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WSOP 2009

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Event #13, $2,500 No Limit Holdem, Final Report

Official Report
Event #13
No-Limit Hold’em
Buy-In: $2,500
Number of Entries: 1,088
Total Net Prize Pool: $2,502,400
Number of Places Paid: 117
First Place Prize: $506,786
June 5-7, 2009

The Winner

The 2009 World Series of Poker $2,500 buy-in No-Limit Hold’em champion is Keven Stammen, from Celina, Ohio.

Stammen is a 23-year-old professional poker player.

Stammen was born in Coldwater, OH.

Stammen has been playing poker since he was a child. He started out playing in friendly games with friends and became a regular in many private games around the Dayton area by his teen years. He now plays poker full-time, both in private games and online.

“My life is pretty crazy,” Stammen said. “I play a lot of cash games and have done that ever since I can remember.”

When Stammen turned 19, he began playing in casinos in Windsor, ON (Canada), since the legal age is lower in some Ontario Casinos than elsewhere.

“I’ve always been a poker player,” Stammen said.

“Ever since I was like 15 or 16, I played poker in the clubs in Ohio,” Stammen stated. “I used to play in some of the small tournaments they had when I was younger.”

During the post-tournament interview, it became obvious that Stammen quite simple lives and breathes poker. He was queried about several key hands and was able to remember, in excruciating detail, every single hand, bet size, and action that developed.

Stammen collected $506,786 for first place. He was also awarded his first WSOP gold bracelet.

Stammen has now cashed seven times at the WSOP, all since 2007. He also had three WSOP Circuit cashes.

“It’s good to have a bracelet,” Stammen said. “Last year I came out here and cashed four times. I got close a few times. But I took a few beats. This (win) sure makes up for it.”

The Final Table

The final table was comprised of no former WSOP gold bracelet winners. This was the sixth of 14 finales held so far this year with no former winners -- which guaranteed a first-time winner.

Five of the final nine players were aged in their 20s.

This was the first event played this year (other than the Casino Employees tournament) with an all-North American cast. There were six Americans, two Canadians, and on Mexican among the final nine.

The runner up was Angel Guillen, from Mexico City, Mexico. Guillen came close to becoming only the second national of Mexico to win a WSOP gold bracelet. In 2006, Victor Perches became the first Mexican ever to win. Mexican-born Luis Velador also won a gold bracelet last year, but he resided in California at the time of his victory.

The third-place finisher was Shawn Glines, from Las Vegas, NV. He is a 29-year-old poker pro.

The fourth-place finisher was Bahador “Baha” Ahmadi, from Burnaby, BC (Canada). An interesting side note about this player: Ahmadi, who was born in Iran, played college football at Holy Cross.

The fifth-place finisher was Torrey Reily, from New Orleans, LA.

The sixth-place finisher was Antoine Berube, from Quebec City, Quebec (Canada).

The seventh-place finisher was Todd “Turkish” Altinbas, from Miami, FL. Note: In some player profiles, this player is listed as “Oktay Altinbas.”

The eighth-place finisher was Matt Lynn, from San Diego, CA.

The ninth-place finisher was Gregg Merkow, from Plano, TX. He won the WSOP Circuit Main Event at the Tunica Grand (Mississippi) in 2005.

The final table was played in a lightening-fast 4:05. With a one-hour dinner break omitted, actual play lasted just over three hours, or 70 hands. This was the shortest final table, by far, at this year’s WSOP.

Other In-the-Money Finishers

Other former gold bracelet winners who cashed in this event included – Svetlana Gromenkova (39th), An Tran (49th), Phil Ivey (18th), Matt Keikoan (56th), and Ronald Kirk (43rd).

There was considerable interest in Phil Ivey’s performance in this event. Just three days ago, Ivey won WSOP gold bracelet number six. He came into Day Three with a short stack and exited in 18th place.

Nikolay Evdakov, from Moscow, Russia finished in 94th place. This marked Evdakov’s third cash already this year. In 2008, Evdakov set a new WSOP record with most cashes in a single year – with ten. He is currently on pace to match that record and could break it, with a few extra events added to this year’s schedule. An interesting side note is that Evdakov’s highest finish remains 12th.

The defending champion in this event was Duncan Bell, a.k.a. “Pumper,” from Vancouver, BC (Canada). He did not enter the event this year.

Odds and Ends

The tournament was played over three days. On Day Three, the final table was dealt out on ESPN’s “secondary” stage. The “feature table,” located adjacent to the secondary area, hosts the other finale played on the same day. This year at the WSOP, most days will include two final tables.

The official WSOP gold bracelet ceremony takes place on the day following the winner’s victory. The ceremony takes place on at center stage of the main tournament room (Amazon) and begins during the break of the noon tournament. The ceremony usually starts around 2:20 pm. The national anthem of the winner’s nation is played. The entire presentation is open to both public and media. Video and photography of the ceremony is permitted.

The Event

The $2,500 buy-in No-Limit Hold’em Championship attracted 1,088 entrants. This created a prize pool totaling $2,502,400. The top 117 finishers collected prize money.

So far, the pace at most final tables at this year’s WSOP has been slow. Due to very favorable structures, players are getting more play for their tournament investment. That said, the first 90 minutes of this final table progressed at an unprecedented bust-out rate. From the time play consolidated to ten players, it took just 33 hands to eliminate five players.

When heads-up play began, Keven Stammen held a 5 to 2 chip lead over Angel Guillen.

The final hand of the night came when all of Guillen’s chips went into the pot after a flop of 9-8-2 with two hearts. Guillen had J-9, good for top pair with a jack kicker. But Stammen had an overpair holding pocket jacks. The higher pair held up, giving Stammen the victory.

The tournament officially began on Friday, June 5th, at 12 noon. The tournament officially ended on Sunday, June 7th, at 8:45 pm.

Final Results

  Name Prize City State/Country
1 Stammen, Keven $506,786 Celina OH
2 Guillen, Angel $312,800 Mexico City Mexico
3 Glines, Shawn $202,694 Las Vegas NV
4 Ahmadi, Bahador $139,934 Burnaby BC, Canada
5 Reily, Torrey $100,446 New Orleans LA
6 Berube, Antoine $75,547 Quebec City QC, Canada
7 Altinbas, Oktay $59,356 Dania FL
8 Lynn, Matthew $48,621 San Diego CA
9 Merkow, Gregg $41,439 Plano TX
10 Beckman, Garrett $35,584 Gardener KS
11 Piro, Romeo $35,584 Turlock CA
12 Tunkel, Jeffrey $35,584 Naperville IL
13 Pan, Qinghai $25,824 Las Vegas NV
14 Switzer, Brett $25,824 Athens GA
15 De Wolfe, Roland $25,824 London United Kingdom
16 Sousa, Philip $18,467 Fredericton NB, Canada
17 Gerasimov, Kirill $18,467 Moscow Russia
18 Ivey, Phil $18,467 Las Vegas NV
19 Keating, Alan $14,413 Brooklyn MI
20 Dickinger, Jochen $14,413 Linz Austria
21 Mabuchi, Motoyuki $14,413 Las Vegas NV
22 Schulte, Matthew $14,413 Hamilton OH
23 Hoang, John $14,413 San Diego CA
24 Freeman, Scott $14,413 Los Angeles CA
25 Lichtenberger, A $14,413 E Northport NY
26 Holm, Michael $14,413 Los Angeles CA
27 Triner, Alexander $14,413 Rocksville MD
28 Isra, Roland $11,886 Forest Hill NY
29 Holst, Kristina $11,886 Palo Alto CA
30 LaGarde, Matthew $11,886 Salisbury MD
31 Kim, Ian $11,886 Murrieta CA
32 Gildea, Sean $11,886 Haverhill MA
33 Vance, Matthew $11,886 Lowville NY
34 Weinstein, Andrew $11,886 Seattle WA
35 Schneider, Michael $11,886 Covington GA
36 Montgomery, Mans $11,886 Boise ID
37 Trindade, Logan $9,834 Loa Angeles CA
38 Crabtree, Ronald $9,834 Mount Juliet TN
39 Gromenkova, Svetlana $9,834 New York NY
40 Kochelaevskiy, Vladimir $9,834 Moscow Russia
41 Tieman, Joshua $9,834 Chicago IL
42 Reed, Matthew $9,834 Kenton OH
43 Kirk, Ronald $9,834 Lexington KY
44 Rollo, Justin $9,834 Townsend MA
45 Pechie, Justin $9,834 Thompson CT
46 Stayo, Javier $8,458 Madrid Spain
47 Brady, Matthew $8,458 Upper Darby PA
48 Plens, Jonathan $8,458 Toronto ON, Canada
49 Tran, An Van $8,458 Las Vegas NV
50 Jones, Kenneth $8,458 Millford OH
51 Terry, Todd $8,458 Hoboken NJ
52 Mutrie, Eric $8,458 Kitchener ON, Canada
53 McLaughlin, Robert $8,458 Washington DC
54 Linden, Ronald $8,458 Henderson NV
55 Subilia, Samuel $7,432 Wells ME
56 Keikoan, Matthew $7,432 San Rafael CA
57 Chan, Ping $7,432 Markham ON, Canada
58 King, Carter $7,432 Marietta GA
59 Jacob, Alex $7,432 Las Vegas NV
60 Brown, Thomas $7,432 Kent WA
61 Liu, Joanne $7,432 Las Vegas NV
62 Pattinson, Dustin $7,432 Edinburg TX
63 Weeks, Aaron $7,432 Batavia IL
64 Cada, Joseph $6,681 Macomb MI
65 Spitzberg, Paul $6,681 Tenafly NJ
66 Janicke, Marcel $6,681 Wuppertal Germany
67 Mattern, Arnaud $6,681 London United Kingdom
68 Berg, Elijah $6,681 Newtonville MA
69 Lusk, Kevin $6,681 Rohnert Park CA
70 Vezina, Gabriel $6,681 Gartinau QC, Canada
71 Wood, Frank $6,681 Puyallup WA
72 Sampson, Matthew $6,681 McDonald PA
73 Lunn, Charles $6,381 Toccoa GA
74 Baer, Zephaniah $6,381 St Paul MN
75 Tep, Spencer $6,381 San Marcos CA
76 Sanchez, Luis $6,381 La Habra Heights CA
77 Mcguire, Daniel $6,381 Las Vegas NV
78 Sterken, Rob $6,381 Veghel Netherlands
79 Cohen, Louis $6,381 Denver CO
80 Godfrey, Christopher $6,381 Sanjose CA
81 Poe, Bobby $6,381 Commerce MI
82 Healy, Joseph $5,780 Jupiter FL
83 Shuman, Adam $5,780 Jacksonville FL
84 Terrel, Kenneth $5,780 Lawrenceville GA
85 Gauron, Alexandre $5,780 Sainte Therese QC, Canada
86 Schwartz, Michael $5,780 Las Vegas NV
87 Murphy, Adam $5,780 Muskego WI
88 Sion, Stephen $5,780 Las Vegas NV
89 Carey, John $5,780 San Francisco CA
90 Yamamoto, Mark $5,780 Monterey Park CA
91 Obrien, Daniel $5,405 Las Vegas NV
92 Klein, Loren $5,405 Golden CO
93 Ellis, Michael $5,405 Apple Valley CA
94 Evdakov, Nikolay $5,405 Moscow Russia
95 Palovic, Dag $5,405 Bratislava Slovakia
96 Zoretic, Nicholas $5,405 Saint Charles IL
97 Vanloon, Shane $5,405 Rowlett TX
98 Vanzadelhoff, Steven $5,405 Geldermalsen Netherlands
99 Mehta, Pinkesh $5,405 Houston TX
100 Freid, Manley $4,929 Encino CA
101 Antonio, Domenico $4,929 Ciampino Italy
102 Allis, Michael $4,929 Post Falls ID
103 Sun, David $4,929 Houston TX
104 Murphy, Tanya $4,929 Muskego WI
105 Hartman, Douglas $4,929 Dallas TX
106 Parris, Anthony C. $4,929 Cumming GA
107 Starkey, Robert $4,929 Anderson IL
108 Eskenazi, Scott $4,929 Mercer Island WA
109 Dube, David $4,929 Tewksbury MA
110 Margolis, David $4,929 Louisville TN
111 Keating, Alexander $4,929 Saratoga CA
112 Jalil, Juan $4,929 Mexico City Mexico
113 Yanovski, Leonid $4,929 Haifa Israel
114 Dolezel, Steven $4,929 Onalaska WI
115 Robinson, Peter $4,929 Claygate United Kingdom
116 Gil, Eduardo $4,929 Miami FL

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