Tucker GA
70 Cleveland, Richard $5,404 Boynton Bch FL
71 Gabriel, Thomas $5,404 Lake Mary FL
72 Stoykov, Mihail $5,404 Philadelphia PA
73 Shei, Kenneth $5,404 Las Vegas NV
74 Fox, Brett $5,404 Long Beach NY
75 Udine, Joseph $5,404 Philadelphia PA
76 Marsh, Bradley $5,404 Mississauga ON, Canada
77 Belhumeur, David $5,404 Huntington Beach CA
78 Kim, Ian $5,404 Murrieta CA
79 Zaicik, Jacques $4,863 Paris France
80 Faulkner, Brant $4,863 Belvidere IL
81 Morra, Steven $4,863 New Fairfield CT
82 Seidensticker, Tim $4,863 Miami FL
83 Strassmann, Johannes $4,863 Berlin Germany
84 Shlez, Vadim $4,863 Brooklyn NY
85 Jaskiewicz, Jaroslaw $4,863 Kamloops BC, Canada
86 Snipes, John $4,863 New York NY
87 Levy, Adam $4,863 Las Vegas NV
88 Cousineau, Anthony $4,863 Daytona Beach FL
89 Serebryakov, Evgeny $4,863 Moscow Russia
90 Fischer, Seth $4,863 Palm Harbor FL
91 Harmetz, Daniel $4,372 Sacramento CA
92 Elnasr, Nasr $4,372 Berlin Germany
93 Blair Eric $4,372 West Hartford CT
94 Utnage, Anthony $4,372 Bloomington IN
95 Smith Joshua $4,372 Greensboro NC
96 Bronstein, Noah $4,372 Bellevue WA
97 Sterken, Rob $4,372 Veghel Netherlands
98 Hanna, Mark $4,372 Broomfield CO
99 Gross, Steven $4,372 Marlsbro NJ
100 Channing, Neil $4,372 London United Kingdom
101 Vanstratum, Caywood $4,372 Cookeville TN
102 Robb, Richard $4,372 Seneca SC
103 Traniello, Marco $4,372 Las Vegas NV
104 Kaiser, Aaron $4,372 Silver Spring MD
105 Rodeen Talebi $4,372 Los Angeles CA
106 Walters, Nicolas $4,372 New York NY
107 Buzgon, Daniel $4,372 Marlton NJ
108 Hruby, Martin $4,372 Celakvice Czech Republic

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