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WSOP 2009

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Event #14, $2,500 Six-Handed Limit Hold'em, Final Report

Official Report
Event #14
Six-Handed Limit Hold’em
Buy-In: $2,500
Number of Entries: 367
Total Net Prize Pool: $844,100
Number of Places Paid: 36
First Place Prize: $223,697
June 5-7, 2009

The Winner

The 2009 World Series of Poker $2,500 buy-in Six-Handed Limit Hold’em championship is Brock Parker, from Silver Spring, MD.

Parker is a 27-year-old professional poker player. His real first name is John, but he goes by “Brock.”

Parker first started playing poker about ten years ago. But his interest in the game evolved from the card game Magic.

Magic is a card game that is similar to poker in that it combines skill, psychology, and luck. By the time he took his turn in the spotlight of a WSOP final table Parker and others were accustomed to the pressure of playing in front of crowds and for money. Magic tournaments usually give away prize money which attracts big crowds.

Parker is one of a number of top poker players from the Washington, DC area. He lives just north of the nation’s capital. Two other close friends and former WSOP gold bracelet winners, Eric Froehlich and Alex Borteh who live nearby, were both on hand to cheer for Parker. He is also near tournament pro Justin Bonomo, who lives close by.

Another top player who is close to Parker and got his start in poker via Magic is David Williams, who won a gold bracelet in 2006.

Two-time gold bracelet winner Eric Froehlich stated that he got his start in poker, due largely to Parker’s influence. “We all played magic together,” Froehlich stated. “But Brock was the good poker player. We watched him play and he made all this money and it looked like fun, so we got into it also. I think a lot of (Magic players) who first got into poker came to it because of Brock...He was part of the Magic scene and he is responsible for many of us becoming poker players.”

Parker’s friends noted that Limit Hold’em is his best game. This is somewhat contrary to conventional wisdom which suggests most younger players prefer No-Limit Hold’em.

Parker has known most of his poker friends since he was in his teens.

“He’s an online legend, and it’s well deserved,” said Alex Borteh.

Borteh added: “Daniel is great as a player and a person. But a lot of people get famous because the toot their own horns. People don’t know Brock because he does not post on poker forums all day or draw attention to himself. He is a below-the-radar kind of guy”

Parker collected $223,697 for first place. He was also awarded his first WSOP gold bracelet.

Parker laughed off the “David versus Goliath” description of the result. “Yeah right, whatever,” he said.

The Final Table

The final table contained only one former WSOP gold bracelet winner – Daniel Negreanu, from Las Vegas, NV. Nevertheless, that was enough of a presence to attract a standing-room only crowd throughout the competition.

The runner up was Daniel Negreanu, from Las Vegas, NV. The four-time WSOP gold bracelet winner held the chip lead during most of the finale. But Negreanu had a tough time later and ended up finishing second. While he has four outright wins, he has three second-place finishes, as well.

Negreanu had a shot to win his third Limit Hold’em competition at the WSOP, which would have tied him with Phil Hellmuth in that category. Instead, Negreanu fell just short.

Negreanu was well aware that his final adversary, Brock Parker, was a first-rate player. However, many spectators viewed the battle as a “David Versus Goliath” battle, with the popular Negreanu getting slain at the end by a relative “unknown.” Not true. Fact is, Parker is an extraordinary player, known to many of the top tournament players in the game.

When Negreanu lost the final hand and busted out second, there was an audible shock in the air, not only for what had happened, but how quickly the final hand came once the two finalists were heads up. Negreanu was gracious and congratulatory towards Parker, then exited quickly to play in another tournament.

The third-place finisher was Tommi Horkko, from Tampere, Finland. It’s extraordinary to consider that Horkko came within two spots of joining fellow countryman Villa Wahlbeck as the only Finnish gold bracelet winners in history. It’s even more of an oddity that this came close to occurring on consecutive days. Finland went 39 previous years without a gold bracelet and within the past two days has earned a first- and third-place “finish.”

The fourth-place finisher was Kevin Hong, from Los Angeles, CA.

The fifth-place finisher was former WSOP gold bracelet winner, Barry Shulman, from Las Vegas, NV. Shulman is the publisher of Card Player magazine, the longest-running publication in poker. Shulman won his gold bracelet in the Seven-Card Stud Eight-or-Better event in 2002.

The sixth-place finisher was Kyle Ray, from Fayetteville, GA.

There was no defending champion from last year. The event was not offered in 2008.

Final Results

  Name Prize City State/Country
1 Parker, Brock $223,697 Silver Spring MD
2 Negreanu, Daniel $138,280 Las Vegas NV
3 Horkko, Tommi $89,660 Tampere Finland
4 Hong, Kevin $60,884 Las Vegas NV
5 Shulman, Barry $43,201 Las Vegas NV
6 Ray, Kyle $31,966 Fayetteville GA
7 Buckley, James $23,178 Las Vegas NV
8 Buchanan, Shawn $23,178 Abbotsford BC, Canada
9 Losev, Nikolay $16,814 Moscow Russia
10 Como, Robert $16,814 Trabuco Cyn CA
11 Tran, Thong $12,197 Las Vegas NV
12 Kline, Franklin $12,197 Harvard IL
13 Wang, Andrew $8,854 Brooklyn NY
14 Wong, Fu $8,854 Chandler AZ
15 Tryba, Christopher $8,854 Sturbridge MA
16 Olson, David $8,854 Dallas TX
17 Heimowitz, Lonnie $8,854 Monticello NY
18 Lichtie, Matthew $8,854 South Jordan UT
19 Keller, Shawn $6,432 Chandler AZ
20 Mehmood, Omar $6,432 Redwood City CA
21 Shakaryan, Ernest $6,432 St. Petersburg Russia
22 Konst, Lennart $6,432 Xanten Vynen Germany
23 Chamberlin, Jonathan $6,432 Rock Hill SC
24 Alaei, Daniel $6,432 West Hollywood CA
25 Katchalov, Eugene $5,360 Brooklyn NY
26 Jankulovski, Phillip $5,360 Newmarket ON, Canada
27 Henson, Raymond $5,360 Spring TX
28 Horton, Brian $5,360 Richardson TX
29 Seraj, Parizad $5,360 San Diego CA
30 Greenstein, Barry $5,360 Ranchos Palos Verdes CA
31 Roughan, Howard $4,693 Riverside CT
32 Becker, Jonas $4,693 Magdeburg Germany
33 Petersen, Jacob $4,693 Baton Rouge LA
34 Schlein, Joshua $4,693 Owings Mills MD
35 Cairns, Jordan $4,693 Toronto ON, Canada
36 Steury, Aaron $4,693 Fort Wayne ID

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